What does a frozen river breaking up look like??

One of those times that never looses it’s luster for me is when the river breaks up in the Spring. Yes I have seen it many times throughout myself, yet I am always excited to have the opportunity to observe the yearly occurrence. Some years it is far more exciting then others, and some years its a little too exciting and causes flooding.  This year was more like a happy medium, nothing too crazy and shell shocking, just a swift breakup, with a little bit of congestion before it all cleared.

The excitement always ensues about 50 km outside town at the Waterfalls.  So off I went on the road of adventure to check out the action at Alexandra Falls.  image1

You know for sure once the falls start to break up, the rest of the down river break up is not too far off.

IMG_5012IMG_5010 IMG_5015 IMG_5016

I honestly think it is just beautiful to absorb it all. Mother nature goes above and beyond up here. Not to be taken for granted. On my way back to town I made a quick pit stop at Paradise Gardens, one of my favorite area’s!IMG_5167 IMG_5158 It is basically a little sub-division of Hay River,NT, located about 24 km outside of town, built along the river, and completed surrounded by nature.  I spent most of my childhood living out there, and it was amazing. IMG_5166 IMG_5164   I am a true nature lover, and that was my ideal element as a child. Now put me out there with a Vineyard so I can have my Vino, a nice big veggie garden, and I would live happily ever after.  Or at least come and go ‘happily ever after’, as I am always up to some sort of adventure. There is always that incessant knock at my door, and when I open it, long behold, its adventure on the other side! It finds me in the darnedest places. Even if I am up a tree, look who finds me. ‘Oh well hello there adventure, fancy meeting you up here!‘; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So as I continued on this joyous occasion down memory lane(literally, as this really is the road I lived down as little Petrena),IMG_5161     I completed my mission of checking out the river action in the Gardens.IMG_5018 IMG_5025  While I was at it, I also grabbed a selfie. As you do when you are on your solo adventures!! image1 (2)                                  A few days later and you can see how the ice cleared right on up outta there! IMG_5159

Back in town, and you can see that the breakup is quite the spectators event.  Many people come out and park their cars to watch the show. IMG_3708IMG_5026The only thing missing was a popcorn stand. I love popcorn. True story.

Again, fast forward a few days, and you got this beauty of a river flowing. IMG_5171 IMG_5170

Things were getting a bit backed up at the bridge area that crosses to Vale Island and the Old Town at one point, and there were also plenty of people out to take a gander at that sight. No big deal, just your everyday outdoor movie theater up here. This is what I call – living off the land. IMG_5032IMG_5034 IMG_5030 . The old Hay River had to push pretty hard to get all that ice through. That was no feat for our Northern backyard though. As you can see a couple days later and the lake is looking pretty darn open. IMG_5154    It’s starting to look a lot like summer up here North of 60. Yes it would appear things are heating up! Happy Days.

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