Keeping My Party Sips Local With Pristina Vodka

Locally made products are my first choice no matter where in the world I am. I love supporting locals, the freshness of local products, and the positive impact it has on the environment. Being in Calgary at the moment, I am so impressed and darn well delighted to see how the city is striving to source as much as it can locally. Oh yes, right up my alley.

Being the classy lady I am, I do enjoy a couple classy beverages on the weekends. Usually I choose to wet my pallet with wine or vodka. Those are really my go to when I am feeling like a lady of leisure moment creeping up.

Now I know I am all fitness blogging at the moment, but I still do enjoy being a social butterfly too. Recently amidst one of those occasions, I decided it was a day to indulge in a few sips of vodka.

I ended up coming across a Vodka by the name of Pristina.

On the label it was boasting that is made with the highest caliber of wheat, fresh pure water, and it is 5 times distilled.

My attention was peaked one could say. Sounded as though it could be quite nice – so I was very much contemplating giving it a go.

The classy corked top was also a winning feature.


Upon reading the label and popping the website into never fail you google, I went on to learn the distillery is located in High River, Alberta, and the head office right here in Calgary. When I seen it was not only of high grade but also locally sourced – it was a done deal! I had to give it a go. It was not expensive either, I do believe around $25. That is pretty darn affordable. 

Before I cracked open the bottle, I took a minute to find my inspiration of exactly how I would enjoy this 5 x distilled local spirit. Seeing as how I am back on my home soil in Canada, I figured, why the heck not make this a truly Canadian experience and turn this into a good ol’ Canadian classic. The Ceaser.  I must say I was very impressed with the quality and smoothness of Pristina Vodka. It went down like the treat that it was in a very sophisticated fashion no less. Yes it in fact did get my stamp of approval. So cheers to sipping and living locally.




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