And so it was, that I went to Biarritz:)

After that epic weekend in San Sebastian, I hit the railway to Biarritz, on route to do a 7 day Detox/Retreat. It’s not far from San Seb at all actually, 2 trains, and about an hour travel time.  I only blinked a couple times:) And yes as soon as I got there, being in France, my Spanish was no good anymore… and my French is shockingly bad?! I think I need to take a few lessons, as I couldn’t help but keep trying to speak Spanish, it just wasn’t working..  I did however master the word ‘Merci’.  Oh wait! and ‘Bonjour’.  Yes I shared many intellectual conversations with people while I was there:)  Let’s not forget though, it is Basque Country, so they also speak Basque.  And as opposed to what you may think, my Basque is non-exsistent:)

The beauty of Biarritz did not dissapoint. With a stunningly long coast of beaches, surf, and a pleasant little town. It’s just too bad it wasn’t sunny this day to really capture the essence of it all.  But I am sure you will get a good idea.

2014-10-15 002 002

2014-10-15 002 001

2014-10-15 002 007 2014-10-15 002 003 2014-10-15 002 015

It was such a nice a scenic walk around the area, 2014-10-15 002 016I popped by the market to check out the local eats and treats.  One of the many freaken fantastic things about Europe is all the Markets and their fresh produce.2014-10-17 001 002  2014-10-15 002 018 I feel so lucky to enjoy it all every day of the week.  We don’t have that luxary in Northern Canada all year round, only a few months in the summer, then it’s all shipped in produce or canned for the winter.  So I bask in the joy of it here in Europe!! And always appreciate it.

2014-10-15 002 019 2014-10-15 002 020 Mmmmmm, I love fresh spices. It’s safe to say I love spicen up my life:)

The retreat was actually about 30km outside of Biarritz, more rural farm land.(And I shall write my review of the Retreat in a separate article).  But we were able to do a bit of hiking through the Mountains and Valleys in the area. Which was super nice! I could imagine myself being back in the lovely Canadian Wilderness, just loving the spectacular outdoors. Minus a few wild Animals.

Although I was lucky enough to stumble across the local Basque Sheep.  Don’t make any sudden movements to startle them, and if the herd decides turn on you, just play dead:)

2014-10-16 001 006 2014-10-16 001 005

As if the sighting of the Sheep wasn’t lucky enough!?, We also kept sighting the local Basque ponies. each of them adorned with a bell.  Haha, poor little fella’s, it must be annoying to walk anywhere when you have a bell going off in your face and ear every step of the way. It was your everyday Basque Safari.

Well no matter what I always love checking out new places, and seeing the rural areas and getting a feel for the lifestyle, and culture. The endless fountains of knowledge that are flowing out, and I am just a sponge, wanting to soak as much up as I can.  Yup, I would say Basque country is a pretty sweet ass area:) The End.


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