Nature And Horse Riding At Spruce Hill Resort In BC

I have been lucky enough to ride horses plenty of times in my life. Although far and few between, it is always an activity that I thoroughly enjoy. Except for that one time when I was riding a horse and it starting bucking and I jumped off. FYI – your not supposed to jump of a bucking horse.

Being at a resort located in the middle of a working ranch with horses roaming free around the property, only served to make us want to hop on one and enjoying a leisurely afternoon in the company of one of the most beautiful animals out there.

I though it was very cool that upon checking into Spruce Hills Resort  when were en route to our room, the horses that were freely strolling around walked straight up to us basically demanding a bit of attention. I was hooked right off the bat.

It is such a stunning and secluded feeling area, perfectly pristine for a horse ride. We booked in for an afternoon trail ride through the forest.

From the get go the horses were super chill. Which is exactly what I like. I was having flashbacks of the not so chill horses I have been on in the past.

There is something so soul soothing about being in the middle of nature on the back of a horse. Not gonna lie, I felt cool as heck.

My horse’s name was General, he was so obedient, and loved being told he was a good boy. I couldn’t help but continually tell him what a good boy he was, as he was soaking it right up and turning his ears and head towards me every time I said it.

What a relief that he was so obedient. I mean, I am pretty good at controlling a horse, but I ain’t no horse whisperer.

Well there was that time in South Africa, when I got to try my hand at it. I was locked in a training ring with the horse whose name was Dougal, and it was my job to get him to submit to me. Ummm, can you say adrenaline rush?! With him running in circles around me in this small ring, kicking and bucking, and me trying to maintain my classy composure while also not falling over from being dizzy, and keeping my eyes locked on him, praying that he would submit and not kick me. In the end, I won the battle of who’s going to control who. What in incredible, heart pumping, and unforgettable experience. So yes, I suppose you could say I have dabbled in horse whispering once upon a time.

This afternoon however was so relaxing, and I fell in love with my horse. My only problem was that the horse in front of me was having a bit of gas issues, and I happened to be downwind of them.

Seriously, he was letting them rip, left, right and center. Geez, com’on! Give a lady a break why don’t yah?! I wasn’t sure how many more times I could hold my breath. Alas, can’t win them all can we, those fresh farm smells will get yah.

Due to a sighting of a mama bear and her two cubs we had to cut our ride a bit short. It’s the time of year where bears are fattening up for winter, so there are plenty of run ins to be had. As we all know, you don’t want to mess with a mama bear. So turning back was the only way.

Once back at the barn, we decided what better way to finish off the excursion then to give the horses a good brushing. You always gotta return the awesome energy bestowed upon you.

An absolutely fab way to spend an afternoon. I truly didn’t want it to end. That’s okay though, all good things must come to an end – and I will absolutely be back for more. Until till next time….. Giddy Up!


Blissful Seclusion On A Beautiful Beach In Mallorca

The beach is always the perfect place to unwind, relax, and get some good grounding done. Except when it’s the middle of summer in Mallorca and the beaches are jam packed. It becomes a bit more hectic and a little less relaxing. I am always on the hunt for a new and less touristy place to explore, and so I was pretty excited when I came across Son Real.

In the North Coast of Mallorca there is a place called Son Real. There you will find a public finca and a nature reserve. The area itself has a rich history, and has very interesting archaeological remains. From the finca you can walk on the marked trails for approximately 30 minutes and reach some very beautiful secluded beaches.


There are kilometers of near empty beaches, with turquoise blue water and incredible coastline views. It is pure relaxation for the soul. It felt so incredibly good to go for a swim in the water, just me and the sea(and probably a few fish). There were the odd couples or families, but really minimal.

The coast is lined with trails where you can walk to estate houses that include a museum and interpretation center. This is the perfect place to take some beautiful photos, the area is naturalistic and has quite a few birds.



It was luxury being able to enjoy the empty beaches, it took me away from the tourist packed areas on the rest of the island. It pays to get off the beaten track sometimes, and there are always special places tucked away that are not your typical tourist destination. That is what adventure is all about.

The excursion rocked my little world. If you visit Mallorca and would like a different experience then I would absolutely suggest checking out the public finca of Son Real and enjoying some of the nature reserves pristine and historical areas.

