Beating Anxiety, Inflammation And Insomnia With The Best CBD Oil

CBD oil is a hot topic right now. As is anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. With so many brands popping up in the market, it’s difficult to find a quality one that we can feel confident investing our money in and that gives us the results we are looking for.

Our bodies all contain an endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for creating homeostasis feel within our bodies. When our bodies are relaxed, they are capable of doing what they are made to do – heal themselves, and with more cannabinoids, it can do this at a higher level. We do create our own cannabinoids, however, due to poor diets, stress and toxicities to name a few, we do not create adequate amounts. So by supplementing our bodies with external cannabinoids, we nourish our endocannabinoid system.

Last summer I tried my first bottle of CBD and I totally lucked out with it, it worked fantastically and showed immediate benefits. It for sure helped with my anxiety and gave me an overall relaxed feel, plus it took away the pain and inflammation in my collapsed ankle. I was super excited about it.

Not long after that, the brand I first used was discontinued, and I had to begin a search for a new kind. Little did I know it would be a long and disappointing search. I ended up trying 10 various brands over the course of 8 months and I was not getting the results I expected or that I knew were possible from a quality CBD oil. I was beginning to get very discouraged and so was my wallet.

I had a list of requirements I was looking for, and potentially my standards were high as I had such good results initially. Long behold I came across Calm By Wellness. After I inspected the website, I could see every minute detail about the oil. The company had it all there, very transparent.

Calm CBD oil is organic and full spectrum, which means it has all of the cannabinoids minus the THC cannabinoid which is the psychoactive cannabinoid. Full spectrum is important to me as having all the cannabinoids means that it has further health reach within our bodies. Plus Calm is made in Loveland, Colorado. Colorado has some of the strictest agricultural laws out there, so you know it really is organic and all that it says is in the oil plus how it is made is legit. They also infuse it with love in good ol’ Loveland. It was checking all the boxes.

Calm has two different flavours of drops. The Strawberry Lemonade and the Peppermint.


Flavoured with essential oils, sweetened with stevia, infused with organic hemp seed oil and fractioned coconut oil, it was an easy choice as the ingredients were things that I would naturally put in my body. I love the peppermint flavour myself, as minty fresh things always get me.

When I started my first bottle of Calm CBD oil, I did not have high expectations, nor did I want to. It all looked amazing in writing, but I needed to see if it lived up to that. I had been disappointed enough times already.

After the first dose, I immediately felt ‘calm‘. Exactly as the name. I have suffered from insomnia off and on for years as it runs in my family. However when I take a dose of my Calm CBD at night, I am asleep within 30 minutes, and I have an amazingly restful sleep. I have never experienced sleep this good in all of my adult years. My anxiety that was slowly creeping back disappeared and any inflammation is gone as soon as it starts once I take a dose. I have been completely blown away. It is better then I could have ever imagined, and now a part of my everyday lifestyle and my ‘can not leave home without’ stuff.

I also tried the gummies, which not only are delicious, but fantastic after a workout to reduce post-workout inflammation.


I feel so lucky I found Calm By Wellness it truly has been a CBD game changer, and the best part is, they ship all over the globe! Set’s my little travelling soul at ease knowing I can order some of this no matter where in the world I am. If you are interested in checking it out, I will link it right here.

Health is the best investment we can make. Without high-quality health, we can’t have a high-quality life. Plus I love getting better with age – just like a fine wine.



Loving My Liver In October

Our livers are so incredibly important. It is the largest solid organ in our body which means it has one of the largest jobs in the body also. It actually has over 500 tasks to carry out in our bodies. Being classified as part of the digestive system it has the job of assisting with detoxification, bile production, protein synthesis, and the chemicals needed to digest food. Just to name a few.

As our health and emotions are very much linked, in Chinese medicine the liver is where we store anger. So if you are feeling overly angry, or if alcohol brings anger out of you, if your feeling lost and bitter, chances are your liver is taxed and is in need of some cleansing support.

