A Uniquely Unforgettable Stay At Mo’s Houseboat Bed & Breakfast

Staying on a houseboat in Yellowknife, NWT has always been on my bucket list. Being from the Northwest Territories I have been to Yellowknife plenty of times, and never ceased to be intrigued by the house boating community there. In the summer they float effortlessly, and in the winter they are frozen in place. I have always observed it to be a unique life, and some of those houseboat’s have some pretty impressive architecture.

I was finally had the opportunity to check that experience off my list and had the pleasure of staying at one of the most unique places in my life- Mo’s Houseboat Bed & Breakfast. Not going to lie, I was pretty darn excited leading up to this trip. I love unique and out of the ordinary experiences, and this was exactly that.

The houseboats are off grid, and use solar power and generators, as well as water straight from the lake below. With ice roads all over the place on the frozen bay it is very easy to drive out to the houseboat in the winter. In summer you are given a canoe to use, so you can paddle to shore at your leisure.

There is the main houseboat where owner/artist/entrepreneur and world traveler Monique Robert calls home.

Then there are also two stand alone rooms located on their own houseboat, just beside the main one. I found it pretty cool to know that there are underwater cables from the main house generator that go straight over to the cabins.


The rooms inside are bright, colorful and very inviting. Much more chic then I would have imagined.

Although with Mo being an artist, she has great taste and a keen eye for decor. Each suite has a built in kitchenette, which she fully stocks with all your breakfast needs.

image1 (23)

There are washrooms that include a shower, toilet and sink. Literally all the amenities you could possible imagine.

I was super impressed with the comfort of the beds as well.


The main house is full of character, beautifully decorated, and furbished with many of Mo’s stunning art pieces.

Mo’s passion is her artistry work, and I was totally amazed at the beautiful creations that she produces. She is absolutely gifted in her artistic abilities.

In 2009 Monique also published a book called ‘Papier Mache Design‘ which received worldwide attention for being the only book on the market describing universal techniques to create a sculpture of your choice. Monique’s website has a great and broad showcase of her art www.moniquerobert.com. I know for myself that I need to get a piece of her art in my life.

Being winter, you can watch all the vehicles on the ice roads, including dog sleds, and snow machines. Its really kinda magical. A winter wonderland at your doorstep.

I could imagine how incredible it must be to sit on the deck in the summer with the sun shining, water splashing up and the boats cruising by.

This is not the first time Mo’s houseboat has received recognition, she has some pretty prestigious mentions under her belt, from Macleans Magazine, to Kayak Magazine, as well as Afar Magazine. Let’s also note that the Amazing Race Canada used her houseboat as their base when the show was in Yellowknife. Why am I not surprised though?! It is that marvelous of a place.

Mo has done extensive traveling around globe herself, so with her own travel knowledge she knows how to take outstanding care of her guests.

This was truly an unforgettable and special experience – Mo is an inspiration, and gem of a person, whom I feel was such a pleasure to meet. Herself and her houseboat are both things you won’t soon forget after visiting.

Mo’s Houseboat BnB. An absolute must for your bucket list!

Bungy Jumping The Bloukrans Bridge – And The 5 Things I Took Away From It

Adrenaline, the natural high that can become ‘Oh so addicting’, and particularly when you are in South Africa. The country is chocked full of adrenaline packed activities for the souls delight. Upon arriving to South Africa for the first time, I had no idea that this all awaited me. Suddenly though just touching down on South African soil made me yearn for some adrenaline. Funny that. Like my little adrenaline loving soul could sense it.

The Bloukrans Bridge, is where the worlds ‘highest bungy jump off a bridge/highest commercial natural bungy’ is located.


Sitting at a height of 216 meters. Up until this point I had never bungy jumped in my life, however I knew as soon as I found out about it, that it was something I had to do. A check on my list in life that absolutely had to be checked off.

Residing in Jeffrey’s Bay for quite some time, a stunning little world renowned surf town, which is only a 1.5 hour drive from the Bloukrans Bridge, the day came where myself and a few friends decided to make the trip and conquer this feat. During the drive we had the music cranked and were getting ourselves pumped. Everyone was saying how nervous and excited they were. When it came to me however, I was saying ‘I don’t really feel anything at the moment, I am not sure what to feel really…’ That is until we arrived and I seen exactly what I was getting myself into.


