How To Create 2021 To Be Your Best Year Yet

2020 was tough, it took us all by surprise and life changed over night. It was more of an unexpected roller coaster that we all just had to buckle up and hold on. For me, it was also a big wake-up call. I had to really question myself, and see what I really want to create in my life. It is not about what other people think I should or shouldn’t do, it is truly about, what is my soul yearning for. How can I be the best version of me, so that I can fully show up for others and be the best version of myself for them? It was as though I came to a cross roads. Do I want to succumb to the fears and the pressure, and allow it to control me and weaken my spirit so that I am the one in need of lifting? Or do I want to rise up, change my perspective and use the situation to my advantage, so that I can heal, learn, grow, and in turn be the one lifting others? When I went over it in my head, I knew I wanted to uplift others.

I didn’t just arrive at this head space over night, it took consistent work, day in and day out. That was my year last year. I had to take certain steps to cleanse my life, heal my soul, and expand my mind. Even with so much uncertainty going in the world, and even the weeks I was feeling lost, scared, and overwhelmed with life. I had to keep my focus on point. One step at a time. That is all we can really do. Instead of focusing on getting straight to the grand vision from the get go, we really just need to focus on taking the next step. If we continually tell ourselves to just take one more step, it’s amazing how eventually when we look back, we suddenly see how far we have come. 2020, was an amazing year of growth and healing for me. It was incredibly challenging, but because I chose for it to be a year of expansion no matter what(pandemic or no pandemic), that is in the end what I got.

The biggest thing that I practiced was accepting that, I can’t control what is going on in the world, but I can control what is going on inside of myself. So I have focused on that, and worked on ‘letting go’ of everything else. The more we work at it, the better we get at it. Every year, is another opportunity to create your best year yet. I know that some years have been pretty amazing and you may be wondering how on earth could it ever be better then that, or for the years that are tough to even match, you maybe even wonder how it could ever even just be on par with that year. I have had some pretty darn good years, and I have had some soul shattering years. One thing I realized looking back is that, the years that were better then I could have imagined, were the years I was following my heart and living on purpose. The years that were the hardest were the ones that I allowed myself to be lead by fears and anxiety.

Through it all I have learnt some powerful action steps that will raise your vibrations so you attract higher vibrational experiences, as well as, push you into healing, happiness and growth. We are the co-creators of our own lives, and we have so much more power to create our lives then we think. I want 2021 to be your BEST year yet!

Without further adieu, allow me to share –

10 Steps To Create 2021 To Be Your Best Year Yet:

1) Turn off the news and let go of fear – it is tough, I know. News is everywhere you turn, and if it’s not on the news, it’s all the conversation on the street. Or in this case when we have no longer been chatting to people in the streets, it is all the discussion online and on the phone. It can be hard to get away from. While I do believe it is important to check in with the news every so often to be kept up with what is going on, it is toxic to listen to it all day, everyday, letting it saturate your soul with negativity. It creates fear, depression, anxiety, and control. I would not have the courage to follow my heart if I was allowing the news to paint the picture in my mind that the world is scary. There are parts of the world that are scary, but there are also so many parts of the world that are mind-blowingly beautiful. Do yourself a favor, and take a news detox. Also, change the conversation you are having with people so you are not just discussing the news. You will notice so much more happiness and beauty in your life straight away.

2) Release your mind from judgement, of yourself, and others – we sometimes forget that it isn’t up to us to dictate or judge what others are doing with their lives. It is so easy to point our fingers at others, rather then to turn that finger around and point it at ourselves. Not a single one of us is perfect living a perfect life. We don’t have to agree with others in order to lead with love. We also don’t have to allow ourselves to be in the presence of those who just continually judge us and make us feel small. I observed so much judgement between the human race this past year. One of the best things I ever did was stop focusing on others opinions or judgments of me, and also stop myself from placing judgments on others. Even small innocent judgements, are still judgements. When we live in alignment with ourselves and our own values, we begin to up level our own lives, so that we show up better and can be a greater example for those around us. Plus, life is so much easier and filled with an immense amount of more joy when we don’t spend our valuable time worrying about what the person next to us is doing all the time.

