A brief weekend of Calgary Shenanigan’s.

I love Calgary. I spent a few years living in Calgary before I began travelling the globe, and it’s still another home for me every time I return.  I have loads of friends there, and there is just a timeless awesome energy to the city.  So obviously I had a spectacular weekend out and about enjoying the cities atmosphere. Really though, is there any other way in my daily life? I naturally tend to make the most of everyday, no matter where I am. So this weekend was no different. Oh heck yes. I stayed at the Hotel Arts, which has recently undergone some extensive renovations. IMG_5138

The update has made the interior very chic, modern, with fantastic amenities, and great service. IMG_5139 IMG_5143 On Friday I took in an extremely impressive ‘Cirque du Soliel’ show. I absolutely love Cirque.  Prior to this, I have only been to one other Cirque show, which was KA in Vegas. The theme/name of this particular one was Kurious. IMG_3752IMG_3751  With live Opera music, Scientist’s and Robots, the show did not disappoint. In fact it was just another Cirque amazement for me to check off the ol’ list.

IMG_3758 IMG_3759

This time around I enjoyed a pretty low key weekend in Calgary(in comparison to some crazy Calgary weekends)  The weather was sweet and the sun was shining like a little gem; Well I suppose not such a little gem, rather a large one.  I took the opportunity to bask in all its beauty, and walked in the parks around Eau Claire Market area, downtown. IMG_5068

Loads of people were out taking in all the fine weather. It’s just a peaceful area to grab some chill time. IMG_5066 IMG_5067

I also grabbed a little afternoon sesh in Inglewood, it is hands down one of my favorite area’s in Calgary.  Its trendy, retro, and has all the cool cat ambiance I could ask for.  I perused some various shops – Inglewood has so many unique shops to check out.  My first stop was ‘Rivas Eco Store‘.  I seen Eco and I was right in there.IMG_5073 IMG_5074 IMG_5071

Natural, Eco, Health & Wellness, are key words in my life and are straight up my little nature valley!  I ended up making a small pricey purchase of some Skincare and Hair products – Although for the quality of the ingredients in the products, I don’t mind paying the price. You only get one body, and caring for it is priceless. IMG_5174

I made a pit stop in a yarn and knitting store.  IMG_5081There were so many pretty colours it almost made me want to sign up for some knitting lessons and make a quilt! IMG_5080 IMG_5079

Sadly though I have far too many hobbies on the go as it is, I just ain’t got time for more at the moment. Dang.

Funny enough, I never even knew comic book stores existed any more. Leave it to retro Inglewood to produce one though! I am not even a comic book person, however the novelty of the store was still there.

IMG_5084 IMG_5085

From plant shops to bead shops, there was a little bit of everything to be sussed out. Not a bad way to spend a day!

Well even though it was a short trip this time around, it was still as exceptional as always.

I enjoyed some fantastic vino fueled catch ups with friends.  image1 (2)

I enjoyed some great food and wine.image1 image3  And I am already planning my return to take in more of the cities awesomeness. See you soon Calgary!

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