When the liver is balanced and healthy we are able to move freely because of the liver’s responsibilities of governing the smooth flow of Qi in the appropriate directions.

The liver is actually the only organ that can regenerate itself.

Possible Symptoms of Liver Stagnation & Imbalance

  • frustration, depression or repressed anger
  • abdominal bloating
  • women – pre-menstrual tension, depression, irritability, distension of the breasts
  • belching, bitter taste in the mouth, sour regurgitation, nausea, vomiting, heartburn
  • diarrhea
  • contraction and/or spasms in the muscles, impaired extension/flexion, numbness of the limbs, muscle cramps, tremors
  • dark, dry or cracked nails
  • blurred vision, a feeling of dryness or grit in the eyes
  • bloodshot, painful or burning sensation in the eyes
  • irritability, outbursts of anger, red face, dizziness, tinnitus, headaches
  • lack of direction in life, feeling of being stuck

Interestingly enough, in the past year, I have been getting dry eyes quite often. I was putting it down to different lighting and possibly just being tired. After I got biofeedback done, it came back telling me my liver was in need of some cleansing. I also had iridology done and my eyes also said the same thing. As our livers flow straight to our eyes, it turns out the dry eyes were a symptom of my liver asking for some extra TLC.

Knowledge is power, and once you know the root cause of your symptoms you can then take inspired action towards healing. Not to mention it is far better to catch things before it is really a thing.

So my liver loving and cleansing regime are as follows

I am eating as alkaline as possible, avoiding – wheat, dairy, sugar, gluten and yeast. Plus making lots of green smoothies, drinking beet juice as this is very cleansing for the liver. I am eating Potassium rich food like sweet potato and banana as well, and eating lots of probiotic-rich foods.



My supplement regime consists of – 

Milk thistle – it is known as the ‘king’ of detoxifying herbs.

It helps to remove heavy metals, environmental pollutants, prescription medication, and alcohol from the liver. While also promoting cell regeneration.

Hepa Plus – a gentle detox supplement from Usana. Hepa has a small amount of milk thistle, as well as turmeric and other great liver support additions.


Usana’s products are the highest rated supplements in the world and the only ones in the world that have the cell signalling technology, which means their products have the codes of our cells imprinted in them and when you take them they unlock your cells so the product goes straight in and promotes cell communication and renewal.

Daily Multivitamins – It is important to make sure you are getting all the nutrition your body needs, as when it is properly fueled it will clean itself out more efficiently. I again use Usana’s multivitamin as it is the highest rated in the world for quality and has the cell signalling technology.

Probiotics – As the liver is part of our digestive system it is important to get the good bacteria in our gut, probiotics assist in getting rid of bad bacteria and help boost our immune system.

I am drinking a couple cups of dandelion tea a day as it is chalked full of loads of vitamins and minerals, and it is a natural diuretic so it helps the liver flush and quickly eliminate toxins.

Sipping on bone broth has also been in there. It is rich in the amino acid glycine which helps aid in liver detoxification.

Tumeric is also a staple in my diet in general and especially now to aid in the liver cleanse. There is turmeric in my Hepa plus pills, yet I still add it to food when possible and I love making one of my favourite hot cocoa drinks.


All you need for this is almond milk(or your milk of choice, I would say stay away from dairy though), cocoa powder, turmeric a bit of pepper and honey or stevia for sweetness. Healthy, healing and delicious!

I have also ordered a coffee enema kit. I have never actually done this, yet I have been reading a lot about it and how amazing it is for cleansing your liver. So I figured why not?! I never thought I would see myself putting coffee anywhere else but in my mouth. Should be interesting! I will keep you posted.

I am just over a week into my liver cleansing, and I am already feeling the benefits. My dry eyes have stopped, my digestion is better, even my cravings have gone down and I am much more clear minded and feeling sharp. I have experienced a bit of acne on my face and back, yet when you are cleaning out your body, things like that are to be expected.