3) Choose your circle wisely – we are creature of habits and we are greatly influenced by our environments. There have been plenty of studies done that prove that we become the reflection of the top 5 people we associate with. So it is a good time to ask yourself, ‘Who is in my immediate circle?’, ‘Do I aspire to be like them?’, ‘Do we support each other to achieve greater levels in life?’, ‘Do I feel drained or invigorated after we spend time together?’. If the answer’s to those questions are no’s, then now would be the time to reconsider who is in your closest circle. Time is valuable, so, I make more time for the people whom enrich my life and vice versa. I make less time for the ones who are not on the same level as me, and who bring toxic energy to the table. You do not need to cut people out completely, but where and how much you spend your energy is very important. Energy is currency – protect it, share it, and use it wisely.

4) Nourish your body – There is that age old saying, ‘You are what you eat’, and that is so incredibly true. Seeing as how we are living cellular beings, we are literally just a big sack of cells. Everything single part of our body internally and externally is made up of cells. We either nourish those cells or deplete them. What nourishes our cells the best? Colorful whole foods.

It is amazing how different I feel depending on what I am putting in my body. If I am eating sugar and refined carbs, I get bloated, feel tired, my skin looks dull, and my mental clarity & creativity is low. When I eat whole, vibrant and alive food, I am slimmer, I sleep better, my skin glows, my energy and vibration goes way up, and my creativity is on fire. It can be hard to be consistent all of the time with our diets, but I go for a 80/20 approach. 80% of the time I eat clean and 20% of the time I fall off the wagon. But, because my lifestyle is more healthy then not, it balances out. I also add the highest rated supplements in the world to my diet, they work on a cellular level, and since they do provide cellular nutrition, my happy cells always have a glow shining through.

5) Spend more time in nature – being locked down may have served a purpose, but it also wreaked havoc on our immune systems. Nature is where the most powerful health, healing and happiness is created. We also are a part of nature. Many of us seem to think we are separate from it, when in reality we are all a part of it. Without nature we would cease to exist.

There have been studies done that show how our blood changes after spending 45 minutes in nature, and we then have a higher level of natural protection against cancer, heart disease, depression, and anxiety. Plants and trees give off certain aromatic compounds called phytoncides, and when we inhale them, they have a similar effect to aromatherapy. Not to mention all of the plant medicine that was created for us in nature. Immersing ourselves directly into nature has the most powerful effects, but if that is not a possibility, then getting some plants in your home is also proven to have amazing health and healing benefits. So if you can’t go into the forest, spend a little more time getting closer to your fern.

6) Do something you love everyday – Everyday is a gift. We were put here to enjoy and love life. Being in a constant state of gratitude and joy will change your life. You attract things according to the state you are in, and the higher the state, the more amazing experiences will be given to you in your life.

Life will always give you more of what you are feeling. If you say life sucks then life will respond, ‘okay, you are right, life sucks’, and in turn it will give you more experiences to validate that. If you say life is amazing and incredible things continue to happen for you everyday, life will once again agree, and will give you experiences to reflect that. We can’t get away from everything negative, but we can attract far more positive than negative into our lives. Not only do you deserve to do something you love everyday, but doing something you love will natural bring you to those higher levels of emotional states. You want life to deliver for you, so show life that you expect it and you know you deserve it.

7) Take some risks – I am not saying purposely put yourself in extreme danger, but what I am saying is get uncomfortable. Listen to your heart and see what you really and truly want. Going after what we really want will take courage, and we will have to block out the noise around us, forget about the fear and take a chance. Without doing that, we will never achieve the greatness we are fully capable of. Instead of focusing on all the things that could go wrong, we have to focus on the things that could go right. 2020, was all about risks for me, but where I am at now and what I have been able to achieve in my personal growth and life, would never have been possible if I didn’t take any risks. I am so grateful that I was able to just take the leap of faith and go in a new direction, even if I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get there.

If you push through the tough part, the rewards will always be greater then you could have imagined. Nobody who has achieved greatness, has done so without taking some risks.

