Jumped Ship in search of Winter Wonderland:)

After frolicking in the little Mallorcan snowfall, I felt like I needed more.daytrip 012 It just awakened my little snow lover inside.  It’s my Northern blood, growing up in Northern Canada with ridiculously long, dark, and snowy winters, just became a part of me.  So after not being home for a Canadian winter in 3 years, I figured ‘Why the heck not book a ticket home right this very minute?!’, seize the moment, embrace the day, and build a snowman I am darn well proud of.  Not saying  I wasn’t proud of my mini Mallorcan snow man.  But now I was dreaming a bit bigger – and for this dream to become reality, I needed more snow. daytrip 013

Palma was looking pretty fantastic when I left, not giving much for one to complain about. IMG_3121

Unless your weird like me, and you find that sometimes you would really like to just freeze your butt off! Call me crazy(and yes, I have heard it before), but I like hot and I like cold. Either way has its advantages and disadvantages.  I just like the best of all worlds, no big deal, keeps my life exciting.

I spontaneously booked a ticket and flew into Calgary, Alberta.

From the alluring snow covered peaks in Mallorca to the equally as alluring snow covered peaks in the Rockies; A feast for the eyes.

daytrip 004 IMG_4812 (2)


I love Calgary, but there just wasn’t enough snow for what I envisioned in my mind.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t spend an epic week there enjoying plenty of catch ups, vino, and green juices.

IMG_3304 IMG_3366 IMG_3278

IMG_3306Ok, and maybe a little Dom Perignon. Just so happens to be one of my favorite things… Classy ladies, like classy Champer’s.



Calgary was awesome as always, but after a fun filled week, I was ready to hit the road and head North of 60. I knew if I came home to Northwest Territories or as some say, ‘The Great White North’, that I would find all the glorious snow that my dreams were made of.  Mother Nature always pumps out the white stuff in winter up here.  So 16 hours of driving later, and slowly watching the snow build itself up on the side of the highways the further North we went, I had arrived. Hay River, NWT.  Hello hometown! Hello Snow!

You know you are back in the North when you wake up to this.

IMG_4826 Yes I would say that is a bit more of the snow I was anticipating to see. The ice roads are in full swing around here at the moment too.

IMG_4817 (2) Yes, that is a totally frozen over river. The novelty of an ice road never ceases to excite me. It’s those small things in life.

IMG_4820 IMG_4819 IMG_4824 The contrast from winter to summer here is quite immense. IMG_4815 (2) IMG_4630

Anyone feel like going for a boat ride? IMG_3359 While I was on my little snow filled adventures, I thought it was a good idea to stop at the beach, you know, catch a few rays… Although the only thing that got caught was ME, in the snow….

IMG_3361IMG_3362 You could say I was engulfed in it. But the frozen beach was still impressively nice to look at. The completely iced over splendor that is ‘The Great Slave Lake’. IMG_3354

Unfortunately my attempts to build a life size snowman, didn’t quite go according to planned…. The snow was far too fluffy, and would not roll into a ball. Oh well…. to be continued…. Still found a snowman though!!! It always works out one way or another. This little guy tied me over until I get some proper white fluff for the job. winterfun 005


Welcome to Northern Canada. I have to say so far this has been a successful trip(minus the snow man), however, I found the snow I was longing for. Just another awesome day of being alive. Now time to stoke the fire….. Gotta keep the house warm somehow!

winterfun 010

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