Palma? No. Palmazing!:)

I just love this time of year in Palma, it’s incredible. A large portion of the city is adorned with lights, and there is a winter chill in the air so everyone can wear some extra layers of style:) Not gonna lie, I love dressing up in winter! Just one of life’s many pleasures. That and the mulled wine this time of year. My palette loves it, that is a fact! And, it’s available almost everywhere you go, its warm and spicy and its great to hold in your hands if you forgot your mittens. How can you really say no?! One of those things that you have only have one or possibly two of though, otherwise it does becomes a bit sickly. But none the less, one of my favorite treats to warm up with this time of year.


When your walking through the streets, everything just feels so magical. A beautiful little winter wonderland. Minus the snow. Which I do happen to miss, growing up in Northern Canada will do that to you:)


There are so many streets decorated with this beauty, I really just can’t get enough of it. And neither can anyone else actually, there are loads of people out basking in the ambiance and snapping photo’s, but its not crazy busy like in the summer. Just perfect, do it’s extremely pleasant and super enjoyable.


Palma is just too darn easy to love.  So my advice would be, grab one of your awesome friends and go out and play in the streets that are filled with so much marvellous Palma energy! Happy Days:)


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