8) Expand your mind – If we are not growing, we are decaying. Some of my greatest mentors who are now in their 70’s, are always learning, taking courses and up-leveling their minds. Because of this, age has been good to them, and they are still happy, healthy, loving life and making an impact. I find them incredibly inspiring. I had this bad habit for years of starting to read a book and never finishing it, then 2020 became my year where I told myself I would finish books. The main reason for this being that, I knew if I wasn’t finishing what I started with books, then this pattern must also be showing up in other areas of my life. I can’t even tell you how satisfying it is to close that final page, knowing I finished what I started. Plus, the new wealth of knowledge I gained from reading the book. I also love taking courses. There is endless knowledge to gain, and we can never know everything in this life. We are just not capable of it. Courses keep us stimulated, growing, and busy with goals to reach for.

9) Think only thoughts of what you want – What we focus on expands. I am sure you have had times where you were constantly thinking and talking about what you don’t want to happen, and then long behold, it happened. Our words and thoughts are so powerful. If you place your attention on what you want to happen and what you want the outcomes of things to be, then you will have a far greater chance of that outcome happening. It works both ways. I chose to become conscious of my thoughts and the words that I speak, but every now and then I do slip up. With my awareness now, I recognize it right away and I can begin to make shifts to change it and change my perspective. If you say what you want with full belief and conviction, you will naturally draw it to you. The biggest challenge is not to get hung up on the when or the how. When the going get’s tough and I feel too much anxiety or stress, I take some deep breaths, visualize the outcome I want, and if that still doesn’t do the trick, a dose of CBD oil always helps. Everything happens in divine time, you just have to keep your thoughts and words in check so you don’t confuse life to deliver the wrong thing.

10) Do something life changing, push your limits, and make an impact – This doesn’t mean you have to go and out and try and change the whole world. Even if you change one persons life that will create the chain effect and trickle into other peoples lives. When you push your limits and show yourself what you are capable of, it trains you so that you become a better risk taker in your life. In 2019, I joined a group trip to Tanzania with a organization called UGO Impact.


They have a trip to Tanzania that combines a week long volunteer project with the Dar Women’s Foundation, followed by summitting Mount Kilimanjaro, all while doing personal development before, during and after the trip so that you can have a life long impact from it. I am a world traveler and yet it was hands down one of the most transformational trips of my life. At a time where I felt I had lost myself, it reminded me of who I was, what I stand for, what I am passionate about, and what I am fully capable of. It changed the trajectory of my being and my life.

I am forever grateful for UGO Impact. I was so excited to hear, they are running a trip this year in October 2021! As long as it continues to be safe to do so due to the circumstances. The program is 3 months, but you are only away for 2 weeks. I highly recommend it. It is a great way to do something amazing abroad, safely, especially if Covid has left you a bit fearful to get back out there. This is just one example of what you could do to transform your life, push your limits and make an impact. But pick something, and don’t back down. Do it for you, do it for those you love, and do it for those you have yet to meet.

Use this year as your blank canvas. Regardless of what happens around us, and how difficult life gets, there is always a way to follow our hearts, and make everyday count. This year is still just beginning, only the first couple strokes of paint are on your canvas, so let your inner artist make the most magnificent piece of 2021 for you. If your paint runs out, get some charcoal or berries and make some more. If your lemons are dry and unable to make juice, boil them in some water and make tea. You got this, and most importantly – you deserve it!

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2 thoughts on “How To Create 2021 To Be Your Best Year Yet

  1. My dear friend Petrena, I just got your email and had to read it, since it’s been ages I heard from you. I always love reading your blogs and this one, wow, it hits the nail on the spot. Everything you wrote could be straight from my mind and heart. I feel so connected to you and the way you think and it makes me so happy to have met such a cool, wise and beautiful person like you. I just remember our fabulous time in SA and the day we met up in Berlin. Great memories. I’m sending you much love and happiness, stay as fabulous as you are and hope to see you again one day in the future. Much love from Germany xxx Yvonne

    1. My beautiful friend Yvonne!! It is SO nice to hear from you. Thank you for such a heart warming comment. We always were connected!! So I am so happy to hear we still are. We had the best times in SA and Berlin!! I think we absolutely need to meet again soon!! I am sending all my love. xxx

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