An Enchanting Weekend in Jasper Alberta

There was a time when I was a very young girl, I would enjoy frequent weekend getaways to Jasper, Alberta. Flash forward to my adulthood, and it had been at least 20+ years since I had been to Jasper. I must say, I forgot how stunning and enchanting the Jasper area is. Pleasantly surprised is an understatement to be honest.

I was pretty excited to cruise through the Icefields Parkway – the iconic highway connecting Lake Louise to Jasper. It is so majestic, with profound beauty hiding around every corner. I could easily get lost there for months and be happy as heck. The unimaginably stunning, pristine blue Peyto Lake is on the route – undoubtedly one of my absolute favorite spots in the world.

That is only one highlight of the Icefield’s journey though, I need to go back and spend a bit of extended time just enjoying that road trip and all the unparalleled beauty it has to offer.

I love that when you are cruising through town in Jasper, you are pretty much assured to see some Elk basking in the streets.

Seeing wildlife just enjoying the day and doing their thing never gets old.

While in town it’s a must to go up the Jasper Sky Tram.

The view is just ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing that is! Seriously, it’s breathtaking.

The magnificent 360 degree view of the mountain range, accompanied with the immensely powerful energy that you can feel going through your soul, is well worth the trip up.

Wow – is all I have to say. The sky tram ride is pretty fun too.

The best part about the Jasper area is you don’t have to go far in order to enjoy some grand sights.


It’s better to keep your eyes open so you can actually take it all in.
There is endless hiking, skiing, cycling, caves, wildlife, you name it. Jasper is actually also home to one of the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserves, they even have a yearly dark sky festival. The adventuring possibilities are endless.

I was pretty excited that this time around in Jasper I was booked into the Fairmont at the Jasper Park Lodge. It is always a guarantee that if your staying at a Fairmont location anywhere in the world, that is is going to be gorgeous. This location was no different.

Built on the shores of a small lake, you feel really immersed in nature. As you actually are when you are in Jasper National Park.


With that being said, you can hike around the lake at your leisure, perhaps hug some tree’s, and just take it all in. 

One of my fave spots was up on the patio, the view was astounding, and the service was absolutely top notch. Let’s not forget the tantalizing cuisine.

Enjoying a glass of vino and watching the sunset was really the cherry on top.


The ambiance at the Jasper Park Lodge is so captivating, that it’s hard to drag yourself away and go check out other sights. It’s so easy to just stay and enjoy the charming ambiance. Perhaps next visit I will have to stay in a place a little less enthralling so that I want to get out of the establishment and enjoy more of the activities in the Jasper area.

Or not, maybe I will just check back in the Fairmont and never leave.

Whatever the case, your time in Jasper will be truly memorable. Even when you are leaving and driving away from it, it will see you off in the most scenic and beautiful fashion possible. It will keep you yearning for more.

If you haven’t already, be sure to put Jasper on your bucket list.

You will not soon forget it.


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