How to survive an Egyption horse ride

I love Egypt, the history, the people I met, the food, the culture, the dancing. I enjoyed it all.  Another thing I enjoy is horseback riding.


So here I was in Egypt, and the idea of horseback riding through the desert past the pyramids, was just too enticing to pass up! I mean I have rode horses many times, trotting around different locations in the world.  Having always been a pleasurable experience,  I figured, ‘Why not?!’.  We were introduced to the horses whom were going to be so kind as to take us on a nice little desert riding excursion,  and off we went through the dirt covered roads. e6

None of us quite aware of the ride we were actually in for……. Just as soon as we so gracefully entered the open desert on our fine cavalry and began to enjoy the spectacular view of the pyramids, our guide starts to get the horses to trot a bit faster.  ‘Ok, ok, I got this, I do enjoy a bit of speed’, I was thinking.  Well I was also thinking he was just going to keep it at a nice pace.   Suddenly though, the horse just went faster, and faster, and well, FASTER! And I found myself no longer enjoying the scenic view, yet purely focused on hanging on for dear freaken life!! I didn’t know my body could become a clamp until that exact moment.  But once I got past the initial shock of it all, I was able to relax and enjoy the moment, yet still hanging on as tight as I darn well could!  Like a monkey to a banana tree. The feeling though was incredible, full speed galloping, wind and desert sand in my hair(and not so pleasantly in my eyes and mouth), the majestic pyramids standing tall and proud in the distance,e4 and the vast open desert space that our horses were just flying through.  It was incredible.  We galloped and galloped for quite some time, and then finally we raced up to a little shack, which is where we stopped, and disembarked.  Let me tell you, I didn’t know you could  have such an adrenaline rush from simply riding a horse. It was insane, when I got off, I could barely stand as the adrenaline was pumping so heavily through me that my legs were shaking, not to mention, hanging onto that horse, took more muscle then I even knew existed in my body.  However, we still managed between getting our baring’s, loving the insanely awesome feeling from the amazing experience we just had, to look calm, cool, and as if standing was no problem, in order to pose for some photos:) Mandatory, of course.

e2 e3

e5It ended up not just being any shack in the middle of nowhere, it was a little tea shack, like your typical everyday coffee shop on every corner, or a truck stop.  Except in this case, there ain’t no truck coming by, just horses and camels. The tea was just the refreshing, and relaxing thing that I needed at that moment.

e8I think the unexpectedness of the full speed galloping absolutely made it more memorable, and more ‘pinch your arm worthy’, to make sure you just survived that. Of course I rocked the gallop on the way back, as I was mentally in the game at that point.  There is nothing like a good natural dose of adrenaline for my little inner adventure adrenaline junky:) And yes, the next day, it was almost impossible to walk. Who knew clinging onto a horse as tight as you could, would use that many muscle groups?! An epic experience and a workout. Two of my favorite things. Egypt nailed it for me that day.

Home is where my little Northern Heart is ❤️❤️ ;)

I love travelling the world.  Seeing and experiencing new things, connecting with people of all walks of life.  I always entice myself with thoughts of being once again immersed in a completely different culture, with a totally different language that I don’t speak.  It’s exciting, and a way to push myself outside the everyday box, and even sharpening my survival skills.  It becomes a part of you, something that runs through your blood, well the blood of someone who has been bit by the travel bug.

However, no matter how many continents you visit, and people you meet, and explorations you have, there is always that one place, that lifelong place that you call home.  Where your roots are.  Where everyone knows your name….. Well at least if you happen to be from a small town like myself.  I was privileged enough to spend this summer back home, in my beautiful little hometown in Northern Canada.  The longer I have travelled the more I have come to love and appreciate it.  It’s small, it’s beautiful, at times its buggy.  Yes sir-ee, there is a season for swarming, clouds of bugs that you may or may not ingest when breathing .  But while also being the land of the midnight sun in the summer.  Other times(say winter perhaps) its freaken COLD! Try well below -30 degrees Celsius and minimal hours of sunshine, during the  majestic, and blood chilling yet heartwarming winter.  Where you can bask in the spectacular show of dancing colors that the Northern lights spread across the sky.  Yup this would be my Hometown.

