Pushed through Week 3 of my Orange Theory Fitness Challenge

Week 3 came and went so darn fast. I think too it’s because I truly love Orange Theory. The work outs, and the people there. I look forward to every workout, and not going on Saturday/Sunday makes me really eager to get back into it come Monday. I am feeling a bit addicted to it. It hurts so bad, but oh so good.

I split up my workouts between the Creekside location, and the Royal Oak location last week. It is what I will continue to do from here on in. It’s so fun to have the mix of the two. They both have their own unique energies to bask in.

This past week, I was doing much better then week 2, but my body has still been adapting to the new fitness regime. What a trooper. Its amazing how the first week I was able to push like a rock star and get lots of time in the Orange. Then week two was a massive struggle as my body was like ‘Whoa!! Slow down there tiger, what do you think your doing to me?!’ It was tough!

Come week three and I have consistently made it past the 12 minute marker, but as my body is still trying to catch up, I was still not able to push as hard as that first week. Not yet anyway!! But the changes I am feeling, and now just beginning to see are awesome. It totally motivates me to keep going. It feels like just the beginning. All the staff at both locations have been freaken awesome and super supportive so far. They truly help keep me motivated.  Not only myself, but everyone that goes there.

I have also come to realize how personal a fitness journey really is. I had never really thought about it, but then I had never really thought I would be blogging about a fitness journey of my own. I am loving that it’s with Orange Theory, and I want to show myself, as well as everyone else, what you are capable of achieving with Orange Theory.

Monday I started the week off going to Michelle’s class at Creekside. She’s a great trainer, a genuinely fab person to be around with a very positive demeanor, and always has some good tunes playing.

I was having a bit of a hard time because I as soon as I tried to get into it, I could feel the fatigue in my muscles.

I also got to try out the new OT Beat Link wrist monitor which was my excitement for the day.

Normally you use one that goes around your chest. The wrist one was pretty sleek looking. I was diggin it. I think in the end I concluded that I liked them both. Although you kind of have to have the wrist band on perfectly or it doesn’t work properly. I had to play around with mine a bit during the workout.This past week though, I was not getting along with my heart rate monitors. Every workout of the week. Dang! I didn’t want to lose any Splat points in the Orange because my monitor wasn’t working, so clearly I would hustle to remedy that situation.

Tuesday I joined Cam’s class at Royal Oak.

Cam has really great energy, and was super helpful when it came to making sure everyone had proper postures in all their moves. He made sure to help me tweek my rowing technique. I never realized how poor my form was until I did it the right way. You think you feel it, then you correct your form and its like ‘Yup, okay, I guess I didn’t really feel it before, because I definitely fricken feel it now!’

Heading to OT that day, I felt good and eager, but once I was into the workout I could feel my body was still pretty limited. I pushed as hard as I possibly could though. As you do. Mind over matter.

Rocking the medicine ball push ups! Woop woop.

Sometimes I do surprise myself I tell yah.

Wednesday, I was almost thinking my body needed a day off. But I really wanted to attend Ashley’s class at Royal Oak.

Seeing as how she has a little Orange Theory goer in her womb, she doesn’t coach to many classes atm. So I swift kicked myself in the ass to get to her class. Well worth it! Her energy and uplifting positive attitude, really makes you get pumped to just naturally push that much harder.

Friday my fourth and last OT workout for the week was bright and early at Creekside, attending Ronnie’s 8:15am class.

Ronnie is the head trainer from Creekside, and she doesn’t mess around.

Friday was a bit of a funny one for me. Firstly I left my damn water bottle in my car, and the workout was already starting when I realized it. Not cool! I am a massive water drinker. It was not easy. And secondly, my shoe laces kept coming untied on the darn treadmill. In which case I kept having to stop, re-tie and get going again. Good times.

I wasn’t seeing eye to eye with my body either, it was a bit worn out. I was feeling like I couldn’t push at all. Thankfully, Ronnie wouldn’t take ‘my body hurts, I can’t push’ for an answer. She made darn sure I pushed! There was no getting away.

It was exactly what I needed on Friday. Without her being so efficient at observing everyone, I wouldn’t have been busted every time I was slightly slacking, and I definitely wouldn’t have pushed as hard as I did in the end. That’s how you create change in your body, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

I totally forgot it was Funky Sock Friday at OT too! And I didn’t wear any funky ones. Geez, Friday was not the brightest day I have ever had, and I am sure I may have lost my head that day too if it wasn’t attached to my body.

In between my OT workouts I have been doing some rolling to stretch my body out, and help open up the ol’ muscles. Saturday I went to a spin class. But since my body had been beat all week at OT, the spin class was freaken hard!! I didn’t expect that. It was good to change it up and get my body moving in a different direction though.

I am trying very hard to be extremely mindful of my diet and what I am putting into my body. I am keeping it to organic whole foods, and water, water, water.

Did I mention water? Your trainers will usually remind everyone of this importance.

My measurements have gone down a bit too.

Week 2: Chest 37, Waist 38, Hips 41, Arms 11, Legs 25.5

Week 3: Chest 36.5, Waist 37, Hips 41, Arms 10.5, Legs, 25

I am not being insanely strict on myself, and I do have a bit more leniency on the weekends(i.e. socially), but I try to keep that to a minimum, and if I don’t feel like I really need any sort of indulgence, I won’t have one. Naturally though, with all these kick ass workouts, my body is only craving healthy, fresh food. It’s pretty awesome really, makes it much easier. I am looking at some specific eating plans to compliment my workouts. I just figure, ‘why the heck not?!’.

Here’s a few clips from the week. 

Being community driven, both the locations of Orange Theory here in the North, are teaming up with local businesses and giving the small businesses the opportunity to sponsor a month of workouts, this way they can also promote themselves. For the month of March they teamed up with Sock box.

Everyday of the week that you workout you can be entered in a draw to win yourself a pair. Each week they are also giving away a 3 month subscription to their sock of the month club. You can never have too many socks! Tempting isn’t it?! I suggest you get in there if you want not only a kick ass workout, but also maybe a brand spanking new pair of colorful socks. Win, win.

Every week I continually become more and more excited for what’s to come with my Orange Theory fitness journey.

I am dedicated, and I am stoked to see where I can take my body with OT. I can feel amazing things starting to happen. Let’s go week 4! Game on. 


Author: Petrena Schell

Petrena Schell is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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