Sightseeing In San Francisco

Previous to this trip, I never really had San Francisco on my bucket list. Once arriving there, the energy and landscape of the city was already screaming to me – How the heck was I not on your radar?! Yes I was instantly enamored with this dreamy city.

Sprawling along the coastline of various islands, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. The city is extremely picturesque. I really felt the pulsing of awesome energy there as well. I always find it amazing that every place in the world has an energy of it’s own, some feeling very high, this being one of those places.

I really had no idea how many awesome things I was going to see and do around the San Francisco area. There is way too much to fit into a few days, but one must get in as much as they can.

Here are a few highlights of my sightseeing adventures

  • Clearly you can’t not go see the Golden Gate bridge. It’s kinda one of those things not to be missed, and not really possible to miss. She sits there proudly in all her glory.

It was such a great feeling even just driving across the bridge, then the view from the other side was just spectacular.

  • The redwood forest at Muir Woods was a super high energy magical place. It engulfs you. Muir woods has been a federally protected national monument since 1908. Here you will find some of the oldest trees in the world, ranging between 600 – 800 years old, the oldest at Muir wood is 1200 years old. I learned that Red Woods can actually live up to 2200 years old, and reach heights of 300+ feet. Just walking through it makes you feel so energized, and the air smells so pure and exhilarating. Oxygenating your cells to the extreme.




Of course I had to get in there and hug a couple of those bad boys. As you do, or should I said, ‘as I do’.

  • Let’s not forget you are right next door to world class wine regions, so a wine tasting tour is also a must. Off to Sonoma it was. I have indulged in wine from the Sonoma area a few times in my life, and once or twice in my life I had said I would like to visit the California wine region. Prior to this I had no idea it was in such close proximity to San Francisco. What a nice surprise.

The town of Sonoma is quite pretty, one of those ideal quaint touristic towns.

The region itself is stunning. Immaculate vineyard after immaculate vineyard. We managed to visit a couple while on our tour.

The first stop was the Robledo Family Vineyard. Beautiful spot, with a divine Sauvignon Blanc.


I would have to say I really like the Highlands Winery, its a boutique winery, and the gentleman whom makes the wine does it out of real passion. You can taste it in all his blends. Superb.



  • No trip to San Francisco would be complete without a visit to Alkatraz. The world renowned island and prison that held some of America’s most notorious criminals, including Al Capone. Every 30 minutes there is a full ferry transporting tourists to Alkatraz. I was so intrigued to learn more about this place.


Once again there was an undeniable energy to the place, eery energy as well. We had a nice audio tour of the cells.


With the history of Alkatraz and the people that have came spent time in there, and the conditions they were in, it was pretty full on to visualize.




Imagining what life was like for the inmates and the staff and their families that lived on the island, was something else. To say the least.

Uh oh, they got me!! 

There are some pretty spectacular views from the island as well.


Even when you are leaving, you leave through a tunnel.


But before you go, make sure you stop and smell the flowers.


I did also thoroughly enjoy getting a lift on a cycling taxi. I love supporting the locals that are doing something different. Getting paid to stay fit – not a bad gig if you ask me.


It’s safe to say the San Francisco area is full of energy of all types. A very high energy area. It was truly an awesome and unforgettable trip that I will not soon forget, and is absolutely on my list of places to return. Yes, if you ever get the chance, get on over to San Francisco and experience its awe for yourself. Any and all of these activities would be highly recommended for your sightseeing pleasure.


3 Highlights Of A North Vancouver Island Road Trip

Random and spontaneous adventuring has always been in my blood. It’s just what I do. At times a planned trip is where it’s at, or it’s just what has to happen. Even in those circumstances, I like to leave room for the unexpected and unplanned. Some of the best adventures of my life have been when I turned down that random road, bought that last minute ticket somewhere I never heard of, or simply seized the moment.

Upon arriving to Vancouver Island the only plans I had were to get from Comox to Port Alice. I booked a car rental with National Cars at the comox airport, and decided I was going to hit the road of open adventure with no real time frame. Just go with the flow kinda day.

With that kind of open mindset, the trip that is normally 3 hours, turned into 7 awesome hours, of ‘Me time’ adventures. It was exactly what my spontaneous adventure loving soul was yearning for.

Vancouver island has always been a favorite destination of mine to visit, it is such a beautiful place with endless things to see. I am sure you could travel and explore for a year straight and still not discover all the hidden treasures.

