Symphony For Our World Is Coming to Calgary

History, art, nature, and music are some of my biggest passions in life. It is what adds to the beauty of life and brings magic to it. Events that encompass all of my passions while sprinkling that magic into our lives through artistry, imagery and symphony are a must attend! 

I was so excited to hear of the Symphony For Our World Tour which is coming to Calgary next week on April 25th at the Jubilee Auditorium. Exactly where I happen to be at this moment, well I am not at the auditorium, I am in Calgary though. It has had plenty of rave reviews since being released. I would have expected nothing less than rave reviews from a show created in partnership between National Geographic and Jean Michael Paul Entertainment, Inc.

It is very apparent from the trailer how spectacular this event is going to be.


This is an event that is pairing National Geographic’s stunning natural history footage from the last 130 years with an original symphony composed by Bleeding Fingers Music, performed live in perfect synchronization by a full orchestra and choir.

This is what they said about the event – “Symphony for Our World pairs artistry with science as it brings viewers from the depths of the sea, up to the coastlines, onto land, through mountains and finally into the sky. Each environment will be accompanied by a different orchestral movement, resulting in a powerful musical tribute to the beauty and wonders of our wild world.”

I love that National Geographic really values our planet and is committed to inspiring people to also care for our planet right now. Being an avid world traveller who loves mother nature – this is also an important value of my own.  

It is not only coming to Calgary on April 25th, but also has dates in many US cities, over to Europe and it even has a date in Australia. You can check out all of the upcoming shows here.

This sounds amazing, so I had to share. I am absolutely going to attend; I love a reason to get dressed up and have my senses heightened. See you there!



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