Reap Calgary’s Sustainable Style Revolution Event

Sustainable, local products are the way forward. It’s a way of living that I am passionate about, and I love that Calgary is making it a way of life here. It’s a breath of fresh sustainable air.

I had the pleasure of attending the Sustainable Style YYC, Fashion Revolution event, put on by REAP Calgary. In their words, it is a movement to bring transparency and fairness into the fashion supply chain. It is also a part of Down to Earth Week 2016, which is a festival of local fashion, impact investing, and social innovation. Happening now until the 15th of April.

The event was held at Civic hall downtown.  

 It was such a great venue! I had never actually been there before, and from the outside I didn’t expect too much, but upon entering, it far surpassed my expectations. 

The hall itself is bright, open and has a nice chic feel to it. 

   It was a great presentation, posing the question ‘Who made my clothes?’.   Which is actually a very good question, how many of us actually know whom made our clothes? It really puts into perspective how mass produced products effect the environment, as well as the local economies. Not to mention the lack of quality in the products that are mass produced.

This was a great opportunity for me to see what Calgary does have to offer in terms of local products. From clothing, all the way to beauty products.

Some of the local businesses that caught my eye and my heart are,

WorldTown Cosmetics – Specializing in established local luxury beauty products, as well as Vegan products! I love that. The lines carried are Bdellium, Concrete Minerals, FitGlow Beauty, Lit, and Velour.  

 You can go to see Nicky the owner and book for her services of Make-up application, tutorials, touch ups and lashes. She is very knowledgeable with plenty of years of experience, and has freaken awesome hair might I add. 

  I know where I am going to spending some moola.

Clothing Bar Boutique – One of Calgary’s newest consignment shops, located in Marda Loop. They specialize in being 100% local, also showcasing local talent, and not only being a clothing store, but part of a community, where you can feel at home in.  The owner Katie also has a fundraising event coming up on May 5, at Festival Hall, Inglewood. All proceeds going towards Juno House – specialists in adolescent girls and young women’s mental health. I’ll dress to that!

Neals Yard Remedies – Specializing in ethical organic health & beauty products, the company originating from the UK.  Neals Yard uses only the finest, freshest organic ingredients. If they source ingredients from Africa, they go straight out to Africa to meet the people producing and sourcing their ingredients, and are fully committed to fair trade. They also give all the people they work with in other countries personal bonuses, to do with what they please. That is something that hits home straight in my heart. I am in!

I love samples, and discounts! What women doesn’t?!


Morengo – Aly Mak produces and sells hand harvested, dyed, and crafted yarns, right here in Calgary. There she was spinning away.   Pretty darn cool if you ask me!! Who wants to knit a sweater?!

Making Changes – A walk in closet for women and teens that will provide professional business attire, to those that are facing financial barriers, whom want to join to the workforce, return to school, or engage in volunteer opportunities.   Another one that spoke to my heart. It know how important it is to dress for success, and feel confident going into any venture. I think its truly awesome what Making Changes is doing for women and teens.

These were not the only amazing local companies or organization’s being showcased, these are just a few I mentioned. I found this event truly inspiring. I am so looking forward to becoming more involved with Reap Calgary, shop and support local sustainable living in Calgary, and I am eager to continue my passion of living as locally as possible no matter where in the world I am.

Author: Petrena Schell

Petrena Schell is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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