Who is this Splendor of a person?

I am a lover of life, travel, wine, health, fashion, beauty, and all things that make every day on this planet amazing. This beautiful place is where I share the very best of all things to do with an exceptional lifestyle, in addition to some incredible travel experiences and recommendations thrown into the mix.

Literally from being barefoot to high heeled.


So then who am I you may be questioning?

Well, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Petrena. As unique as my name, I have been an avid traveler of life since the day I was born. I believe in living life with passion and surrounding myself with things I am passionate about.

I am a world cultured socialite, a diplomat, an entrepreneur, and I am committed to being awesome at everything I do. I am a true ambassador of life and everything that makes it amazing.  

I have an endless supply of drive and ambition, and will never stop short of success. 

From traveling my home soil from a tender young age(however I am not tender in the slightest), to 10 years of living, travelling and working between Canada and abroad.  I have managed to work deep in the jungles of Central and South America as a volunteer/group leader on various projects. I completed a 1.5 year long solo trip across Eastern Africa, from South Africa to Egypt on local buses, I have crossed the Atlantic ocean a couple times by boat, and I enjoy as much time as I can basking in the ultimate Urban lifestyle in one of my favorite destinations, Palma De Mallorca, Spain. I have experienced life on all levels; I appreciate the finer things in life as much as I enjoy going on rougher escapades, and I am always up to embrace a good challenge. I pamper myself with manicures, just so I can go on an adventure to break a nail – and so the cycle continues.


So if you wanted to pick one good word to describe me, I suppose one could say – Adaptable. I am quite adaptable.

I am also sophisticated, classy, and poised(for the most part, unless I am tripping over my own feet). Even when I am crossing Africa with buses that are barely holding together, or on a tiny airplane in the jungles of central and south America with duck tape pretty much holding the wings on. Yes, even in those situations I am as refined as ever. I can make any situation I find myself in look pretty darn classy.


I like to be prepared for anything, and a bit more.

I grew up in a small town in Northern Canada, and I’ve also spent loads of time living in Calgary too, so I am lucky enough to get to call them both home. No big deal really.

By Northern, I do mean ‘North’. Straight up to Northwest Territories to be exact. Yes, where you get ridiculously cold winters, and stunningly beautiful, bug filled summers. It truly is a gem though, and I love saying I am from there. It adds to my uniqueness factor for sure.


IMG_1428With all of that being said, no matter what I am getting up to, whether its travelling, shopping, random activities, restaurants, music festivals, detox/retreats, drinking wine(what??it’s a hobby), getting in touch with my inner being, or just chilling out appreciating life, it’s always going to be awesome.


Rest assured – I have great taste in life, and I am a natural at being fabulous.


Welcome to my Blog. A naturally life changing experience.

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