Reality hit like a ton of bricks! ‘Oh dang I thought, when I looked at the size and height of this bridge. Am I seriously signing up for this?’ The day before the trip I had it in my head that I was just going to be awesome and leap off this bridge like no big deal. Just like a rock star.

Yes, that mental picture changed pretty quick when I seen the bridge, my non-existent balls fell straight to the ground. Suddenly I was feeling some freaken emotion all right. I ain’t no quitter though, at least I try to make it a point not to be. So I got all geared up and started making the trek on the see through suspension bridge out to the jump location.

The adrenaline and fear were already setting in. Once I was at the location, I was instantly thinking, ‘I must be crazy to have signed up for this?!’.

At that point backing out was very much on my mind. I was trying hard to self talk and get my head in the game, but really was on the verge of peeing my pants. Totally opposite to what I thought I would be like.

They did have a DJ there though and lots of good beats to get you pumped up. By time it came to my turn and I was on the ledge, I was still trying to back out. I didn’t care about my money, I just did not feel like hurling myself off a bridge. It didn’t help that I kept looking down when they kept telling me not too. ‘How the heck can I not look down, when I am on the ledge of a 216 meter bridge?!’ I said to them. I mean really, it was too darn hard not look down.

The guys running the bungy were not taking me backing out as an option. They were doing some really good motivating chat such as when I would say ‘I don’t want to do this, and I do not care about not getting my money back’, they would respond. ‘You do want to do this, or you wouldn’t be on the edge attached to a bungy, you wouldn’t have come this far if you did not want to do it’, and also telling me ‘Of course it is scary because its not normal to throw yourself off a bridge’. They had some very valid points, and even in my fear filled state, I couldn’t help but agree.

With a bit of motivation, and possibly a small nudge, I had no choice but to leap off the edge and was free falling faster then you could say ‘jump‘, AND loving every second of it!


It was so crazy, and amazing. The feeling off falling through the air so fast, with the wind in your face and the ground coming at a ridiculously fast speed towards  you, until the bungy cord gently grabs and pulls you straight back up. When this happens I instantly tried to grab onto to something that wasn’t there.

So basically I was grabbing on to thin air. Once it pulls you back up you free fall again. The rush was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.

Finally I was just hanging there suspended in the air at the end of the bungy cord, taking in every amazing second of being there. They say a lot of people get scared at that moment, so when the guy comes down on an abseil to get you, they make it clear that you are not to grab onto him, as it can turn into a dangerous situation. This turned out to be one of my favorite parts! He comes down and latches onto your waist and takes you off the bungy cord. As he pulls you back up, you arrive to a once again see through platform, which I basically scrambled on, because I was afraid of falling.

Once I was up, I was pumping with adrenaline, and when they came to ask how it was, I was so pumped up that too many swear words from excitement were coming out of my mouth to describe how incredible that experience was. Not my usual classy self, but hurling yourself of a 216 meter bridge will do that to you. I was profusely thanking the guys for helping make me do the jump. The feeling was beyond words.


Here are the 5 things I took away from doing the bungy –

1.Clearly I am not super human. Even though at times I like to think so, put me on the edge of a 216 meter bridge attached to a bungy, and I will freak the heck out.

2. Yes it’s true, it really isn’t normal to jump off a bridge. There was no pun intended in that one. Although I am sure it will be easier now if I will ever do it again.

3. Gosh if I wasn’t attached to that bungy, I would have splatter like a bug. Even though at times I like to think so, put me on the edge of a 216 meter bridge attached to a bungy, and I will freak the heck out.

4. Listen to them when they say don’t look down. Seriously, as hard as it may seem, DON’T LOOK DOWN, it will just freak yourself out.

5. Face your fears. That was definitely life changing, and the hardest part was getting off the edge. The feeling of accomplishment from facing a fear like that is indescribable.


That was by far one of the best experiences of my life. The location was amazing, the people were great, and the adrenaline rush was EPIC. If you ever have a chance, go for it! Face your fear. I would love to do it again, and this time, like the rock star I envisioned.