Here are a few treasures that I came across on this little road trip filled with random and unplanned pit stops.

  1. The sandy beach shores of Campbell River

With Campbell River sprawling down sandy and driftwood covered beaches, it is a stunner of a place. Resorts line the beach shores, and the fresh sea air is a sweet treat to inhale – that is, if you enjoy the smell of salty sea air. 

There are ports for the boating enthusiasts, and cherry blossoms setting the scene.

 I really enjoy the small quaint feeling of Campbell River, it feels free and open. I am sure that changes in the summer season, but in comparison to a city on the shores, it will still maintain a somewhat relaxing mellow charm I am sure.

I also made a coffee stop at this cafe called Fogg Dukkers

It is full of rustic charm, with the water as the backdrop. Lined with picnic tables and a bonfire, it’s is a beauty of a place to enjoy some RnR while sipping on a fine cup of java. I am a lover of great coffee, and this was some pretty tasty coffee.

I decided this was the perfect stop to take myself on a lunch date, so I grabbed a table for 1, and dined with my coffee and veggie wrap, while soaking in the beautiful view.

  1. Stop in at a Cable Cookhouse in the village of Sayward

Built in and around 1970, the Cable Cookhouse is a steel framed building bolted to a cement base. The entire walls are wrapped with used logging cable. The weight of these walls is a massive 26 tons.

They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and desserts. It has been a popular stop for tourists, and locals for many years. It is truly full of character. They have some seriously old and rusty tractors and such in the back, as well as a totem pole that was also built by the original builder.

There is a patio to enjoy the warm summer weather in the season, and they even have ‘Pooh Howses’ in the back, which I got a kick out of.

  1. Check out Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove was an old sawmill town established in 1912, it had deteriorated to the point where everything had to be restored and rebuilt. Everything has been restored and rebuilt, with an 800 foot long boardwalk and dock surrounding the old village put in. It was created into a resort in 1979, and has grown to welcome upward of 80 000 tourists a year.

There are so many activities on offer here, from whale watching, to fishing trips, and onward to grizzly bear tours.

I love historical places, and when things have an antique feel to them. However , this little visit I paid was before the season even begins, so it was completely empty. I love seeing places in that state though, it gives you a chance to really take it all in with no distractions or hustle and bustle. I enjoyed a nice stroll around though, I can imagine it’s pretty amazing when it comes to life, and I would love to come back in the summer and stay in one of those old houses.

Spontaneous adventures always bring you to places that you otherwise would never have discovered. Each of these spots made my road trip that much more interesting , and that much more memorable.

Before I reached the beautiful destination of Port Alice, I made sure to pop in to Port McNeil to check out the world’s largest Burl.

I never even knew what a burl was prior to this, but I learned that a burl is an abnormal tree growth. I suppose like a tree tumor. Who would have thought?! You really do learn something new every day.

For me, successful trips always stem from open mindedness, and not being too rigid on my plans. Just loving life everyday brings endless awesome adventures. So get out there and see what you unexpectedly come across, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. 

It Was A Walk In The Bush

February in Northwest Territories usually means -30 degree Celsius temperatures, and 10 layers of clothing to protect from the very real potentials of frost bit and freezing to death. However this year the weather has been so unpredictable and up and down, every week we have something else. Lately it even go in the the plus temperatures. Of course that’s pretty awesome if you want to go on a nice bush hike and be out in nature. Not sure if its best for the environment up here though.

That being said, it was an absolutely stunning and warm day, so I decided the best way to spend it would be hiking out in the bush, and seeing what mother nature had on offer this particular day.


The surroundings themselves are absolutely beautiful. Winter wonderland is the exact description I would use.

The snow was pretty deep in lots of area’s, every time I would take a step, it would go straight over the top and straight into my boot.


Just your typical ‘Snow booter’, no big deal… Scoop that right on out and keep trucking along. Ok, well it was a bit of a chilly deal after the 10th one, not gonna lie.

The scenic view kept changing, which kept the walk enthralling.


We are so lucky in this area of the world that one of the most sought after medicinal mushrooms in the world grows wild. The Chaga mushroom.

There is an ample supply of birch trees here, in which host the Chaga mushrooms. Chaga mushrooms have the highest number of antioxidants of any food, incredible immune boosting properties, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-viral and cholesterol  lowering effects to name a few. It is a powerhouse of a healer, that’s for darn sure.

