Givers Gain – Making Someone’s Day Made Mine

For myself, I am all about creating an awesome high vibe life, and feeling awesome and high vibe everyday. What makes me feel most incredible, is boosting those around me and helping to make them feel incredible.

Here I am cruising around the streets of Palma De Mallorca, Spain, just enjoying a leisurely afternoon stroll. I was in the one of the main districts of Palma called the ‘Paseo de Born’, a beautiful spot always bustling with tourists in the summer. As I took a few minutes to sit on a bench to do some people watching, my eyes instantly got fixed on one man sitting on the bench straight across from me.

He was an older gentleman, dressed in a tattered little clown outfit. He was dosing in and out of sleep. To me, he looked tired and worn out. At his age he should be retired and enjoying life. Instead he was trying to create an income by putting on his little clown outfit everyday and making balloon animals to try and sell. My heart cords were struck, something about him made me want to do something nice for him. It’s almost as though I could sense he needed a positive boost.

I contemplated going and buying him a large bottle of water and a bite to eat and taking it to him, but I only had 5 euros in my pocket at the time. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for him, I just knew I was going to do something to make him feel good.

As the gentleman arose off the bench to get back to work, I watched as he continually got turned down, and people would keep giving his balloons back and say no. He was exuding discouragement.

As he began to leave the area, he crossed the road, and was walking away, still trying to make sales to no avail. I got up and knew I had to take action before it was to late. I intended on making this mans day, and nothing was going to stop me.

Finally I caught up to him, and it happened to be right after he was once again turned down. I approached him and offered him 5 euros to buy a balloon. 5 euros really isn’t very much, but it’s all I had, and considering he would probably only get a few cents, maybe sometimes a euro for a balloon, I knew it would make him so happy.

Well let me tell you, he was over-joyed, his face lit right up, and he was giving me huge thanks, he was just as appreciative as I imagined, and a little more. My mission was accomplished – I made his day. Seeing him so happy over something so small, made me feel amazing.

Yes I live an amazing life, full of adventure and incredible experiences, but, unless I am spreading awesome vibes to others everywhere I go, it would never be truly fulfilling. What you put out into the world is what you get back. Some of us have more and some of us have less, but what is having abundance if not to share it.

When I put a smile on someone else’s face, it puts a smile on mine. Giver’s gain my friends. Happy days!

A ‘FashionBeautyPurpose’ Event By Studio15

Fashion, women empowerment, humanitarian work and social conscience. They are all things that speak straight to my heart. So does wine, but that’s a whole other story.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a fashion event here in Calgary put on by an fashion forward online boutique shop based out of New York called Studio 15. The event was held at 80th & Ivory on trendy 17th avenue.

A chic location to showcase some very chic fashion, and yes, in case you were wondering, there was wine there too. Clearly, I had to indulge in a vino. Twist my little wine loving arm why don’t you?!

IMG_5537 7

I love the fun, chic and classy feel of every piece. They are all so versatile and can be worn on an everyday bases, whether you are looking to glam it up, or even just keep it tame – these outfits can suit any occasion. Studio15 has plenty must have pieces for every fashionista that will make sure you are dressed to kill no matter what the occasion.

The FashionBeautyPurpose event was so well put together, and had lots of fun little perks added to it.

There wasn’t solely fashion to be appreciated at the event, you could also see the lovely Kristen to get some Rodan & Fields products, specified to your skin type to get a radiant glow on. Chic fashion and glowing skin obviously compliment each other.

When I learned that the philosophy of Studio 15 was to not only create high quality fashion that is affordable to women from all walks of life, but also to give back by donating a portion of every sale to help fund women entrepreneurs in Uganda in starting their own business – my attention was instantly perked.

Collaborating with Kleos Microfinancing Group, Studio 15 has built a strong endeavor of philanthropy in fashion.

Upon meeting Jia Wertz ,the owner and founder of Studio 15, I was enamored and beyond impressed by her fashion, vision, character, and all that she stands for.


Born in Africa, and growing up in Calgary, now based in New York, she has some very incredible history and experiences.


Jia has had a life long love affair with fashion beginning about as soon as she could put one foot in front of the other. She is not only a designer, but a fashion writer and photographer, whom spent 16 very successful years having a career in corporate fashion for well known brands such as Aldo and Bebe.

After an inspiring trip to Gulu, Uganda, along side Kleos where she volunteered in helping local women develop sustainable businesses, Jia decided it was time to break away and begin her own venture, then seeing her vision come to fruition with Studio 15. She loves giving back, just as much as she loves fashion, and her soul wanted to combine the two passions.

Africa has been a large part of my life, I have spend almost 2.5 incredible years of my life in Africa. The first time visiting I completed over a year solo trip from South Africa to Egypt on local buses, and spending a couple of those months in Uganda, I also returned to Africa a second time for another year, it is an extremely special place to me. Africa changed my life forever. So the fact that we shared this, and the love of philanthropy, ignited my fire inside.

Not only did I love this little event, I loved even more learning about Jia, and what Studio15 stands for. Feeling beautiful in my apparel, and sharing the gift of success with other women whom wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity – is a winning combination if you ask me.

As Studio15 would say, ‘Giving back is always in style’.

