The Inbetween Stuff

Malawi, Me, and some Beautiful Strangers❤️

The expanded version:)

A Pursuit of Life - Barefoot&HighHeeled

I had just arrived to Lilongwe the capital of Malawi, after a 36 hour bus ride from Mozambique, on a real local African bus, that was falling apart, overcrowded, and had no cushioning on the seats, not to mention I was one of the lucky ones to get stuck sitting in the middle on one of the fold out chairs, that only went half way up my back.  My back has ever been that sore in my life, no exaggeration, I could barely walk after that.  I didn’t take any money out of the bank before the journey, as I just figured I would withdraw some once I arrived to Lilongwe.  Upon arrival it took everything I had in me to struggle to get off the bus, as I think I was on the verge of being paralyzed, stretching has never felt so darn good or so darn bad at the same…

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