When your out on the land here, it’s always prime time to do some Chaga hunting.

We were not super successful this day, but we did find some. There are times you find a area covered with Chaga. Even finding a nice chunk is awesome, and you can cut it off and take it to make some super healing tea. Yum! Health taste’s so good.

I also came across a spruce tree that was oozing with sap.


Alright, well perhaps I should say it had oozed with sap, as the sap was hard. When I was a child growing up in the bush, I spent quite a lot of time out on the land a lot. I always loved chewing on spruce sap, I called it tree gum and/or bush gum. It is also full of healing qualities and vitamins, as it comes straight out of the tree, it kinda like tree blood.

I was pretty excited when I found the sap, and straight away cut a piece off and tucked right in.

I love the taste! It definitely has an earthy taste, similar to a tea, however I love those types of flavors. I suppose because I grew up with them, so my pallet is  accustomed to them. Of course a few beautiful flashbacks from my childhood came flooding in – which was absolutely wonderful in and of itself. This day had proved a be a massive success, and probably one of the best ideas ever.

Let’s not forget one very important detail. Being a lover of grounding and tree hugging, there was absolutely no way I could be out there without giving a tree a hug.

The energy exchange is undeniable, and the healing benefits are amazing. Nature always fills my soul.

After a couple hours of adventuring around, we decided to head back and end this nature filled day the only way that seemed to be the cherry on top. A good ol’ bonfire.


Not before taking in the spectacular sunset though.


It was such a fabulous day out in pure blissful nature, it was too great not to share.

What can I say, don’t underestimate the soul soothing, energy topping abundance of a day in mother natures playground. Get out there and go bask in it. Heck yes to being awesome in nature!

Chasing Beauty In The Northwest Territories – The Land That Doesn’t Disappoint

Well it’s official. It is mid October, and there is snow everywhere here in the Northwest Territories. Winter has come early this year. Not that I am complaining, I do love the snow. Especially when it’s accompanied by favorable temperatures. Although, the up and down, above and below zero game, makes things messy, wet, and slick. You never know what your going to get. Yes, the pro’s and con’s to everything in life.

Just before the snow flew, I went out on another day of adventuring. It’s just what I do. No matter where in the world I am. Trust me though, the snow ain’t gonna stop this lady from adventuring. It simply creates more various adventure opportunities. Particularly in the NWT.

The week prior to this I went to Twin Falls Gorge and enjoyed the epic ambiance of Alexandra Falls.

This time, we went the opposite direction. We cruised out to the little community of Kakisa, which is about 1.5 hours North of Hay River, NWT. With a population of about 45 people, I don’t mean little lightly.

The primary reason of driving out there was to visit Lady Evelyn Falls. Which is located just 5 km away from Kakisa. Obviously I had to take a little cruise through the quite little community since I was in the area. Lady Evelyn Falls are closed for the season. Well the campgrounds are.

img_4605img_4604  You can still walk in and see the falls. It was quite cool being in the area when everything is totally shut for the winter. A completely empty campground. Not a soul to be found, other then a couple of birds that is. Funny enough though, I wouldn’t have any problem camping in that weather. Get a nice warm fire going, a couple extra layers of clothes, and your laughing. Or perhaps I am just a die hard?! Ahh well, next summer.

Don’t forget to heed the warning before you embark on your waterfall adventure.

I guess it depends what a high level really means? Thanks for the warning though!

Lady Evelyn Falls are quite a bit smaller then Louise and Alexandra Falls at the Twin Falls Gorge, however she is not lacking in pure stunning beauty.

It’s almost a calm feeling and smooth flowing energy when you are around them. As opposed to the powerful high energy feeling you get at the Twin Falls. It’s not hard to get down beside them, but we didn’t go for it that day.  It was a beauty of a pit stop, and well worth the drive in itself.

After we took in our fill of Lady Evelyn Falls, it was time to start driving back in the direction of Hay River. Not without keeping our eyes peeled for more pit stop adventures to be had along the way. I absolutely love having no plans sometimes. I truly believe in the journey along the way, and when you are open to receive whatever awesomeness is out there, you get exactly that. More awesomeness. Not without a few bumps in the roads at times. I mean trust me when I was crossing Africa alone with that mentality, there were some bumps. However, it always turned out amazing or with a big ol’ forehead swipe of ‘phew’ , and definitely added to my story.

