3 Awesome Ways To Enjoy A Last Minute Road Trip To Canmore

Spontaneity and last minute road trips are just a couple of things that I love. Aside from life in general that is. I also have a soft spot for Canmore.

Something about Sundays always makes me want to go on some sort of adventure. Oh who am I kidding, any darn day makes me want to go on an adventure. Its just the way I roll. So this past Sunday was no different. Being in Calgary where you can see the mountain range in clear view is just too much of a tease not to put the pedal to the metal and go bask in all it’s splendor.

This truly was a last minute road trip decision. Here we were at the Calgary Zoo, just your typical day of being awesome. Then we figured, ‘why limit ourselves to just being awesome at the zoo?! Why not take this show on the road and be awesome someplace else?!’.

Such as Canmore perhaps. Done deal! We topped up the gas, and hit the open road of adventure. No plans really, just see what comes. 

Reminds me of the time I crossed Africa. I decided to buy a plane ticket to Cape Town, South Africa, return from Egypt. No plans really, just get from point A to point B. I thought it would take me 3 months….. Yah, I came back well over a year later.

This time around however, I came back at the end of the afternoon. Sometimes you gotta stick to the program. We still had an epic little excursion though and had no problem finding entertainment.

If you decided to do a last minute road trip to Canmore, here are 3 things that I would highly suggest.

           1.Go for a walk and enjoy the Canmore scenery.   The main street is very quant and actually has lots to offer. No only do you get pretty much a 360 degree view of the mountains, you also have awesome little shops, art gallery’s and restaurants to enjoy. So put those walking shoes on and go sightseeing. 



2.Pop into Cafe Books. Its a new and used bookstore, with loads to choose from! I love reading, so this beauty of a spot was right up my alley. Not only do they have books, but you will also find a selection of jewelry, pottery and artwork all done by Canadian artists. Did someone say local?! No matter where I am in the world, I make it a point to live as locally as possible. While your there, make sure take a moment to relax in their tea and reading room.


  They have books galore, snacks, and well…. tea!

   This room was fantastic! Some pretty epic ambiance if you ask me.

         3.Grab a bite to eat at The Range.


With so many great little choices, it’s hard to choose a spot. We made a great one though! They pride themselves on their slow roasted meats that they create artisan sandwiches with. Let’s not forget the soups, salads, and vegetarian selections. Everything made absolutely fresh! I opted for the spinach and roasted eggplant soup with a side ceaser.  My companions tried out one of the artisan sandwiches.   The place was open and bright, and rockin some chic little decor.

 We totally enjoyed a patio sesh.              

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Canmore rocks. It very close to Banff if your keen for that, but it’s much more chilled out then its busy neighbor. It was a short day trip, but an extremely successful one. I love finding hidden gems, and I am thinking a weekend trip is now in order. These three things were just the tip of the iceberg.

Spontaneity and Canmore, both some pretty incredible things. See yah there!

Author: Petrena Schell

Petrena Schell is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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