Catch ups, wine, and Nintendo. Just your typical ladies night;)


It’s always great when your close friends come back from being away,  it just gives me another good reason to go out and enjoy all that incredible Palma has to offer(as if I need a reason).  So as you know Lleana’s return only meant one thing, time for a catch up! Ok well two things, there ain’t no catch up without some Vino!  Personality in a bottle, it just keeps the convo flowing so much more smoother and entertainingly then without.


We ended up taking ourselves to very cool little place called Soho.  It’s very vintage style(right up my alley), IMG_2844 and it has Nintendo’s, a couple Sega’s, and even an old school Packman machine.   Yes little Petrena got to come out and play.  I love how playing these just brought me back to my childhood.  And yes I was also surprised at my childlike excitement for it all.

IMG_2859 IMG_2869 IMG_2867 IMG_2866

IMG_2907I am not into video games, but these however are a different story! Surprisingly I am not the pro that I once was at these games….  Pretty darn rusty actually, and in fact the game itself kept beating us!?  That’s ok though, it’s not always about winning, unless I am putting money on it, then yes, potentially winning would be in my best interest. However in this case, it was just for laughs, that is pretty much my favorite thing to do in life. Laugh.  If you were to look at my list of ‘Petrena’s favorite past times’, laughing is number 1.  It’s the best medicine, and its free.


The decor inside is very cool, and super inviting, which could be why we ended up pretty much staying there all night!  Not only do they have a good pour on their glasses of Vino, but they also have popcorn.  IMG_2891They were just ticking all the boxes! Yes another lifelong favorite of mine is popcorn!  I love it.  Just when you think your evening couldn’t have been staged any better, they break out the freaken popcorn.


They also have nachos if you feel you overindulged in the bottled goodness, and you want to soak up some alchohol.  It is typical bar snacks though,IMG_2899 so if you are on a health kick I would advise eating a few carrots beforehand;)  And as we all know, carrots are good for your vision, so you will also get the benefit of kicken up your eyesight a notch so you can be on top of your game! Literally, so to speak. At one point I thought I would take a break from the vino and do something good for my body and have a tea….. You know, to keep a balance.  Although I accidently ordered Brandi instead of honey… Oops!!  A delicious winter warming mistake might I add.

Yes I would say if you are in Palma, and looking for a nice chill evening, and a time warp, and a sweet ass atmosphere, then Soho’s is where it’s at my friends.

IMG_2911 IMG_2845

IMG_2912After hours of basking in the awesome ambiance of the place,  catching up on life with one of my nearest and dearest, enjoying the fabulous service, and playing with the local bar kitty, it was time for me to head home and prepare myself for the morning headache.  Oh wine, how I love you, sometimes too much… Love can be painful. But soooo worth it!!

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