There was this awesome little lookout point that we pulled into. You stand tall on the rocks, and take in the spectacular Northern view.

It’s total Northern landscape as far as the eye can see, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

img_4559 It is so unique, and as you progress up North towards the Tundra, you have less and less plantation. The changes are dramatic, and the beauty just continually morphs, yet never becomes less. Looking into this bliss, makes a person want to bring a canvas and paint it. Maybe I will wait for warmer weather though. 

Don’t forget to lick a tree while you are there.

Not far up the highway from that look out point, we pulled into McNallie Creek, where sit’s another one of mother natures dazzling gem’s.

There is a day use area, and once again, another set of little waterfalls flowing into a bowl shaped ravine. With the icicles forming on the edges of the water, you can see winter is well on it’s snowy and cold way.  If you keep your eyes peeled when you are there, you can see cliff swallows nesting in the walls as well. Which we didn’t see that day…..

The depths of the water at the base does appear fairly deep. I have been told that people do enjoying jumping in there in the summer.

The paths around the area are great if you feel like frolicking in the bush.

img_4491 The colors were magnificent, and even though there was a chill in the air, after a bit of walking you don’t even feel it. You get warmed up by the incredible setting. Nothing compares to being in nature, it gives you such an uplift and flow of awesome energy. And particularly in the North. It’s a very special place that I will never stop boasting about.

That was a whole day of absolute pure bliss. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in one day. The majestic Northwest Territories once again did not disappoint. It seems as though she is the land of endless waterfalls.

While you wait to check the NWT off of your bucket list, don’t forget to explore your own back yard. There are always beautiful places hidden around every corner – where you would least expect it.

Palette Adventures in Golden, BC

Adventure and fine dining. Two things that go together like me and wine. Meant to be. One of my absolute favorite destinations ever, is Golden, British Columbia. Literally, I just love that place. The energy there is fantastic – as well as the natural charm. With the green river flowing through it, the majestic mountains surrounding, and the small quaint size of it. I just cant get enough.


Golden has loads of activities on offer from, cycling, hiking, white water rafting, paragliding, and so on and so forth, I intend on spending quite a bit of time around there this summer. Endless excitement for my little adventure loving heart.

This time around, it was a weekend road trip with one of my long time gal pals.


Even though it was raining, it didn’t stop us. I am a damn trooper, it takes a lot more then that to stop this gal. There is nothing like hitting the open road, cranking your tunes, and laughing with one of your nearest and dearest. It’s always a nice change for myself as I do tend to do a sufficient amount of solo travel. It’s not my fault I like spontaneous adventures, and I don’t always have the time to wait for anyone else to join. Besides, ‘me time‘ rocks too!

Obviously aside from physical activities, Golden does offer a fine little culinary scene. One I also need to explore more of. I ever so graciously received a gift certificate from Tourism Golden for The Island Restaurant, an establishment in which I had not yet had the pleasure of being acquainted with. I love trying new things! Clearly. I think that goes without saying.

The Island Restaurant is a beautiful log building, and the location was prime with a patio that was over looking the river. It has such a warm and inviting atmosphere that draws you right in.

Mother nature decided to be a gem and hold up on the rain for us so we could enjoy the splendid patio ambiance.

Yes, I was already in my happy place with the way things were progressing – and it was about to get a whole lot happier when the vino started flowing. Anyone who know’s me, know’s that wine is a hobby of mine. It’s an art, one that I like to enjoy.

Before I decided on the bottle, we were offered a sample. A generous one at that. She said these two mixed together would taste the equivalent of Summers night. So off I went to experience it.

Wait it was a bit difficult, so I tried another route.

Yup, sold! Pretty darn delicious. Bring on the Summers Night.

Clearly I am a total class act, 100% of the time.

The service was top notch! Super charismatic, and above and beyond. Right from the get go.

We were having the best time ever. Having an awesome person taking care of you, always takes the experience way up as well!

Since you can’t live on Vino alone, it was time to begin our culinary journey.

I decided to try the Elk for my Entree. I like to keep things as local as possible no matter where in the world I am, so I figured you can’t get much more local then Elk. It was served as an Elk patty plated on top of rosti potatoes and roasted vegetables.

With a side of salad, and a pastry stuffed with cheese.

I love salad!! 

