It was a day for Deia!!

It just so happened to be another day of kick ass Mallorca adventures! We road tripped, we dined, we cycled, and we just took it all in! Would you actually expect anything less?! I think not.
We picked up a little chariot for the day from the car rental and put the pedal to the metal. IMG_9377No real route planned, just to eventually end up at the town of Deia, and just seeing what adventures ensued.

Having this mind set, you will always embrace every moment, and leave no room for disappointment. As per usual the scenery was breath taking. We just cranked out tunes, sat back, and enjoyed the ride. Passing through quite a lot of little towns, that all seemed to be ghostly that day..IMG_9302 IMG_9305It almost felt a bit eery. In some towns there was no one to be seen… We put it down to the fact that in Spain, come mid afternoon, people love their siesta’s, so obviously everyone must be sleeping, as mid afternoon it was. It was the only conclusion we could come up with.

A couple hours into our journey, and we were ready to find a place to get some grub.. A few empty towns later, and we had no choice but to stop in one and see what we could find. Well at first, all we found was cats. Basically everywhere… There truly was a large population of felines roaming about. Cute cats at that though! And so we took a moment to dish out some love and pets to a few. However that didn’t help the hunger pangs we were having. So we kept on walking through the quiet town. Only finding places to be closed.. Darn siesta’s!

Finally though, long behold we found a place that was open!! Woohoo!! Done and done. It didn’t look open at first, and we were still skeptical even when we opened the unlocked door… But once inside the empty establishment, we were warmly greeted by a big smile that a local Mallorcan women was wearing on her friendly face. Well we had a nice choice of seating, since it was all open.

The only real reason these places were so quiet was down to the fact that it is winter. In the summer, you would never ever experience this. So we were loving it! It’s amazing to have places all to yourself, and just kick back and relax. As Britney hadn’t tried a Paella yet, and it just so happens to be a typical Spanish dish, we thought we need to seize the moment and get right on that. So we ordered a Meat and Seafood Paella. I find, Paella’s are hit and miss. You either get a really fantastic one, or a mediocre one. Well this one was pretty darn good! IMG_9296 A bit more oily then either of us would have liked, but the flavor was spot on, and we dug right in, devouring as much as we could.. The serving was super big though, so we couldn’t finish it off.. But we enjoyed every bite we had, while we basked in the view out of our window seat.

Once we were all charged up again, or rather filled up, we went back out into the quiet cat filled streets, and this time, gracefully got back into our little Cadillac and continued on our ventures to Deia. Another hour of spectacular scenic driving later, and there we were. Or there it was. Deia.

IMG_9300 IMG_9299 IMG_9318

The location, and beauty of the setting, are nothing less than amazing.  You have mountains, sea, and sun, all there just waiting for you. Apparently a lot of famous people own property around the area, and I can see why. It’s Fantastic! A few more people than none were around, but not many.

We took a nice stroll around, taking in the splendor of it all, and once again, petting all the cats, that seem to own the streets! We instantly made a little buddy, and he followed us for awhile, and I couldn’t help but stop and pet him again and again, till we walked to far.. in which case he disappeared. We ended up even visiting a grave yard at the top of a little mountain that was located right beside an old church. After some tripsing around, we headed back down, and guess who was there waiting for us?! None other than our little feline friend, who actually came running to greet us. IMG_9380Yup, he knew good peeps when he seen them. After a glass of wine at a quaint little place, we were on our way again. IMG_9347

This time, on route back to Palma. It was time for a cycle! Upon arrival we went to a local bike shop called ‘Winora Bikes’ to rent a couple. It is a great centrally located little place, and super friendly service.IMG_9495 Cycling on this island is sooooo amazing. I love it. Full stop. You can go on full cycle trips if you would like.bik

It is a very popular sport here, and there are endless paths covering the island.

Just when you think your eyes have had their fill of absolute impressive beauty, you decide to take a cycle on the stunning shoreline, and they almost overflow with delight.

IMG_9480 IMG_9481 IMG_9482 IMG_9486

 The bike path follows the coastline, and it is heaven on earth for your freaken eyes. We smashed about 30km, got our heart and blood pumping, and put the cherry on top of the cake for what was an outstanding winter day:)

IMG_9485 IMG_9484

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