Fresh Rose Hip Tea Foraged In -40 Below

There is nothing like pure organic ingredients freshly harvested from the earth. It really can’t be beat. You wouldn’t think there are very many colorful berries that can be found to be picked when it is a beyond balmy -49c. If that is what you think then you would also be spot on! Although if you look hard enough and with a keen eye, you will always be pleasantly surprised at what is on offer.


Rose Hips are one of those little gems that you can find frozen in place and just waiting to be picked. Cold and yearning to be put in a hot glass of water. Seriously, it’s written all over them. It is actually a lot of fun picking berries in the winter. Not gonna lie! Even though it was beyond frozen to the bone cold, running around and foraging berries for fresh tea felt very rewarding.

Anytime you get outside and put the work in to gather and forage your food and ingredients, it always brings your appreciation and value for what you have way up!

I literally only needed a handful to make solo tea for 1.

Snapshot 5 (2017-12-28 11-04 PM)


When your making Rose Hip tea you want to make sure to leave the berries whole, as not to ingest the hairs of the seeds, they can cause some digestive problems. Which also means when you eat a Rose Hip, you just eat the outside of the berry and not the inside.

It only took a few minutes for the berries to begin steeping.

Rose Hips offer a wide variety of health benefits. Here are some, just to name a few. 

  • They are chocked full of Vitamin C. Like seriously little Vitamin C powerhouses. They actually contain 60% more vitamin C then oranges.
  • They promote good blood circulation, especially when in the form of tea.
  • They help lower blood pressure.
  • They promote radiant skin.
  • They are very high in anti-oxidants. Rose hips contain carotenoids, flavonoids, and polyphenols, which eliminate or neutralize free radicals found within the body.
  • They boost immunity.
  • They aid in digestion.

When I was young I would go berry picking with my grandma, and we would pick buckets of rose hips, and she would make jars and jars of rose hip jelly. What I wouldn’t do for a jar of that right now. Yummm – is all I have to say. Healthy tastes so good.

I ended up having some other tea which was also collected from various plants in the Northwest Territories. I Figured they would meld well together, and I was right. I love keeping it as local as possible no matter where in the world I am.


The tea was divine, healing, and just what the doctor ordered on an extremely cold winters day.

Snapshot 6 (2017-12-28 11-04 PM)

It is just a reminder that you should always go after what you want. There may be a bit of obstacles in the way, but what you want is there just waiting for you to come and get it. Happy, healthy, healing and endless awesome vibes to you.


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  1. It is always a pleasure, and informative to read your posts. Going back our roots and nature . Happy New Year

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