Strapped Week 8 Of My Orange Theory Fitness Challenge

8 beautiful, at times grueling, yet super motivating weeks challenging myself at Orange Theory Fitness in the books. Its crazy how fast it went by… That’s two months out of the year. Fitness wise, it has been some of the best and most challenging 2 months of my life.

My goal was to workout at Orange Theory 4 times a week for 8 weeks and see what happens. Well I did just that, and I didn’t miss one sweaty session.

My body has shown me that it is capable of so much more then I ever imagined. There were times where it very much disliked me and almost called friendship off with me. Alas, I was able to make amends with it, and trust me, it is thanking me now.

For the first couple of weeks I could barely walk. I looked like a real nut trying to put one foot in front of the other in a graceful fashion. ‘Trust me everyone, I am super classy, and very good at walking(unless I trip over my own feet), its just my new Orange Theory Fitness regime, its kicking my butt is all’. Yah sure, that’s what they all say…

It went from that to lung adjustments. For a couple weeks they just plain hurt. I was pushing them with all this new found running. So I didn’t blame them really. There were a few times I almost thought I was going to have to get myself a portable oxygen tank. Feeling my lungs getting healthier and healthier on this fitness journey has been another perk. Oh and let’s not forget when my shoe insert was too high and I got a massive(bigger then a toonie. I know, attractive right) size blister on the bottom of my foot.

Try running on that why don’t yah!? Well I did, and let me tell you, it was painful – but I did it. Dedication, is all I have to say. I may be incredibly awesome, but I am still incredibly human.

There were also a couple of weeks where my shoe laces would just not stay tied! Not fun, let me tell you. At least it’s not really my thing.

Every time I was trying to kill it on the treads, running my little heart out on the OT hamster wheel, my freaken shoe laces would come un-tied and kill my jam.

‘No don’t panic everyone, I am not keeled over on the verge of passing out, I am just re-tying my shoe laces for the hundredth time’. Well once I had enough of that, I ultimately pulled out the ol’ double knot. There is no coming undone now!! And it was once again, off to the races.

Week 8 was a bit tough on me. Obviously I loved it! By now we all know I enjoy a good fitness beating. Pushing proved to be a bit of a mission last week. My body kept getting stuck in neutral. I wasn’t having any of that. ‘Go body! I didn’t say stop!’ It sometimes has a mind of its own.

In reality, 8 weeks is only enough to get the ball rolling, my body still has loads of changes happening. Hence why it is a journey, not an event. I love that Orange Theory always changes up the workouts so that your body will just continue to progress.

I was stoked to start week 8 off on Monday attending Crystal’s class at the Creekside location.

She transitioned to trainer recently, and is an absolute natural at it. Her awesome personality and energy in general, transfers to her coaching. It was a pretty full on workout that day too. I was beat. 

Wednesday I was back in Cam’s class at Royal Oak. As per usual, Cam’s classes are always great!   His happy energetic nature never gets old. Not to mention, he always keeps me on my best row. He is one trainer that will notice immediately if  your rower form is off. As soon as I see him coming I know to make sure I am watching my form. ‘Yup nothing to see here, just me having perfect form, no big deal’. As if.  Yes, having someone to keep you in check, totally helps drive that success.

 Thursday I ran into Matt’s class at Royal Oak

Literally ran! Multi-tasking my day like a rock star can sometimes be a bit difficult, and getting to class was a bit tight. Another one of those ‘Of course I have it together’ moments.

Come on, we all have them!  And I wasn’t totally late – just on the brink. I also didn’t actually have it together for some reason. Empty water bottle, no marbles….

It was all a bit of a kerfuffle to be honest. That, and, my body so was darn sore and tired that day, I had to tough that one out. That’s for darn sure. Matt was a trainer rock star as always. I did make it a point to mention that I was beat that day so I didn’t look like a massive slacker. And I do mean that lightly, as I am never a real slacker. I still push for a darn good workout, and of course I am always sweaty as heck when I finish. 

I finished my last session of my 8th week off on Sunday in Gillian’s class at Royal Oak.   I hadn’t been to one of her classes in a while and as is true OT fashion, she’s ridiculously cool too. I was diggen the beats she was playing, and she had some good Sunday energy going on. Got my Sunday started off on the best foot!

So I think it kinda goes without saying – but clearly everyone whom works there loves their job, and they do it for that reason, and in turn their awesome personalities shine. It’s all very simple really.

So anyway, yah, I had another epic workout in another awesome class, with another awesome trainer. To sum it up. How lucky are we at Orange Theory Creekside & Royal Oak. 

 These past 8 weeks have been enormously challenging at times, but I loved every step of the way.  I love going to Orange Theory, not only for the workouts, but for the people, and the full on burst of awesome energy you get when you leave. It’s one of the best ways to spend an hour of my day.

Here is a little slide show that captures, the good times, the sweaty times, and the ‘high fiving the heck out of it’ times.

Let’s not forget some of the video clips.

Here I am 8 weeks later, I have lost some inches everywhere, I have so much more tone and stamina, my clothes are fitting better – most importantly, I feel amazing, and more so each and every week. 8 weeks is just the beginning of this journey. Not only that, I am now also half way through my first Marathon, EVER. I have always wanted to do one, and thanks to OT my first one has arrived in my life.

I was not sure in the beginning if I should sign up for the half or the full marathon, and in the end I scratched em both, and signed up for the ultra! Go big or go home right?! Running at a cool 31 miles. No biggy really. I mean, who does’t run 31 miles a month?!

ME! That’s who actually. I have cycled ridiculous amounts, but I have never ran 31 miles in a month. So for me this was a pretty exciting challenge.

I thought perhaps I may have over shot a bit…. But, I was so stoked to learn that I am already around 20 miles! Woop woop. Better then I thought! That’s a darn good feeling. I would love to surpass 31,even if it is just by a couple more miles, it would still be breaking the goal I set out to, not knowing if I would even be able to.

Exciting times my friends!

So what do I have to say after 8 weeks?! Orange Theory is for me, one of the best group workouts I have ever done. Not only do the results speak for themselves, it’s like a little fitness family, whom have been more awesome to me then I could have ever asked for.

I suggest everyone get a little Orange Theory action in your lives. This isn’t the end, not at freaken all, it literally is just the beginning, for my results, and my time with OT. Orange Theory brings out so much motivation, my mind is transforming along with my body. Happy OT-ing days!



Author: Petrena Schell

Petrena Schell is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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