It is a well-known fact that when garbage leaves our body, it can be much worse than when it went in. I know too many people who start a cleanse or detox and start feeling really bad, so they think the cleanse is bad. When really it is your body cleaning out the junk and if you can push through that, the high vibe energy surge and mental clarity that will come afterward will be well worth the little bit of suffering.

With winter and holiday season in full swing, it is extra important to give our livers more love than usual. In addition, the cleaner and healthier we keep out insides, the brighter and younger we look on the outside.


That is why I am taking this whole month and loving my liver in October. Don’t forget – if you love your body, it will love you back.

9 Round – My Newest Workout Addiction

Happy endorphins, a good detoxing sweat, working your muscles, torching fat and getting your blood pumping. That is what a good workout is all about.

No matter where I am in the world, I love working out and keeping my body happy and healthy. We only have one body, and I intend to keep on adventuring the heck out of life, so my main source of transportation needs to be in tip-top shape.

I recently joined 9 Round at the Varsity location here in Calgary, Alberta. It is all about kickboxing, and up until this point in my life I had never done kickboxing, and I do love trying new things.

The best part is, is that it is only a 30-minute workout. Don’t let that fool you though, it is tough. You will get your butt kicked.

Every day the workout changes so you never plateau, the staff are phenomenal at this location(which is why I chose this location), and as per the name, you do 9 rounds, and each round is 3 minutes.

You can also wear a heart rate monitor to track that you stay in the fat burning zone, so you will then also know you will get the afterburn where your body will continue to burn extra calories after your workout.


It is amazing how long 3 minutes can feel when you are pushing through some of the exercises.

Another realization I had was that I never knew that kicking and punching a bag could be so much fun! Seriously if you are feeling any sort of stress, then this is the best way to get rid of it. It is so satisfying.

Before you get going you have to get geared up.


I feel so cool and badass when I have all my gear on.


It’s the simple things in life really. Like wearing a pair of boxing gloves.

There have been days since starting that I have not been able to walk the day after. Which is awesome! And because you are having so much fun doing it you don’t really notice how hard you are working.

So many people get these incredible results from doing this workout, I am excited to see what my progress will look like.

Yes! To awesome gyms and always striving to be a better YOU today than yesterday.

My journey through a 5 day juice cleanse

Cleaning out the pipes is very necessary sometimes. Since spring is on the way, I figured we could call it a spring cleaning of my body. Get her primed and ready for an awesome summer! I can’t help but love doing fantastic things for my body and giving it so much love and gratitude for all that it does for me.

I add cleansing additions to my daily regime in so many different ways.

I make it a point to ingest some super foods every day, I supplement with the highest quality nutritional supplements in the world from Usana, I have one or two veggie smoothies a day, I eat as clean as possible, and I exercise and do yoga. Our bodies are made to heal and repair, so I just do what I can to support that natural process. Plus, I do believe in moderation! So treat times obviously happen. I like to keep that healthy balance.

That being said, there are those times where I feel like my body needs a little extra support.

It needs me to assist it a little deeper.

Anytime I feel that way, I know it’s time for a juice cleanse. Pure fresh veggie(and a little fruit) juice for 5 – 7 days, in addition to my supplements and a daily dose of Chlorella to clean out my blood.

When we totally empty our bodies and infuse our blood with pure nutrients – magical things start to happen.

Firstly, when our bodies don’t have to focus on breaking things down, it can then focus on healing and repairing other areas that are screaming for attention.

When our body is constantly digesting, our blood needs to flow there and our subconscious mind needs to be assisting there also. When we cut the digestion part out for a short period of time, it is an open field for our bodies to do what it needs to do!

Plus after a few days of juicing you will suddenly experience a clarity of mind like none other. You feel so fresh, light and alive.

Let’s get real though. It can be hard as heck to not have solids! Because we are so programmed to eat solid food every day, our minds will try and tell us that is what we want, that is what we need. Also, when your cells are purging all of the accumulated garbage, it is not always fun. Nope, not at all. The damage we put into our bodies is always worse coming out.

