Sightseeing In San Francisco

Previous to this trip, I never really had San Francisco on my bucket list. Once arriving there, the energy and landscape of the city was already screaming to me – How the heck was I not on your radar?! Yes I was instantly enamored with this dreamy city.

Sprawling along the coastline of various islands, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. The city is extremely picturesque. I really felt the pulsing of awesome energy there as well. I always find it amazing that every place in the world has an energy of it’s own, some feeling very high, this being one of those places.

I really had no idea how many awesome things I was going to see and do around the San Francisco area. There is way too much to fit into a few days, but one must get in as much as they can.

Here are a few highlights of my sightseeing adventures

  • Clearly you can’t not go see the Golden Gate bridge. It’s kinda one of those things not to be missed, and not really possible to miss. She sits there proudly in all her glory.

It was such a great feeling even just driving across the bridge, then the view from the other side was just spectacular.

  • The redwood forest at Muir Woods was a super high energy magical place. It engulfs you. Muir woods has been a federally protected national monument since 1908. Here you will find some of the oldest trees in the world, ranging between 600 – 800 years old, the oldest at Muir wood is 1200 years old. I learned that Red Woods can actually live up to 2200 years old, and reach heights of 300+ feet. Just walking through it makes you feel so energized, and the air smells so pure and exhilarating. Oxygenating your cells to the extreme.




Of course I had to get in there and hug a couple of those bad boys. As you do, or should I said, ‘as I do’.

  • Let’s not forget you are right next door to world class wine regions, so a wine tasting tour is also a must. Off to Sonoma it was. I have indulged in wine from the Sonoma area a few times in my life, and once or twice in my life I had said I would like to visit the California wine region. Prior to this I had no idea it was in such close proximity to San Francisco. What a nice surprise.

The town of Sonoma is quite pretty, one of those ideal quaint touristic towns.

The region itself is stunning. Immaculate vineyard after immaculate vineyard. We managed to visit a couple while on our tour.

The first stop was the Robledo Family Vineyard. Beautiful spot, with a divine Sauvignon Blanc.


I would have to say I really like the Highlands Winery, its a boutique winery, and the gentleman whom makes the wine does it out of real passion. You can taste it in all his blends. Superb.



  • No trip to San Francisco would be complete without a visit to Alkatraz. The world renowned island and prison that held some of America’s most notorious criminals, including Al Capone. Every 30 minutes there is a full ferry transporting tourists to Alkatraz. I was so intrigued to learn more about this place.


Once again there was an undeniable energy to the place, eery energy as well. We had a nice audio tour of the cells.


With the history of Alkatraz and the people that have came spent time in there, and the conditions they were in, it was pretty full on to visualize.




Imagining what life was like for the inmates and the staff and their families that lived on the island, was something else. To say the least.

Uh oh, they got me!! 

There are some pretty spectacular views from the island as well.


Even when you are leaving, you leave through a tunnel.


But before you go, make sure you stop and smell the flowers.


I did also thoroughly enjoy getting a lift on a cycling taxi. I love supporting the locals that are doing something different. Getting paid to stay fit – not a bad gig if you ask me.


It’s safe to say the San Francisco area is full of energy of all types. A very high energy area. It was truly an awesome and unforgettable trip that I will not soon forget, and is absolutely on my list of places to return. Yes, if you ever get the chance, get on over to San Francisco and experience its awe for yourself. Any and all of these activities would be highly recommended for your sightseeing pleasure.


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