1 sure way to experience a party in your mouth;)

‘Carajillo’.  I love them.  It’s a typical drink here in Spain, and it’s literally just a shot of espresso with a rum called Amazonas.  Ok, well it is not always with Amazonas, but any other Rum and it is just not the same, and since I am telling the story, it is only made with Amazonas;)  It has been a favorite Spanish past time of mine, and I love introducing people to it, and everyone always loves them too.  100% success rate.  Well if you like coffee, and well you gotta like rum too.  Otherwise it may not be your cup of tea;)  It is a jolt that is for sure, it has been known to put hair on people’s chest’s.  It’s origin dates back to the Spanish occupation of Cuba, when the troops would mix coffee and rum to give themselves courage.  In Spanish Coraje means Courage, so previously it was corajillo, and more recently carajillo.  It’s true though.  I do feel pretty courageous after a couple of those bad boys.  Just when you are about to rip off your clothes to reveal that your superwomen, you stop yourself, and remember, ‘Oh right! I am naked under my clothes, totally forgot my superwomen outfit, that would be embarrassing, so maybe I will just refrain from letting the feeling take over, and just enjoy the surge of awesomeness.  Calm, cool and collected on my stool’.

A lot of times they just bring you out espresso shots, and the bottle on the side, and let you fill your cup.  Which I do like, not gonna lie;)  Yes, I am a super classy lady! And when I top my glass to the brim, well I do it in a super classy manner, and make it look totally full off etiquette.  This time though, the proud barman had it down to a fine art, and he put loads of care into it.  Only sad part was that he didn’t have the right rum, so it didn’t totally taste the same for me.  But just the little show he put on to make it for us, made it delicious! 2014-10-11 001 010 He made the Espresso and lit the Rum a blaze, and while the little rum fire burned he added the sugar to let them melt together(I don’t normally have sugar in mine, but it was part of the show, so how could I say no).

2014-10-11 001 008 2014-10-11 001 009

2014-10-11 001 011

And after all the technicality he mixed the espresso and rum concoction together, and he proudly poured it into our glasses and presented it to us.

2014-10-11 001 013

Delicious! As you can see by the bliss that is radiating from our faces. I am clearly in my happy place;)  Yes, as per always, just another successful Carajillo experience.


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