Lightheadedness, foggy headedness, fatigue, diarrhea, emotional rollercoasters, are all just a few of the things you could possibly experience. If you are new to cleansing it can freak you out and make you question if you want to go through with it or not. ‘Ummm, should I be feeling this way?!’

Everything in life is mind over matter. We are in control of our actions, and we can power through. If you can keep your mindset strong, and focus on your ‘why’, you will make it over that hurdle on to where you will feel better then you ever have in your life. The sweet reward.

This 5 day juice cleanse took 2 shopping hauls. We opted for wholesale grocers, as you can get a heck of a lot more for your money than a regular grocery store.

Our fridge was looking mighty fine after a good haul if I do say so myself.


Day 1 and we were eager as heck to get going. Mindset on point!


We were ready to just jump right on in, but as the day progressed it was a little hard.

I was hungry, not going to lie, I wanted some darn food.  We both did actually.

My mind was screaming, ‘Feed me!! Why on earth are you doing this to me?! What did I do to deserve this?’

But I was able to prevail.

Day 2 and I woke up feeling great, then I crashed a bit, then I was starving and foggy headed, then I felt AMAZING, and then I hit a hard wall at 7 pm. I was hungry and ended up on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, questioning my whole life and what I am doing with it.

I wasn’t the only one.



Yes, it was interesting. But! It was nothing another fresh juice couldn’t fix. Literally within a few minutes of chugging a juice, and I was back in action.

Day 3 was super easy! Other then some hunger, I rocked it! Come the evening I was pretty tired, but then suddenly I got that second wind and couldn’t sleep. That is one thing about this, it has kept me up way too late every night…. Like my juice-fueled blood was just pumping away and giving me ridiculous amounts of evening energy.

IMG_20180228_223823_199.jpg IMG_20180227_174702_698.jpg

Day 4 I felt great! And then suddenly in the afternoon I was overcome with exhaustion and felt like I was not going to be able to keep my eyes open.



It did pass, but then I decided I would try and be social and took up an invitation to visit the museum.

Let me tell you, trying to be social while on a juice cleanse is not easy! When you are walking around public and there are a million different smells, and even though they are not something that would normally smell appealing, they suddenly DO smell appealing. Geez, talk about a challenge!

A few hours in, and I was in dire need of some sustenance, I was famished! And you can’t drink in the museum, so there was a bit there when I was suffering and losing my ambition.

Funny enough though, as soon as we left the museum and it came time to drink my juice, the feeling had passed. Isn’t that just the way it works?!

I was pretty darn proud of myself for being social on my cleanse though!

Day 5 and I was feeling pretty accomplished. I was also feeling clear-headed, light, fresh and energized. Normally once you get to day 5 of a cleanse you feel like you can keep on going no problem. This time, however, this was not the case.

I was totally craving food and excited to have food. I just needed to power through the last day and not think about food.


All in all, I felt so incredible from doing this. Everything in my body just felt shiny and new! Aside from getting hangry, it was pretty easy and well worth it!

Happy Juicing!

The Jade Roller – The perfect beauty tool for travel

Life is all about balance. At least for me it is. I can give up a lot of things, but there are those things, that I just can’t ever let go of.

Maintaining my health and beauty are a couple of those things.

Seriously, I can be backpacking through the jungles of South America, or trekking across Africa with only a few changes of clothes in my backpack – but I will always have my stock of health,wellness, and beauty supplies. They will always be of the most top quality as I can get my hands on as well.

Yes you could say, I tend to always over pack on these products.

When you are backpacking a third world country, the chances of finding what you want is, well, let’s just say, not going to be an option. Plus I love to share, so having extra is always good for that.

I believe that if you don’t have your health and feel incredible in your own skin, you can never truly enjoy the splendors of life to the max.

Quality of life doesn’t mean being surrounded by riches. Quality of life comes from the value you place on yourself and your body, from feeling your most amazing.

Which is individual for everyone, and your current state.

Feeling amazing becomes addicting. The more amazing you feel and the brighter you shine, the more you have to share with the world and the more light you can bring to other peoples lives. What is life, health and happiness if not shared. Enriching other peoples lives is what makes life rich, and you can only bring people as high as you are in life.

