Chocolate Making and Superfood Elixirs At The Light Cellar

Chocolate is one of the oldest food pleasures in history and one of the top healing gifts from nature. In fact, fermented beverages made from chocolate date back to 350 BC. The Cocoa bean itself offers so many healing benefits. There are not very many people that I know who do not like chocolate. What reduces its beneficial properties is the sugar and things that are added to it in the process of making it.

I had no idea chocolate was so incredibly easy to make until I attended a chocolate making class at my new favourite health spot in Calgary called The Light Cellar.


The owner and founder Malcolm Saunders has had a lifelong love for chocolate himself and began his chocolate-making journey years ago in his basement. He now holds monthly chocolate making classes at his superfood and health shop The Light Cellar. Of course, I had no choice but to attend a class.


Health, healing and anything superfood is right up my alley. Food is medicine.

Before you get all full of chocolate powder and you get a nice info sesh providing a more in-depth look at chocolate.


Malcolm makes it fun, he is very engaging. A class like this should be fun, interactive and informative – this was checking all the boxes.


All of the ingredients needed were there and ready for us to make into tantalizing bars.

The best part about this class is that it teaches you how to make chocolate to your specific dietary needs. So if you are unable to have certain sugars or sweeteners, here you can tailor it to your exact wants and needs. It is personalized chocolate.

We began with a bowl of cocoa powder and added to it some melted cocoa butter.


Now the cocoa butter is not just put in a pot and melted down, it is actually done so over hot water. You know, a very fine art.

After that is mixed together you can head over to the superfood table, where you will have an array of superfoods beyond what you could possibly imagine. It made it hard for me to choose exactly what I wanted. I love it all!


This would be an example of my happy place.

Yes, I ended up making quite the concoction. In mine, I put vanilla, hemp seeds, maca powder, spirulina powder, goji berries, cherries, maple syrup, stevia, and some sea salt. Possibly I am missing a couple things, I was just so enthralled with it all I was throwing everything in.

As the chocolate started to harden and it wasn’t totally mixed yet, there was a hot water station where you could re-melt the chocolate. It actually melts really fast which for some reason I found interesting and entertaining.


We finished by putting our chocolate into plastic backs and spreading it out, after which we placed it in the fridge.


They hardened into perfect bars. That class was so fun.


When at The Lightcellar it is kind of imperative that you head into the store and stop at the elixir bar for a healthy healing elixir. Another one of Malcolm’s specialties. There is an incredible array of superfood elixirs to get your healthy glow on. The sound of every single on had my mouth watering and my immune system and cells begging for it.


I think one of his elixir making classes will be next on my agenda.

Crickets are all the rage right now, at least I continue to hear about them and see cricket products everywhere. So as there were some crickets there for the taking, I had to have a taste.


The taste was actually decent, and the aftertaste not so much.

Not sure I would be making them a usual snack in my day to day diet, yet if I was in a situation of survival I would not be complaining in the slightest.

Don’t forget to check out his chocolates, cookies and treats. All superfood, all super delicious!


I had the Peanut Butter Chaga Chocolate Cookie and it was divine!! Like ridiculously good.

Another thing Malcolm is known for is his fermented foods. He has turned fermentation into an art of its own and offers some amazing fermented products.

I thought the chocolate making class was my happy place, then I experienced the elixir bar and I was in an even higher state then imagined.

20181005_120913.jpgWith that and all the amazing products he has on his shelves, I was pretty much in heaven.


You can totally feel the high vibe energy at the Lightcellar it simply exudes it. Malcolm and his team are amazing! Such an awesome experience.


If you are in Calgary, Alberta, making it a point to visit the Lightcellar would be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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