Road Tripping in the USA!:)

The spontaneity of a random road trip across a few States in the US when I arrived thinking I would be in Houston for a week, was right up my alley!! Oh heck yes, I love road trips and I always thought it would be awesome to do a road trip across the States, so this was just the little toe dip for me to get a taste for it.  This particular cruise was taking me from Houston, Texas all the way to Phoenix, Arizona. I was totally gung ho for it! And got my road trip game face on. IMG_3448I am always excited when a little adventure pops up in those unexpected places. This was also going to give me loads of quality catch up time with my aunt Karrina, as she was making the big move to Phoenix and I was her Chauffeur.  So the day after I got there at good ol’ 6am, we packed up and hit the freeway, tunes cranked, Starbucks in hand, and laughter ensuing.  Let the good times roll.  IMG_3471

One of the first facts that I learned this time around – Everyone really does say Y’all, all the freaken time(and its awesomely typical, loved it). Second fact – Texas was much larger than I expected.  I remember being told for years, that everything is bigger in Texas(I have no idea how I kept hearing that particular line throughout my existence), and long behold, even the State itself was big.

Karrina wanting to make sure I got the full feel for Texas, figured we best make a pit stop at this ‘have all, and almost the kitchen sink’ store called “Buc-ee’s”IMG_3470 It had Texas written all over it. Literally. IMG_3468 IMG_3458 Even I couldn’t stop myself from having Texas written all over me. I love entertaining myself… What else can I say?? It’s pretty self explanatory. IMG_3536

I was amazed at how neat and organized the store was, everything was just perfectly in place.  You could get everything from souvenirs, coffee, any meat you can imagine, and endless hot sauces. You name it. IMG_3469 IMG_3453Buc-ee’s souvenir anyone? IMG_3467Or perhaps a hide?

Did I get a feeling as though I experienced a rough taste of Texas culture shock when I was bucked right into that escapade? You better believe it!

The Texas adventure’s didn’t stop there though.  A couple of hours down the road we pulled over in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, only to find a lost Chihuahua in a parking lot howling ‘Yo Quiero Taco Bell'(trust me,I was as shocked as you are). Well with no Taco Bell in sight, and no owners, Karrina was right on the case trying to catch the little fella so we could help him find his little way.  He ran away like the little wind and had her on a wild goose chase(or wild Chihuahua case), and as soon as I got out of the vehicle he came right to me and sat all pretty in my arms while he gazed up at me. Darn it, his cuteness got me, and I knew we couldn’t just leave him. So while we decided what we should do with him, it was only fitting to have a photo shoot.  As this began, the rightful owners of little Casper(as they informed us of his name), pulled up and were overjoyed at the sight of finding him, and we too were equally overjoyed that he was reunited with his little family! Although the thought of buying sombrero’s, adopting a Chihuahua and heading to Mexico did cross our mind…  and high five to teaIMG_3474m work on completing a good deed. Ok Karma, go right ahead and shower all over us.

Next stop on our road of adventure. ‘El Paso’!! IMG_3625Where I couldn’t help but think…Is this where ‘Old El Paso Salsa’ originated from? Can this be THAT place? Well I never did get my answer to that impending question, but driving through the area was pretty cool none the less.

IMG_3623 IMG_3622 I was quite taken by the colorful and artistic overpasses.

Good Bye for now Texas, Y’all were real great! Hello New Mexico! IMG_4964

Well with the sign promising enchantment, my expectations did rise.  Oh and it enchanted me all right.  Just when I took a turn towards a national park, New Mexico slapped me right in the face with a winery. IMG_4990photo (7)

How did you know New Mexico?? How did you know I love Vino & Vineyards so much? What a welcome you extended us! So obviously our course changed, and we decided it was a must to ‘Wine and Dine’.  Well sadly because I was driving, it really was just samples.  Typically I would try every wine I could get my hands on, but there are those moments you must keep your wits about you. Do I rent a hotel for the night? Or keep it classy? But just testing the fabulous flavors on my palette was still a treat!!

After hitting the New Mexico highway full of happiness from our winery experience, it came time to grab gas, and a ladies room. IMG_3480 What a relief to find a ‘clean’ one!  IMG_3481 IMG_4992

Not going to lie, I did like the old western ambiance they were giving off. It all felt so very American.

Another very neatly organized store full of random things.IMG_3485 IMG_3487  Poncho anyone?

Well New Mexico, you lived up to your enchanting promise. Especially considering my time with you was short.

My gut was telling me since the minute we left Houston that I was going to LOVE Arizona… Strange considering I had never been there, and only heard very little about it, but I know for a fact that I love Cactus’s, and I knew Arizona would have plenty of those on offer. As soon as I seen the sign, I felt the love inside me.IMG_3617 A nice reminder to always listen to your gut, it knows best.IMG_3507

The landscape rocked my world, absolutely stunning. IMG_4999 IMG_4994 Be sure to watch your step though.

We ended up cruising all the way to a little mountain town called Sedona. IMG_3630 AMAZING scenery, and a place with loads of activities, and near to the Grand Canyon. IMG_3633 IMG_4998 IMG_3635 IMG_3634

After an epic and random little road trip with spectacular company, I know I will be back to the USA to do some more of that for darn sure!

Upon flying back to my home Canadian turf, my drive back to my little Northern hometown provided some very different scenery then I was basking in, in the US. IMG_3578 IMG_3604 IMG_3606 Awesome scenery, and awesome wildlife. How privileged was I though to be able to appreciate the best of two totally different worlds. Happy road tripping days!