Feeling Festive?? No is not an option;)

IMG_4699   Once again, the beginning of January in Palma means one brilliant thing….. It’s time for the two week long Sant Sebastian fesitivites!! Basically to commemorate the life of a Roman officer who used his position to protect Christians many moons ago. He was found out and was whipped to death for it. Yet saved many lives!

Well we all know these types of celebrations are for some brave soul who gave up their lives for a great cause, and I respect that. Here in Palma they do an incredible job to honor him. Literally one of my fav times of year because of the endless activities going around the city. The Spanish love their festivals and put so much work into them, its so great to be able appreciate them first hand.  This very night of the whole 2 weeks happens to be my top choice.

IMG_4702There are stages and Barbecue’s galore set up all over the city. Every plaza has something going on in it, and every street has BBQ’s heating up a storm. You can enjoy the different stages for having each a unique genre of music, so it’s fantastic to stage hop, and check out all the different scenes.  There are people everywhere, the streets transform into an area of happy, excited, and chilly people(as it is winter), and it takes on a small community feel.  It rocks! To say the least.

IMG_4703 IMG_4718 san sebastian

With these BBQ’s everywhere you just bring your own meat, and throw it on which ever BBQ that reels you in.  Its super cool, like a city BBQ, yet again small community.  Everyone is out for the same good time, and in the same fabulous spirit. Trust me we did our share of roaming around, dancing in the rain, and people watching.

IMG_4721 We were more into getting some beverages though this year, so that is precisely what we did. Ruth was right on it and ordered like boss;)

IMG_4723And I just happily enjoyed the winter chill, and tucked into my bevy. As you do. Warmed me right up!!image  Just another successfully epic Palma evening. Full of music, wine, and endless laughs.  Exactly the way I like my evenings to be. Happy Dayz!


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