A Day Sail In Mallorca

The summer heat is Mallorca is intense. Can someone say, ‘air conditioning’?! Yes as much as I am not a fan of air conditioning, it became my best friend in Palma. It can be hard for one to leave the air con in the mid afternoon heat, because […]

Summer Lovin’ In Mallorca

Summer is heating things up here in Mallorca, it’s always magical to be back in Mallorca, Spain. My other home, the place where my soul feels full. The heat is pretty intense, although life in Mallorca is always pretty hot. With endless activities and adventures to be had, […]

Sightseeing In San Francisco

Previous to this trip, I never really had San Francisco on my bucket list. Once arriving there, the energy and landscape of the city was already screaming to me – How the heck was I not on your radar?! Yes I was instantly enamored with this dreamy city. […]