In other words, if you are low, you can only bring people to that place, if you are in you a middle energy place, then you can only bring others to that place, and if you are in a very high energy place, then you get the absolute joy of bringing people to that place.

I love to see people shine, and to bring out their light from within, it is what sets my soul on fire.

That all being said, everyday I take steps.

Whether small steps, or big steps, I take self care steps. I do this to give gratitude and appreciation to my body and all it does for me. It has gotten me around the world, and healed itself time and time again from random illnesses that not only we travelers face, but we humans. The gentler and more nurturing we are to ourselves, the more efficient our bodies can heal and work with us rather then against us.

One of my new favorite self care/beauty tools that I love and that will fit perfectly in my back pack or suitcase, is the Jade Skin Roller. It is exactly what it sounds like. A piece of smooth round jade stone on a handle. There is a small one on one end for the delicate under eye areas, and a large one on the other end for rolling your general facial area.

I also love it because its a stone, and I am all about grounding and connecting with the earth and nature. So this way I am rubbing nature all over my face. Sounds weird I know. It just feels so darn good though!


The jade stone always maintains a cool state, so it has a very relaxing and cooling effect on your skin.

There are many positive effects claimed to take place from using the Jade Skin Roller. From increasing blood circulation, decreases pore size, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Now as I am am sure because it gently massages your face, that for that reason it would help with those things. Massage does increase blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However being a natural tool, it will not transform you overnight.

When you use it to roll on your skin products it will help your skin to absorb the products much deeper and much quicker then without. It’s important to use quality skin care products as well. I use Celavive from Usana.


Made from botanicals, with no chemicals or preservatives, it works on a cellular level.

By unlocking your cells and promoting renewal and communication you literally grow younger week after week, and your wrinkles and uneven skin tone dramatically disappear. You can learn about celavive right here! Very exciting stuff.

Jade rolling would be what I call a small and easy step in your health care journey, but something that for myself feels absolutely wonderful! And I personally do feel a relaxing healing energy from doing it.


I mean, why rub your face with your fingers when you can use a jade roller?!

Beauty on the go, its a marvelous thing.

Pineapple Tumeric Powerhouse Smoothie

Spring has arrived and for me it’s all about spring cleaning – and I don’t just mean my house. Spring cleaning my insides is super important as well. I love getting that healthy glow shining out from the inside to look radiant for summer. Not only that, I love fueling my body for peak performance. Enabling it, enables me. It makes my endless pursuit of life that much more enjoyable.

Twice a year I do a 5 day smoothie cleanse, it gives my digestive system a chance to really clean itself out, and infuses vitamins straight into my blood stream. Although typically I like to enjoy a smoothie a day in my regular diet, which means I am always making different concoctions.

This Pineapple Tumeric Smoothie is one of my favorites, it’s filled with so much goodness, and it’s like drinking the fountain of Youth.

The enzyme found in Pineapple called Bromelain is known for reducing inflammation in the body.

The fiber, potassium and vitamin C content in Pineapple all support heart health, and it also aids in digestion. Digestion and gut health are of the utmost importance to everything from disease prevention to mental health. I am all about working to get a healthier gut and digestive system daily.

Tumeric is a super food, that packs a healthy anti-aging punch. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, a very strong antioxidant, and an immune system supporter. However unless you have pepper or fat with it, it won’t absorb, and you won’t reap the incredible health benefits of it. So that being said, I made sure to add a dash of pepper to the mix. Pepper has health benefits of its own as well, from aiding in digestion, preventing the formation of intestinal gas, respiratory relief, skin health, and even weight loss.

I also added a bit of Celery to this smoothie as it’s health benefits are often over looked.

Celery is also an anti-inflammatory, it’s very calming as it soothes the nervous system, alkalizes the body, aids in digestion, and even helps to lower blood pressure. Pass it over please!

