My journey through a 5 day juice cleanse

Cleaning out the pipes is very necessary sometimes. Since spring is on the way, I figured we could call it a spring cleaning of my body. Get her primed and ready for an awesome summer! I can’t help but love doing fantastic things for my body and giving it so much love and gratitude for all that it does for me.

I add cleansing additions to my daily regime in so many different ways.

I make it a point to ingest some super foods every day, I supplement with the highest quality nutritional supplements in the world from Usana, I have one or two veggie smoothies a day, I eat as clean as possible, and I exercise and do yoga. Our bodies are made to heal and repair, so I just do what I can to support that natural process. Plus, I do believe in moderation! So treat times obviously happen. I like to keep that healthy balance.

That being said, there are those times where I feel like my body needs a little extra support.

It needs me to assist it a little deeper.

Anytime I feel that way, I know it’s time for a juice cleanse. Pure fresh veggie(and a little fruit) juice for 5 – 7 days, in addition to my supplements and a daily dose of Chlorella to clean out my blood.

When we totally empty our bodies and infuse our blood with pure nutrients – magical things start to happen.

Firstly, when our bodies don’t have to focus on breaking things down, it can then focus on healing and repairing other areas that are screaming for attention.

When our body is constantly digesting, our blood needs to flow there and our subconscious mind needs to be assisting there also. When we cut the digestion part out for a short period of time, it is an open field for our bodies to do what it needs to do!

Plus after a few days of juicing you will suddenly experience a clarity of mind like none other. You feel so fresh, light and alive.

Let’s get real though. It can be hard as heck to not have solids! Because we are so programmed to eat solid food every day, our minds will try and tell us that is what we want, that is what we need. Also, when your cells are purging all of the accumulated garbage, it is not always fun. Nope, not at all. The damage we put into our bodies is always worse coming out.

Lightheadedness, foggy headedness, fatigue, diarrhea, emotional rollercoasters, are all just a few of the things you could possibly experience. If you are new to cleansing it can freak you out and make you question if you want to go through with it or not. ‘Ummm, should I be feeling this way?!’

Everything in life is mind over matter. We are in control of our actions, and we can power through. If you can keep your mindset strong, and focus on your ‘why’, you will make it over that hurdle on to where you will feel better then you ever have in your life. The sweet reward.

This 5 day juice cleanse took 2 shopping hauls. We opted for wholesale grocers, as you can get a heck of a lot more for your money than a regular grocery store.

Our fridge was looking mighty fine after a good haul if I do say so myself.


Day 1 and we were eager as heck to get going. Mindset on point!


We were ready to just jump right on in, but as the day progressed it was a little hard.

I was hungry, not going to lie, I wanted some darn food.  We both did actually.

My mind was screaming, ‘Feed me!! Why on earth are you doing this to me?! What did I do to deserve this?’

But I was able to prevail.

Day 2 and I woke up feeling great, then I crashed a bit, then I was starving and foggy headed, then I felt AMAZING, and then I hit a hard wall at 7 pm. I was hungry and ended up on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, questioning my whole life and what I am doing with it.

I wasn’t the only one.



Yes, it was interesting. But! It was nothing another fresh juice couldn’t fix. Literally within a few minutes of chugging a juice, and I was back in action.

Day 3 was super easy! Other then some hunger, I rocked it! Come the evening I was pretty tired, but then suddenly I got that second wind and couldn’t sleep. That is one thing about this, it has kept me up way too late every night…. Like my juice-fueled blood was just pumping away and giving me ridiculous amounts of evening energy.

IMG_20180228_223823_199.jpg IMG_20180227_174702_698.jpg

Day 4 I felt great! And then suddenly in the afternoon I was overcome with exhaustion and felt like I was not going to be able to keep my eyes open.



It did pass, but then I decided I would try and be social and took up an invitation to visit the museum.

Let me tell you, trying to be social while on a juice cleanse is not easy! When you are walking around public and there are a million different smells, and even though they are not something that would normally smell appealing, they suddenly DO smell appealing. Geez, talk about a challenge!

A few hours in, and I was in dire need of some sustenance, I was famished! And you can’t drink in the museum, so there was a bit there when I was suffering and losing my ambition.

Funny enough though, as soon as we left the museum and it came time to drink my juice, the feeling had passed. Isn’t that just the way it works?!

I was pretty darn proud of myself for being social on my cleanse though!

Day 5 and I was feeling pretty accomplished. I was also feeling clear-headed, light, fresh and energized. Normally once you get to day 5 of a cleanse you feel like you can keep on going no problem. This time, however, this was not the case.

I was totally craving food and excited to have food. I just needed to power through the last day and not think about food.


All in all, I felt so incredible from doing this. Everything in my body just felt shiny and new! Aside from getting hangry, it was pretty easy and well worth it!

Happy Juicing!

Author: Petrena Schell

Petrena Schell is a millennial woman passionate about travel, adventure, health, and living a high vibe life. She is here to share, inspire and motivate you to live the happiest, healthiest, most adventurous life of your dreams. See the best places and do the most amazing things.

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