Spicing things up!! Let’s cook shall we? :)

So here we were, just past hump day, onto a nice little Thursday evening, seeking some sort of evening activity, and it’s always fantastic to participate in an activity where you can learn some new skills, while also mingling in some new social circles. And last but not least, drink wine. Oh wait, did I just say wine?!  Mmmmm, yes, it does always add a nice little something to any evening event.  Well unless I am on route to Yoga, in that case I will stick to the veggie juice:)  Seeing as how I can hear Asia calling my name lately, and I have not yet had the pleasure of exploring any of Asia to date.  This little Asian cooking workshop, sounded right up my alley! It is an Asian cooking class that is put on weekly.  The women whom runs it, Nathalie, spent a lot of time living in Asia, and studying the various styles and ingredients of their cooking.  There were a few things on the Menu to prepare, Fresh Curry Paste, Indian Kashmiri Chicken, Malaysian Chicken Curry with potatoes(with homemade Malaysian Curry Powder), and Chang Mai Chicken Red Curry with Egg Noodles.

She had a fabulous little set up, with the kitchen and dining area, and there were about 10 of us participating. 2014-11-20 001 003

As it was a group activity, we all had little stations set up to participate in the food preparation. With my friend Huggy here being exceptionally eager to get choppin:)

2014-11-20 001 001

It started off as us at our stations, then it turned into the whole lot of us taking turns helping out in the Kitchen.

2014-11-20 001 006

Once we had everything simmering away,2014-11-20 001 007 we looked at the clocks, and it was none other then ‘Vino O’clock!’ The beauty of it is, not only is it delicious, but it also doubles as ‘personality’ in a bottle.  In which once everyone taps into it, all the people really start to open up and chat with each other even more:)

2014-11-20 001 013 Moments after this snap was taken, personality literally started oozing out of us!! It was unstoppable.

2014-11-20 001 004Unfortunately due to prior obligations of mine, I was not able to stay for the dinner part, at the lovely little table she had set up.  She was kind enough to pack some of the food to go for me though.  It was such a wonderful little evening, and seeing as how I don’t feel like a fully qualified Asian Chef just yet, I will sure to be signing on for a couple more workshops with Nathalie.

And really though, this experience just awakened and intensified my inner travel bug to start gnawing at my insides so I will give in, pack my backpack, and jet set over to Asia.  Yup, once that travel bug wakes up, there is only one way to chill him the freak out:) Who am I to complain?! Nothing like a new adventure on the horizon.

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