Just to make sure it is sweet and juicy, I added a dash of liquid Stevia, before topping it up with iced Chaga tea.

Oh yes, just when you thought it couldn’t pack a healthier punch, I took it up another notch. Rather then just topping it with water, I always like to top my smoothies with a iced herbal tea.

Chaga is a king superfood. It is well known to inhibit tumor growth as it has Betulinic Acid, not only does it boost your immune system it actually activates our immune cells. Chaga mushrooms are chalked full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and is fantastic for your skin health. I am lucky to be from a place in the world where Chaga grows wild, but this time of year it’s a bit sparce, so I have some 100% pure chaga tea bags that did the job perfectly.  But really any iced herbal tea will do, I just really love my Chaga tea.

Sometimes I also add some Chia seeds to the smoothie to get some omega’s in there.

This smoothie is not only a powerhouse, but it tastes darn delicious too!! The pepper is not even tasted, so no need to worry about that. It’s what pineapple dreams are made of. I have even gone so far as to even make some summer cocktails with this recipe. Health is wealth, and every healthy step will make an impact in the quality of life you enjoy.

Pineapple Tumeric Powerhouse Smoothie

  • 1 cup chopped pineapple
  •  3/4 cup of celery
  • 1 tsp ground turmeric
  • 1/4 tsp ground pepper
  • Dash of liquid stevia
  • 1 cup of iced chaga tea
  • Optional – 1 tbls chia seeds


  1. Blend all ingredients until creamy, smooth and oh so delicious.


Here’s to a radiant summer glow from the inside out.

Smashed by Week 2 of my Orange Theory Fitness Challenge

Week 2 of my challenge flew by just as fast as week 1. Its crazy to think that this is already day 1 of week 3! Well this time around, I can’t say that I smashed week 2 – it was more that week 2 smashed me.

There was loads of awesome things happening at Orange Theory this past week though.

Firstly, Orange Theory launched their new APP! Woop woop. You can do loads of cool stuff with it. I downloaded it. I suggest you hop on the bandwagon too.

For some reason when I woke up on Monday, it felt like a friggen Monday. I am one of those weirdos that loves the mornings, and loves Mondays. I always look at it as the beginning of another week to be awesome. But I am still human, and there are those typical Mondays that creep up on me – where I just can’t get my head in the game. What can you do really?! Other then just push on through.

So last Monday I went over to the Orange Theory studio at Royal Oak for a change up, and joined one of Matt’s classes.   

 The Royal Oak studio is the sister one to the Creekside location. So I am now going to try to split up my workouts between the two locations to get a nice feel for both of them.


   It’s always nice to mix things up a little. I pushed as good as I freaken could, but alas, it was that Monday fog… Got past 12 minutes in the Orange Zone though! So, happy days!

Come Tuesday and I was ready to rock! Except for the fact that I woke up with a massive blister on the bottom of my foot, right in the damn arch. Think toonie size but bigger(I would show a pic, but who really wants to see that?!). Dang it!

I knew immediately that it was caused from having the insert in my shoe positioned wrong on Monday. I sure the heck was not about to let that stop me though. The thought may have flashed into my mind, but I squashed that right away. Sometimes when you have a vision, you have to power through and keep your eye on what you are trying to achieve.

I ended up joining Ashley’s afternoon class on Tuesday. It’s fun changing it up with different trainers, they all have their unique energies that push you in different ways.

She pushed alright! I was trying my darndest to not look injured. ‘Just grin and bear it Petrena, you got this.‘ Massive self talk. I think I did a good job of masking it. 

The treadmill was definitely not my friend, and it was super painful to walk in the end. So after ignoring the pain and going through it like a rock star, I limped home in agony, but not defeated!  No pain, no gain.

Thank goodness I had Wednesday off. These ass kickings were starting to take a toll on my body. I hurt, everywhere. Which is a great thing in reality, and a very expected thing also. The workouts are designed to be intense, and when you get straight into a new program, your body needs time to adapt as well. Listen to it, and give it what it needs.