The Elk had a very interesting flavor to it. I mean the flavoring they added was great, but the meat itself has quite a different taste to me. I am not sure I would be ordering Elk myself again anytime soon. However, everything else I had was ridiculously good.

Natasha went for the Mozzarella & Grape Quasadilla.

She also loved hers, and couldn’t resist in finishing every last bit.

Clearly we had to top it off with dessert, and went for the Apple pie. Freshly baked and perfectly delicious. Party in my mouth. Ok, that was the wine.

Looks like someone was enjoying their vino

I can tell you one thing, if you come hungry, you absolutely will not be leaving hungry. They take very good care of that. Perhaps I should have worn sweat pants…..

I was also treated to a tour by the chef. I always love a behind the scenes look at things. We even hung out with the owner for a bit.

The whole experience was so much fun, it was hard to leave. ‘No, I don’t want to go!’

Although I did leave in the end, and I know one thing for a fact, well two things actually. Firstly, I am going to be back in Golden in no time. Secondly, I will be visiting The Island Restaurant again. It has the view, the ambiance, the service, and the cuisine. Everything you could ever ask for in a culinary experience. When you wake up in the Golden area, don’t miss out on the chance to heighten all your senses.

Ran Through Week 7 Of My Orange Theory Fitness Challenge

7 weeks in the Orange Theory books!! This past week I was so busy, like really darn busy, so it was hard for me to focus on everything that was going on with myself. Such is life sometimes. Although, that doesn’t mean I missed any of my 4 workouts. I still nailed them all. They are what make my world go round every week, there is no chance I would miss out on my OT time.

I am so happy that I am in the marathon, it just gives me more reason to push. It’s funny, I remember when I first started this little 8 week journey, I felt like I was getting my ass totally and completely kicked. Pretty much like I got hit by a bus. It was intense. Now though, its the other way around, my body is changing week by week, and its getting fitter and fitter. So now I have to go in there begging myself to kick my own ass! It’s a true story. I want to push my limits. It feels so good! Well, not always at the time….

Since the Marathon is on this month, I am all about getting those miles! Running my little heart out on that OT hamster wheel.

Somehow or another I got roped into signing up for the Ultra?! I think I have to make like 31 miles by the end of the month. Yah, you heard me(well, read me), MILES, not kilometers. Man, sometimes it’s way to easy to convince me to do things.

Fine, fine, once again twist my OT lovin arm. I got this though! I won’t have it any other way. I can’t let myself down, I am too awesome to myself to allow that to happen.

Monday I started off the week in Leanne’s class at Creekside ready to push!

Ummm, which weight to choose?! Decisions, decisions….


Leanne seriously just exudes happy positive energy. It’s awesome.  She had the music pumping, and I was having a dance party in my head – I almost had one on the treadmill, but that would not have ended pretty. Just don’t do it.

I wasn’t totally sure what I was supposed to do for the Marathon other then run. So that is what I did. I thought about asking questions, but Monday fog was clouding over, so I just went with the flow. I was just happy to be there getting those splat points.

Tuesday I was keen to get pushed! Sometimes you need it. Push your limits, go that much further. I can always count on head coach Ronnie for this at the Creekside location.  

Tough fitness love, just the way I like it. Do you know how much better you feel when you went that much further and harder then you otherwise would have.  

I push myself normally, but much harder in Ronnie’s class.  

 It helps that she has eyes like a Hawk, and doesn’t miss a darn thing. Although, sometimes that scares me too. ‘Don’t pass out and look like a wimp Petrena!’ I swear I have almost had to peel myself off the floor a couple times. I am pretty sure Ronnie knows I go into her classes asking for it. 

Honestly though, I love that. It’s those moments that you get to see what your made off.

Thursday I was back in Royal Oak in Justin’s class.  

With everything but my heart rate monitor. Well, I may have also lost my marbles. Can you believe I forgot my heart rate monitor?! Seriously, that is the only thing other then yourself and your water bottle that you need to bring to OT. It’s not something I typically forget. Luckily, they have ones to lend….

Although, I forgot to give it back after and didn’t realize until I got home – I had to go back to return it.

Oh, who am I kidding?! It was just my excuse to go back to OT. I just can’t get enough of it.

Justin was peppy(I been waiting for my opportunity to use that word) and happy, making his rounds in the class, and motivating all the eager little OTer’s. This whole week I have been diggin the beats that the trainers have been playing. 