Welcome to Hay River.



Named after the River that flows through it, right into the Great Slave Lake, which happens to be one of the 10th largest lake in the world.  There is a population of about 3500 people.  It boasts some pretty amazing scenery, if I do say so myself.  And no….. I am not just being Bias because I am from there:) But its kind of hard not to be.

IMG_4631 IMG_4630 IMG_2183

IMG_0960There is fantastic fishing in the summer, as well as plenty of water for you to play on and in.   IMG_1299There is the Hay River Campground right in town located beside the beach, if you feel like connecting with nature, and forgetting that you are still right in town.  Run by Lucy Benoit for over 20 years, she always keeps it so well run and maintained.  I definitely enjoyed some time there this summer. The town puts on a town event every year called Hay Days, with a weekend full of different events, and there’s baseball tournaments(that other northern communities participate in), town dances(as there are no bars really), great people, and beautiful wildlife.  Although, you always have to be cautious of bears. IMG_0881 Beautifully impressive animals they are, but also can be very dangerous.  Wrestling a bear isn’t recommended;) and well neither is going in for a bear hug.



One thing I really enjoyed this summer was visiting the Fisherman’s Warf, which is put on every Saturday during the summer in the Old Town.


There you will find different vendors, selling their homemade baked goods, fried goods, grown goods, handmade goods, and yup, you got it, FISH! Fresh fried or grilled Great Slave Lake Whitefish.  One of the northern delicacies, which I never get tired of.  The Warf is a great place to go and mingle with other people from the community, a great way to support the locals, and enjoy the charming little ambiance it offers, while also soaking up some summer sunshine.

IMG_4616   IMG_4613 IMG_4614 IMG_1438

Located about 40km outside are 3 separate waterfalls, that are always beautiful sight to enjoy. And Yes. The water is brown. But fresh!:)


Another summer tradition, one of my favorites!! Is floating down the river. ‘Oh, Heck Yes!’. IMG_4154Every sunny day there are groups of people who get together with their blow up rafts/tubes, a few beverages, starting up river, and floating down it for hours. Good weather, good company, good tunes. It’s just an awesome time, and super relaxing.


Well the summers up here are spectacular, and pretty un-comparable, and I always feel so privileged to enjoy them.  Even though the winters are Long, COLD, and more night then day light, there are also so many incredible and very amazing aspects about it here then too.  But this article is for summer.  Winter can be talked about when that time comes.  It best to live for the moment;)

Here’s to another kick ass summer in the North, I love my home, its way up there for sure! So that being said…..



An Amazing winter in Palma Begins

So Palma de Mallorca….

Hellllooo Palma!!! Here I am. Boom! Back in Palma. There is no place I would rather be at this moment.     Mallorca is an island with endless adventure and activities, and Palma is a small city with an incredible energy to it.  If you have heard of the Island, then you would know its a very popular summer destination.  This will be my first winter in Palma, and I am so excited to share all of my experiences with you.  One thing I have learned in my travels is that I much rather prefer to spend the low seasons in a place that I love, as its less touristy and you get much more of the local experience.  I just did an Atlantic crossing on a yacht where we started in the Med and crossed over to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Smooth sailing all around!  It was a nice month abroad, but I am so happy to return to Palma! There is no place like freaken home, and Palma absolutely feels like home to me.  I was feeling a bit of Jet leg yesterday, and today… it sucks! Jet leg was foreign to me until last year, when my immunity wore off!! Whyyyy?!?!:( but now I feel I have bounced right back, and I am ready to explore!!

No matter what tickles your fancy, Outdoors, sports, hiking, cycling, wine, music, food, beaches, scenery, this place has it all, and a little more. Its just before New Years, and the weather is still so nice!  Well maybe not all would agree, but being from Canada, I compare to the weather we experience there, chopping wood in -50c, limbs almost freezing off and eyelashes freezing together.  Sounds ideal doesn’t it??  But in the daytime here its still about +15 and higher, with no snow on the ground(I really miss snow though), so you cant really complain to much.  I love to dress for colder weather anyway, you have many more style options, endless layers of style, just like peeling an onion:)  A couple more days till New Years eve, another year flew by, time to get my party pants on.  Happy Palma Dayz!!!