Cruised Through Week 5 Of My Orange Theory Fitness Challenge

Week 5 of my Orange Theory fitness challenge complete! Week freaken 5.

I loved week 5! My body has been adapting quite nicely this past week. I was stoked that I was able to push again. Going into week 6 you would think I would be counting down to my last few weeks of this challenge – however it’s quite the opposite. I look so forward to my workouts, and how my body feels from it all, that I can’t imagine stopping in 3 weeks. This is still just the beginning. It’s a lifestyle, not just a challenge. Trust me though, it has been challenging, and I am quite sure that the challenge isn’t over yet.

Instead of starting out on Monday, I waited until Tuesday. I did kind of die inside a little because of it, 3 days in a row with no Orange Theory in my life, was wayyyy to much if you ask me! Oh man did I miss it!! I almost wanted to kiss the treadmill I was so darn happy to see it. But, I held myself together and refrained from it. It’s much better to act calm, cool, and collected. ‘Oh you know, I perhaps may have missed OT a bit…’

Tuesday I rocked on in to the Creekside location and joined Kaitlyn’s class. It was my first time in one of her classes,  so I was excited to try it out.


First of all, that women is FIT!! Who am I kidding here, every OT trainer is ridiculously fit, but Kaitlyn is über fit. She was awesome at making sure we all had our form down pat.

I was so stoked because for the first time in weeks, I was feeling like my old self again!! Did someone say push?! No freaken problem.

My body was cruising along on top form and I was loving it. Every ass kicking splat point. 

In the middle of it all when I was fighting to hang on Kaitlyn remarked, ‘Good job guys, this ones a tough one today.

I had to chuckle to to myself, ‘Really??, it is??’ Because I am pretty sure that goes for every day, but maybe I am wrong. I am waiting for the day for a trainer to say, ‘Good job guys, this ones a ridiculously easy one today’. Said no trainer at Orange theory ever.

What an awesome class! I am super grateful Kaitlyn gave me the best tip ever. She told me I should consider taking amino’s to help my muscle recovery. Eureka! Oh my gawd, where was she 4 weeks ago when this all began and my body decided it wasn’t friends with my mind anymore. Better late then never! And I can say a week later, that taking amino’s had helped my recovery immensely. So thanks for the awesome workout, and awesome advice.

I was feeling on fire, and ready to burn through week five.

Going into this week I was feeling fit as a fiddle. Funny enough though, as the work outs change up daily, by Wednesday my various muscles were sore again! In a good way. You know how awesome it feels when you’re sore, you know changes are happening, and your body isn’t just plateauing. Love it.

Wednesday I was still feeling like a rock star, so I thought I would hit up Ronnie’s class at Creekside.

I figured my stamina was good enough that I could take her ‘no messin around’ workout persona. Heck yah, watch me go! I have to say, I love how Ronnie doesn’t miss a beat. That way I feel like I couldn’t slack even if I wanted too because Ronnie would be right there with tough trainer love to motivate you to push harder.

I was almost taken down by stomach cramps half way through my tread time, and I was trying to suck it up and power through, I didn’t want to look like a slacker!

Don’t let the smile fool yah! I was suffering. I just always maintain a classy smile:)
I had to slow it down for a few minutes though(it didn’t go unnoticed, but was well understood when I voiced the problem), when you have that kinda pain you need to cut yourself a break. Once I slowed down for a few, it sorted itself out.

Also a good reminder, don’t eat your salad too close to your workout. It messes with the digestion process. Noted!

It’s awesome how Ronnie makes an effort to know everyone by name as well. It shows how much she loves what she does. She would be great at running her own boot camp.

There was one exercise with the straps where we were to put our feet in them, flip over and do some push ups. Now this is the second time I was in a class where I was supposed to do this darn move, and for some freaken reason, I just couldn’t get it. I end up a tangled mess and just looking ridiculous.

Yes! I flipped over untangled! Still not sure what I am doing.

Remember to always laugh at yourself, because in reality, its funny as heck!
Ronnie seen my struggling and helped me improvise.

When all else fails, give her some training wheels.
Well at least if nothing else, I provided some good entertainment. Always a class act I am.

Thursday and I was back at the Royal Oak location in Matt’s class.

It was early, and I don’t think I was totally alert yet. In fact, I absolutely was not totally alert. You could say, I was a bit of a space cadet. ‘Where am I again?!’

Once I got my blood pumping I was good to go. She’s back!!

All business.

Royal Oak was very busy that day too.

Ummm, do you think maybe summer is coming?! 

It sure is! And peeps are keen to get those bikini and speedo bodies ready to show off.

Since Matt has helped me find that treadmill base pace and proper rowing form, it has taken things way up for me! Before that I almost was not eager at all to get on the rowers anymore. Now though, I am more then happy to hop back on the canoe. Proper form goes a long way!

My shoe lace kept coming untied again, and that is not on!! I don’t care if it happens when I am not on the treadmill,  but it seems to only happen when I am on the treadmill. 

I also learned, I need to tighten my heart rate monitor a bit more often. It gets loose and slides, so it doesn’t register properly. Messes with my flow, and I want to see that Orange!

I usually do all 4 of my workouts during the week and take the weekends off, but this time around I chose to go to Ashley’s class at Royal Oak on Saturday morning because it was a Tornado class. We all know, I love to mix things up! 

The class was split into 3 groups, 1 group on the treads, 1 on the rowers, and the other group on the floor. First we did 4 minute blocks on each station, switching from floor to rowers, rowers to floor, and so on and so forth. Once we all completed our 4 minute rounds at each station, it then changed to 3 minutes, then 2 minutes, and then 1 minute. Catch my drift?

It was a fast paced, ever changing workout that was awesome! The hour flew by, and I loved starting my Saturday off with some Orange Theory action.

I was loving the smoothies this week! Various veggies, and fruit, with some vegan protein powder thrown into the mix. 

My measurements and weight have kind of plateaued this week. No biggie tho! This isn’t a race, it’s a lifestyle. I am definitely seeing more tone, and lots of my friends are beginning to comment too. So that is motivating in itself.

More then that though, I am feeling the changes happening within. Which is awesome! Health and beauty do start from within, and that is when it will shine out of you like sun beams for the world to see.

Check out a few clips from the week.

There is a marathon coming up at Orange Theory starting April 1st! It’s only $15 to sign up. I have never done one before, and I have always wanted too. So I was thinking this would be a good opportunity to do one. Looks like I will have to sign up! Another check off the ol’ bucket list.  Something for you to consider yourself perhaps? Who doesn’t like a good challenge? Well clearly I do, as I am already in the middle of one.

So my thoughts for the week. ‘If your having a bad day, go work it out at Orange Theory. If you are having a great day, go celebrate it at Orange Theory. If you are having a mediocre day, go and make it awesome at Orange Theory. Whatever the case may be, OT has got your back.’

Hello week 6!! Its me and you.


Author: Petrena Schell

Petrena Schell is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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