 Seeing as how I have not been getting along with my shoe laces the past couple weeks, I pulled out the old double knot! Oh yah baby, who’s coming untied now?! Not my shoe laces, that’s for darn sure. I won’t be having any marathon setbacks!’

I know I said I wanted to come 5 times this week, and that is because, I did want to! So my intentions were to go Saturday and Sunday. However, I injured my foot and couldn’t walk very well on Saturday, so I couldn’t go…. It was a sad day. Let me tell you. I toyed with the idea of going anyway, but also knew better. I didn’t want to make it worse.

If feet weren’t so important! I tell yah…..

I did finish week 7 off on Sunday at Royal Oak in Taryn’s class.   It also just so happened to be my first time joining one of her classes.

Just when you thought I had seen them all.

As if I could ever not like a trainer at OT though.. Once again, she was super awesome! She was also super awesome at helping me get some great material to share with all of you fine folks. 

 It was an endurance class, which is perfect for me, as it helps chalk up those miles for the Marathon. I think I am up to just shy of 8 miles, which means 23 more to go. This week I best not injure myself and get 5 days in!

Some clips from the week.

I can’t believe I am already going into week 8. I know I have said this before, but I will still say it again. Time freaken flies!! Especially when your using your time doing something you love and in an environment you love. But I always make sure to enjoy every workout. It’s one awesome workout at a time.

It’s you and me week 8! Your both an ending and an awesome beginning. Let’s go!!

My 8 Week Challenge With Orange Theory Fitness Begins

Orange Theory Fitness. A revolutionary way of getting your ass kicked. Ok, and a revolutionary way of whipping that ass into fine shape. Basically it is a 60 minute workout consisting of interval training. You are equipped with a heart rate monitor – to keep track of what heart rate zone you are in out of 5 zones. The idea is for you to reach zone 4(the orange zone)/5 for 12 – 20 mins of the hour long duration. This is where the Orange theory effect takes place, and it promotes ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption‘, otherwise known as the “afterburn”. The afterburn is where your metabolic rate raises for 24 – 48 hours after the workout. Ahhh, so scientific and technical. I like it.

The first time I was introduced to Orange Theory was 4 years ago when I was in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. I gave it a go, and was instantly hooked. Call me weird(I am sure I have been called worse things), but I do love a good ass kicking. I love my body, and I am so appreciative of all it does for me, but I also love to push it to its limits. My goal this year is to get in the best shape of my life. Not for anyone other then for myself, but you only get one body, why not condition it to be at it’s peak performance?! You can’t buy happiness nor can you buy your health back if you lose it. My time with Orange Theory in Florida was cut short, but the fond memories didn’t fade. So that being said, I was so stoked to see it here in Calgary. Finally! It has come to Canada. Last week I did a trial sesh to see if it was all I remembered it to be. Long behold, it was just as epic as I remembered. Although I couldn’t walk for 3 days after! Holy crap, is one way to say it – but I also loved it, as you know that means change in your body. No pain, no gain.

Now that I have re-kindled my time with OT, I have teamed up with Orange Theory Creekside location here in Calgary, for an 8 week challenge. I am going to work out at the studio 4 times a week, sometimes 5 if I am feeling eager, and follow a low carb – high protein diet. AND yes, in case you are wondering, I shall be blogging about the experience the whole darn way -sharing a weekly article of my ups, downs, highs, and lows of this fitness journey.

I officially began my first day today. I mean what better day to start then fresh as a daisy on Monday morning, say, the 8:15 am class to be exact. They were bright and chipper when I got there.


Surprisingly, mornings are my fave, and I am always chipper when I wake up and am able to embrace another day. Well, usually that is…. I do have those mornings where bed just feels to damn good, and getting up is more of a mission. It’s those moments that I have to remind myself, ‘Oh yes, it’s morning, and I love morning! So get your butt moving P!‘ Self talk, always a thing for me. The studio itself is not massive, but it’s the perfect size for a not overly large class, helps keep it intimate, so the trainers can take the time to help you individually at moments. It also contains all the equipment you could ever need to rev it up, in true OT fashion.

We started off on the treadmills today doing intervals, and it was full steam ahead to that orange zone. Sometimes when it’s this early your body may wonder what it did wrong to start the day off with this kind of punishment. It’s in those moments you just have to remind yourself, ‘I promise you body, you will thank me for this, it’s for your own darn good’.

