How To Rock You First Marathon At Orange Theory Fitness

We all love to challenge ourselves, it’s what makes us grow and change into more awesome people. Well, not just the challenge itself – the completion of the challenge! For the month of April at Orange Theory Fitness they had a marathon month. Having always wanted to complete a marathon, I figured this was the best opportunity for me to give it a go. I mean I am already addicted to Orange Theory as it is, so why not utilize that addiction to make another check on the ol’ bucket list.

Seeing as how I am only 10 weeks into my new fitness lifestyle regimen, I was thinking perhaps I should maybe just sign up for the half marathon(somewhere along 13 miles) or if I was feeling eager, possibly the full marathon(somewhere along 26 miles). I was quite unsure, I had no idea if I would be able to make 26 miles. Decisions, decisions…. It’s a hard fitness life sometimes.

If you know me at all, then you know that I have a rubber arm at times. Especially when it comes to a good challenge. Somehow or another I got talked into doing the Ultra Marathon, running at 31 miles(50km). I said yes to it not even knowing if I was going to be able to actually do the darn thing. BUT! One thing I always tell myself is that you never know until you try. You just never freaken know. What’s the worst that could happen? I don’t make it? I could accept that as long as I gave it my best shot.

Ok, ok, who am I kidding. As if I could accept that. No way. That wouldn’t be true Petrena fashion. I took on the challenge, and gosh darn it, I was going to complete it. Just over half way through the month I decided I had better check on my miles and see how far I had to go as the month was flying by…. I was stoked to find out that I was just over 20 miles! Boom! That was an extremely pleasant shocker right there. I was farther then I even expected. I knew right then, I had this. I could for sure do it.

Not to mention, I have the best support network ever at Orange Theory. It’s awesome, and they just keep you going. I was pushing hard my last week and a half, I think I went to 6 classes in a row just to get my miles in. Rest is important, but so is completing my marathon! I wasn’t happy with my heart rate monitor, we were not getting along and it was not registering my heart rate properly.

I pushed through my days with the best coaches ever.

Justin’s energy and coaching passions seems to be becoming stronger every week. Which brings up the whole energy of any group. Can’t ever complain with that.


He is just a lot of fun to be around when your pushing yourself in OT butt kicken sesh. I was trying to run as fast as my legs would take me that day.

Look at his multi-tasking skills.

Which wasn’t as fast as I wanted due to them being a bit tired. ‘Go legs go!!’ In my mind they were running like the wind. My body did good for me though! She still pushed like a little rock star.



Another epic OT sesh in dah books.

Ronnie nearly did me one day at Creekside, gawd she is awesome at making a person push.


Just seeing her walk in my direction makes me push harder. ‘Oh, here she comes, go Petrena! Don’t look like a slacker or she will call you out on it for sure!’


I was dying that day as I had already gone a few days in a row, and it was NOT freaken easy. Nope, not in the slightest, and for the first time she may have almost seen me keel over.

What’s that fitness saying?! – ‘Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going!!‘ Well I was rehearsing that in my head this day. I am thankful for that push of hers every darn time! If if wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gone as far as I did. As per usual.


I had a bit of sad yet happy workout in Ashley’s class at the Royal Oak location.


It was her last class coaching for awhile as her little OT goer that is growing inside of her is getting ready to come on out. Sad, because she is awesome and I love her coaching, happy because it’s exciting times for her. Tis the way. But I was stoked I made it to her last class!

We have some good work out memories along the way….

After days of kicking my ass trying to get these miles in the bag to nail this Ultra. I took a day off, I needed too, my body needed me to. So after my rest day, I was ready to rock. Ready to complete this challenge that I had worked so hard on all month! And I did just that.

I crossed my marathon finish line in Taryn’s class at Royal Oak. She freaken rock’s too, and I always have a blast in her classes.

Instead of pom poms I had weights.

I pushed as hard as I could, and in the end I finished my Ultra Marathon with an extra mile. Instead of 31, I got 32! Seriously, I was so happy!! Like so ridiculously happy. There is nothing like finishing a challenge. I honestly didn’t think it would effect me as much as it did, but it did, I had a massive feeling of success and accomplishment come over me.



So if you want to rock your first marathon, do it! Sign up, maybe set your bar higher then you even think possible, and then go for it, and keep your eye on the prize!

It makes me want to just challenge myself again with something else. I read an article recently that said 30 day challenges are the best way to do things, so I am going to play with this and see what other 30 day challenges I can get myself into.

Go big or go home right?! Well, I went big, and then I went home! Gosh I love OT, and all the awesomeness it continually brings to my life. Do you love challenges as much as I do?


Author: Petrena Schell

Petrena Schell is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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