Blissdom at Blue Mountain, Snow & The CN tower.

My adventures just endlessly roll on, and I am a pro at going with the awesome flow. Being in the little picturesque Blue Mountain village was rockin my world. I  was booked into a super comfy hotel room, and was stoked for the Blissdom blogging/writing Conference that was about to ensue. After all the awesome things I had been told about it – how could I not be excited?! This was also the 6th and final year of the Blissdom Conference as its being changed into something else. So attending it was the only option.


The weekend’s schedule was jam packed from the get go, full of workshop’s, networking events, and inspirational guest speakers.

First thing was first. I hit the slopes hard.

IMG_4597              Kidding! That was totally staged.

It was also pretty awesome that I was able to catch up with my friends Tiffany and Kyla, whom were the fab women whom told me about Blissdom earlier this year at a Calgary conference. They are both super cool, and made me feel extremely warmly welcomed. It was pretty kick ass of them, that’s for darn sure.

IMG_4625 IMG_4602

Two exceptionally awesome ladies.

As any good evening networking event is, it’s also a party. So there was a different theme event every evening. I mean in all reality, after a few glasses of Vino, or personality in a bottle as I like to say, I become social as heck, and a bit more of a comedian. I exude clever wit at that point.

On the Friday of the conference weekend they hosted a Marti Gras party. They literally transformed the conference room all over an afternoon, and it became a most impressive scene for a fabulous social party.

IMG_4600 IMG_4623 IMG_4605 IMG_4610 IMG_4613

I was having the best time ever at this conference and meeting so many awesome people. Being at an event surrounded by ‘like minded‘ people, is always bound to be awesome. Not to mention all the stops were pulled out for the conference as a whole. The weekend went by way to fast. As does any fantastic time. I absolutely made a damn good decision when I said yes to Blissdom.

After it all was said and done. The cherry on top arrived my last day. I awakened from my sweet slumber in sleeping beauty land – I got up and opened the curtains, only to be completely shocked in the best way ever. The whole place was covered in SNOW! Glorious freaken snow.


Heck yes it was. I love the snow. I pretty much had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing properly. ‘And once again, I love today!’ is precisely what I was thinking at that moment. It now looked like a real Mountain Ski Resort Village. Pure snowy bliss after my own heart.

IMG_4638 IMG_4639 IMG_4640

The only problem I had with this situation was that I only had my high heels – they were not meant for the snow, and this particular condition, wasn’t one for bare feet. I knew I needed to go check out the shops to see if they had any shoes I like.

These heels not only looked ridiculous in that weather, but they were feeling like they had serious potential to be a liability, and it probably wouldn’t look classy. So keeping my priorities in check, I as gracefully as ever, walked out the door, and skidded straight over to…… Starbucks. Like I said priorities. This lady shops better after a starbucks. Snow and Starbucks. I couldn’t have planned this day better if I tried. A few hours later with no luck of finding new shoes, I decided to hit the road and began my drive back to the big city lights(freeways) of Toronto.

It was so funny too because as soon as you drive 20 km away from Blue Mountain Village there was no snow in sight.

This trip was turning out to continually just get better and better, full of none stop entertainment. I didn’t expect anything less really. Me + Adventures(even when alone) ALWAYS = Awesome. Its just the way I roll.

Back in Toronto I once again met up with my mom and aunt so we could finish our trips together, and in nothing less then true tourist fashion.

So, we elevated ourselves straight up the CN tower. Beam me up!


Literally the last time I was in the CN tower was about 20 years ago?! Crazy how that happens. As they say, ‘time flies when your having fun!’

IMG_4647 IMG_4651 IMG_4657 IMG_4659 FullSizeRender

It was cool. We basked in some views of epic proportions,and had individual selfie photo shoots on the glass floor.

IMG_4705 IMG_4672

It was a nice and trippy little experience.

There also happen to be a Blue Jay’s game going on at the stadium right beside the tower! The energies were high, there were excited Blue Jay fans everywhere and the sounds and noises were pumping.


We already had dinner plans, but if we hadn’t, we would have been getting tickets, and as much Blue Jay’s/baseball  apparel as we could get our paws on, and went on to act like the biggest baseball fans ever! Without a doubt.

That didn’t stop us from taking a selfie outside of it. At least if nothing else we were making the most of being in the midst of it all.


Really though, just being in the presence of it all truly was pretty amazing.

A massively successful trip once again. Note to self: keep on bringing out the awesomeness in everything you do. It works every darn time.

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