Cycling, and appreciating the beauty of life

A sunset cruise along one of my favorite coastlines on this planet.❤️ Mallorca, Spain.

This island is just as incredible as ever and I can’t get enough of the endless cycling here. Mallorca is an avid cyclers dream. No matter where you go on the island it’s pretty much all accessible by bike. Not to mention, year round weather that is pretty agreeable. Especially right now, the day time we are still hitting 22 degrees Celsius. Not much to complain about there.

I can’t help but feel so lucky to be able to have all these amazing experiences.

With so much indescribable, blood curdling, heart breaking devastation taking place around the world. Things we can’t even comprehend ourselves. It can be easy for us to become fearful of life, and stuck in our first world mentality.

In one of my close calls, where I was in the midst of a life threatening situation, scared shitless yet maintaining a smile the whole time. The person whom was with me turned and said, ‘It’s amazing, we could die right now, and if we do, your going to die smiling.’ To which I responded, ‘Of course, because as crappy as this is, I am still experiencing life until my last breath.’

You see, I am not blessed with eyes that only see beauty. I am blessed with eyes that see very clearly, the good, the bad, and the ugly – but with this gift, I choose to see life’s beauty. Count your blessings. Every damn day.👣👠

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Petrena S

Petrena is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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