How To Maintain Naturally Fabulous Hair

Having fabulous hair is a must to feel your best and shine your brightest. When you have a beautiful head of locks, you just feel more vibrant. Once upon a time I used to take ages to do my hair, maintain my hair, and make sure my hair was ‘just so’. Nowadays though, I have so much going on, that I like to feel fabulous on a much faster time frame then before. Not only that, as I am all about natural living, I prefer to do things a bit more natural.

For a long time I had seen the more natural hair dye’s in the health shops, and had always wanted to give them a go, but I was hesitant, because I was worried it wouldn’t turn out. Then I decided it’s just hair, it grows, and it always able to be fixed. No biggie. This year I decided to finally give it a go. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, and hours of a day at the salon – I figured, ‘Why the heck not’?!

I went to the health shop, and had a few brands to choose from, in the end though I went with Naturtint.

Not for any particular reason, I literally just ended up picking that one, seeing as how I was completely new to this whole natural hair dye thing.

It looks like your typical boxed hair dye, with all the typical components inside. It just says its ammonia free, and uses more naturally derived ingredients.

Obviously it’s not 100% natural, but it much more health friendly and environment friendly. I really didn’t have much of a smell. Usually when I am dying my hair the smell of ammonia is burning holes in my nostrils, so this was a pleasant surprise.

I went in with no expectations, just really on board for the whole experience, and we all know when you go into something with no expectations, it’s almost a guarantee that it will be great! It always turns out better when you expected, because you really didn’t expect anything. Win win!

I was super happy with the results, and have continued using it ever since the first time. I love that it’s better for my body, and I don’t have ammonia soaking into my brain. We can’t ever get away from chemicals completely, but I am happy with small steps to better more vibrant health, and keeping my hair fabulous. Not to mention, I love how easy it is to maintain.

Here is my video blog about my hair dying experience if you feel like sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and having a little watch.

Health starts from within. Love your body, and it’s going to love you back.


DIY-Amazingly functional hairstyle for travel and everyday life.

Are you on that endless search for a quick, easy and maintainable hairstyle while on the go? I know I’ve been there, and I have tried many in my 10 years of globe trotting. SO after years of trying different styles, I finally narrowed it down one. My little nomad blood was in need of a versatile and classy nomadic hairstyle. Something I could wear Barefoot & High Heeled. I am all about functionality. Not to mention I don’t like having to do my hair from scratch everyday, so by doing this, my hair style lasts for a good 3 days. That is my kinda DO!

Seeing as how I continually have people asking me the very question of, ‘How do you style your hair like that?‘ I decided instead of rehearsing it to people all the time, I would simply write it out for everyone to take a gander at.

So here is my super simple step-by-step guide for the classy hippy on the go.

All you need is:

– Wet hair

– A blow dryer and brush

– Oil/Serum for your hair

– A big happy smile

Let’s do this!

1) After I wash it, or wet it(possibly you just had a swim), I grab my blow dryer, and giver a good blow, till my hair is about 70 – 80% dry, 90%frizz(the lovely look a blow dry gives me). The reason I blow dry it, is because if I don’t, and I just braid it when it is full on wet, it comes out more crimpy then wavy – And for myself I prefer wavy.IMG_2133-0

2) Once it is at that 80% point, I apply either Avocado oil, Coconut oil, or in this case, just some good ol’ Hair Serum.


3) Now that I have evenly distributed that throughout my hair, I throw it in a loose braid with no hair tie. If your hair is too dry it will fall out quite a lot, however, if it is a wee bit damp, it will hold the braid in better. If it does fall out, I just re-braid it.  After about 20 – 30 min, I undo the braid and put in a bit more oil, and then braid it back up.  With my braid in, I am set to head off on my adventures for the day – Whatever they may be. Work, play, both.IMG_1269

4) Now it’s totally up to you how long you want to have it in the braid for. Sometimes I keep it in an hour, other times I am loving it back, so I leave it in, until whenever my little heart desires. When you are ready to show case to the world your luscious wavy locks, you just pull the braid out and giver a shake. Voila! We have a natural smart hairdo that you can take anywhere and everywhere. IMG_1294 From road trippin’, to wine tasting at vineyards. IMG_1600 And from vineyards, to hiking and crossing suspension bridges. This hairstyle withstands it all. Tried, tested and true.IMG_2128 It’s even great if you decided to wear your best dress from the 1800’s(oh come on now, we all do it), because you can easily throw your hair back into a braid and pin it up under your hat.IMG_1032                    Only to be taken down afterward, and shaken out to retrieve that beautifully wavy look once again. The best part is, you can pop in back into a braid before bed, so when you wake up, all you have to do is shake it out once again.

Ahhh, the joys of a simple, versatile, rugged to chic hairstyle. Makes life so much easier.