We had Matt as our instructor this fine morning. He’s great, not only is he an owner, but he has also been in the fitness industry for many years, so he really knows his stuff, and he’s always happy to take the time to explain things in detail, in order to help you achieve your best fitness results. He is there for your success.

The hour flew by, as it always does. Time flies when your having fun. At the end of the class, everyone’s results are posted up on the screen(they also text your results to you). I am happy to report I was in the orange for 16 minutes today.

See, have a look for yourself.

 Oh heck yes! That means I will have the after burn.

The best part about going in the morning, is that it energizes you for the day, and the class is not as full as the later ones.   As you can see, after my class, it was already filling up with the next group of people eager to get into their Orange zone.

I so love a good workout. Releases all those happy endorphins.

Well day 1’s workout is complete, I enjoyed a couple boiled eggs and sliced veggies for lunch, and I am feeling fab. Although, I hope I can walk tomorrow, but that wont stop me from powering through regardless. Let’s just say, I am in it to win it.

Tunes, drinks, and epic times at Agua Bar

Live tunes, cold drinks, amazing people and an epic atmosphere. Sounds pretty darn awesome doesn’t?! That’s because those things are awesome! Agua Bar in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, is exactly where it’s at if those are things that are up your alley. Agua Bar has it all.

2014-01-19 001 004

That’s actually a fish tank in the window, and looks really cool when you are beside it. You know, makes sense as Agua translates in English to Water.

One of my absolute favorite water holes for years now – and for good reason.

Agua has been around for about 11 beautiful years. It makes Palma a better place. Even though Palma is generally ridiculously amazing, Agua is the cherry on top.

Throughout the week they offer lots of various excitement for you to enjoy. Monday’s are flip night, where you can try your luck at a coin toss to see if you can call the throw correctly to nail yourself a beverage on the house. Thursday’s are ladies night, where the ladies can indulge in free wine & cava, from 7 – 10:30. Wine & cava not your thing? Well in that case you can instead receive 50 percent off any other drink your little heart desires. Friday and Sunday are the famous ‘Open mic nights‘, and then there is Charity Saturdays, where the generous, thoughtful and awesome guy’s who run Agua, Rich & Lee, will donate 50 cents from every drink purchased throughout the night to a charity. So you can drink with a cause and not feel guilty about being a party animal.

img_6683 img_4223 img_4221 img_4341 Care for a shot?

When in Palma, I frequent Agua bar on Friday and Sunday nights to take in their open mic nights. There is always some incredible talent to enjoy, and loads of Agua bar locals. Music feeds the soul, and makes my little world go round.

img_0308 img_5629 2014-01-19 001 035 2014-01-19 001 036

Why not have a little listen for yourself.

The famous open mic nights are exactly that, so that means they are pretty popular and the place fills up. Everyone wants to either hear or be part of the epic jam sesh’s.


You could say Agua is almost like a small community, its a place where everyone knows your name, and everyone just happens to be awesome. I am sure you agree that it’s rare and rad to find a bar that’s pretty much rammed with cool peeps. That would be Agua’s magnetism. It attracts exactly what it is. If you are good to the bar, they are just as good to you.


One of the best things ever is the ‘went for a pee card‘. If for whatever reason you have to leave your drink, all you gotta do is grab a card and pop it on your glass. It works like a freaken charm. Being such a kick ass establishment, its totally legit, and no one tampers with your drink. Not many bars you can say that about now-a-days.

Trust me when I say, no matter what day you go to Agua bar you are always guaranteed to have a damn good time. I have had many endless great times there.

img_6680-1 img_6681 img_6678 img_6679 img_6689 img_6688

It has some pretty sweet decor, show casing all the amazing classics all over the walls. The place is warm, inviting, and air conditioned in the summer. Let’s not forget Palma is hot as hell in the summer, so why not go cool down in Agua. Good ol’ Agua, just consistently checking all the boxes. It’s definitely a bar not to be missed in Palma. It will reel you right in – just like it did me. The first time I visited it, magic happened, I felt right at home, and the rest is history.


Sooo, see yah there this weekend? What are you waiting for?! Whether your there to play or just to listen, it will rock your socks off. Yup, that’s my kinda Jam.