Caught My Breath In Week 4 Of My Orange Theory Fitness Challenge

Week 4, in the books. Here I am right smack dab in the middle of my 8 week challenge, and yet it still feels like only the beginning of this journey for me. Every week over this last month has brought something totally different within my body and my mind. It’s pretty amazing actually.

This really is a fitness challenge. It’s much more then just weight loss, or tone. For me, it’s about health, vitality, and renewal. The inches are going down, and the weight loss has began, but I am noticing so many changes in the tone of my body and in the endurance of it.

It has taken this past month for my body just to adapt to my new workouts. Now that it’s there though, the results are just going to become more and more apparent and noticeable from here on in.

I feel like Orange Theory gets in your blood, and becomes a part of you. When I take a day off, it feels like a week. Let’s not forget it’s not just about the workout itself, its the people and the energy at both the Creekside and Royal Oak locations that I love so much. The community, and the support you receive. It just keeps reeling you in.

I began the week feeling like a rock star. Oh yes, I thought I had week 4 in the freaken bag. I was eager as heck to get to Orange Theory on Monday, once I got there though, and started the workout, once again, my body was like, ‘Hold up lady!! I am not with yah on this’.

Really body?! Are you kidding me? Come on!!

This week it was my lungs that were struggling. Which was weird, they were fine for the few weeks prior. It was as though my lung capacity was shot, and they were a bit sore. It absolutely held me back. This goes back to my point earlier about different changes happening every week.

Monday I went down to Creekside and partook in Leanne’s class.  

As per usual, Leanne was awesome, but it was busy as heck. Lot’s of new faces testing out the OT waters. She was still awesome when it came to keeping tabs on everyone and correcting and pushing where needed. Multi-tasker. Is all I have to say.

I don’t feel like I was on form what so ever though, not to mention, my lungs were still on weekend mode. I think when it’s super busy I can kind of get a bit mixed up too.

Oh Mondays….. Not sure what I did to you, because your normally one of my favorite days, but lately, your not being as good to me as I am to you.

Luckily though, my shoe laces stayed tied and I remembered my water bottle. Phew!!! However, that being a couple positives, I bombed on getting even 12 splat points. Dang it! Well to me that just meant I was going to have to push myself harder the rest of the week, even if that means face planting on the floor.

I wouldn’t suggest that you have to be that hard on yourself, but I am naturally a pusher, I wanted those splat points on the rest of the weeks workouts to make up for this little mishap.

Since my body(lungs) were feeling shattered, I took Tuesday off. I am massive on listening to my body. As much as I am a pusher, if my body is telling me it really needs some down time, then I give it that.

After my day off, it was workout Wednesday back at Royal Oak in Ashley’s class.  

I always have so much fun with her, and I love when you turn hard work into fun. She is great at motivating.  

It was a bit of a different day, as it was a partners workout. So unless you brought your own partner, you were pairing up with someone there. I do love mixing things up, so this was a nice little surprise. Orange Theory always stepping it up.

My partner in fitness crimes name was Nicola, she has been an avid OT goer for 6 months now.

It wasn’t as though we were working out together, we were more switching off on things and hi-fiving a lot.

 Which really never gets old for me. I love sharing the awesome energy.

I was pushing as hard as I darn well could that day.

 But for some reason I still didn’t get enough splat points in the orange…

Whatever you do, don’t let those days discourage you! Me and my self talk once again.

Thursday, and I was back in action at Creekside. Funny enough, I was attending another Ashley’s class. I suppose the theme name for my week was Ashley.   Ashley from Creekside get’s down to business, she’s always smiling, but also pays attention to details, so she doesn’t miss a beat. Or improper form for that matter. She will be right there for yah, if you need a pointer or two.

It was an endurance class, and it tested mine! That’s for sure.

Oh my gawd, it was kicking me right in the freaken be-hind. Or well actually, more like, right in the lungs! Holy man, seeing as how my lungs were not loving life last week, they were having a bit of a hard time with the endurance that day. Which isn’t normal for me, but like I said, every week brings something different. They were not cooperating, let me just put it that way.

My heart rate monitor was also giving me serious issues, and it kept grey-ing out. It said in the end that I didn’t get enough splat points…. But with how hard I pushed, and how I felt, I am positive I did. Had it have not kept gerking me around and registered properly, it most likely would have read something totally different. Alas, you win some you lose some.

I still had a damn good workout regardless. 

Friday, and for some reason I was feeling like a bag of smashed ass. I was weak, tired, and seriously contemplating putting my workout off until Sunday. I knew my schedule was quite rammed for the weekend however, and I had already phoned Royal Oak and signed up for Gillian’s class. So I decided to just go, but I truly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it. I figured I would go and do as much as I could, and just have to leave part way through if need be.

It was my first time meeting Gillian, so I had to explain what I was doing, and that I am not just some crazy lady making random videos in her class. As opposed to what I may look like, I am quite sane. At least I keep telling myself that. She was super cool though, and was very hospitable about it. I really enjoyed her chilled out and helpful demeanor in class that day.

So here I was thinking that I may not be able to make it through, and it ended up being the best workout of the week for me! Happy days! I totally got my splat points in the Orange, and I felt freaken fantastic afterwards.

Oh yes, I was a wee bit sweaty wasn’t I?!

It’s funny how sometimes in life on those days when you really think you can’t do something, you end up completely surprising yourself and rockin it! I was stoked.

One thing that really helped I think, is that I had a chance to talk to Matt one of the owners – he helped clarify things when it came to my base pace(which is your base on the treadmills), and helped me to discover what mine actually is, and not to mess around with it. It made a world of a difference! It’s these little adjustments that can make such massive improvements in your performance and results. 

 One thing I learned this week – if you have questions, ASK. Everyone at both locations are there for you, super helpful, and it will only prove to better the experience for you.

The inches are moving down ward, and I am sure if I stop being social on the weekends, they would be going down a heck of a lot faster. But I am happy with the changes so far.

 Week 3: Chest 36.5, Waist 37, Hips 41, Arms 10.5, Legs, 25

Week 4: Chest 36, Waist 36, Hips 40, Arms 10, Legs, 24.5

Let’s not forget to check out some of the clips from the week.

Well, I love that I ended week 4 with the best workout of my week. It’s never a bad thing to finish on a high! And there is no where to go but up. My lungs are feeling in tip top shape, I feel stronger then last week, and super excited to tackle Week 5. It’s go time!




Author: Petrena Schell

Petrena Schell is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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