Thursday my body was questioning my love for it. Did I get hit by a bus?! I was still totally feeling it, but when I arrived to OT, and seen our trainer Deanne was fully equipped with not only awesome energy but awesome music playing too, it got me pumped.

As soon as I was into the beats and on the treadmill, I was like ‘Yes, I just freaken love OT, this is why I came!’, and I thought(hence the word thought) I was ready to kill it.  

Don’t let the smile fool you

Not so fast though! My mind thought I was going to kill it, but my body was like ‘heck no, not happening, not today’. That  aside, I did the best I could. Still was not able to make it past 8 minutes in the Orange. It happens to the best of us.

Still had to high five the heck out of it with Michael, whom also happens to be one of the owners. 

Friday was not getting any easier, but being the end of the week, there was light at the end of the tunnel. A big ol’ orange light!  My body was screaming for a break. I promised it that it would have Saturday/Sunday off, so we just needed to make it through one last work out for the week. Oh myyy gawd, was it ever hard! Beyond hard. I almost thought I was just gonna colapse. Women down! Just leave me here and go on with out me! Save yourselves!

I didn’t colapse though. Thank goodness, that could have been freaken embarrassing. I pushed as hard as my body would allow me.

 I still didn’t make it past 10 minutes in the Orange zone. 

That didn’t stop me from being proud of myself for persevering. I love you body! Your the best ever.

My measurements have gone down a bit from last week, not immensely, but it’s a start.

Week 1

Chest – 37.5, Waist – 39, Hips – 42, Arms 11.5, Legs 26

Week 2

Chest – 37, Waist – 38, Hips – 41, Arms – 11, Legs – 25.5

Here’s a few clips of this weeks workouts.

Friday night they had a friendly little competition at the Royal Oak location. It was Royal Oak members against the Creekside members followed by a little wine and cheese social. So I put on my finest Orange Theory sweater, and headed down to check out the festivites.



They ran, they planked, they rowed, they kicked ass and broke some massive sweats.The OT team did such a great job of pulling it together. There was even a little trophy ceremony afterwards.

Look at those beauties.

It was a family fun event, that really brought the Orange Theory community together.



That is another thing I am lovin about OT, the fact that it really does have a community feel to it. It’s fantastic.

Ok, I know I said I was going to stay far away from Alcohol this past week, but they were serving grape juice….. And I was parched….

Trust me, I didn’t realize until after I tasted it that my grapes may have been a bit fermented.  

Totally busted. At least I went straight to the straps to earn it. I only had one classy glass though, and no snacks. Moderation right?

Here’s a few clips of the competition action.

The weekend recovery was WELL needed. I woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to kick the crap outta week three!


Week 1 Smashed Of My Orange Theory Fitness Challenge

Is it the beginning week 2 of my 8 week challenge already?? Seriously, this past week flew by. As time does. I did my four workouts at Orange Theory this past week, and in between I made sure to do a T-25 workout from beach body, so that I was still getting some sort of exercise in. Luckily, my body is adapting to the workouts quite well, considering the week before last I only did 1 OT workout and I couldn’t barely move any part of my body for 4 days. So since my body must think I am punishing it, I can’t help but say to it ‘Heck yah body! Your rocking this, thanks for being so darn awesome!‘ and pat myself on the freaken back. Mind over matter my friends.

I did Orange Theory on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I started off strong on Monday at the 8:15 class with Matt.

Tuesday I did a morning class with Leanne instructing us.  

She was playing such good music I wasn’t sure if I wanted to drop my weights and start dancing or what?! Good music just makes me want to bust a move. I didn’t though, I stopped myself and kept on pushing! Oh, well, I may have had a little wiggle or two.

Thursday I was so tired and unmotivated…. But its those days that you have to give yourself that swift kick, and just go for it!! Once your in there and moving, you will forget all about the tired and unmotivated mental state that was plaguing you.The trainer Deanna made sure to pump us up, and push us hard! I almost thought I was going to keel over a few times, it was tough.

I was shaking in my sneakers. Really tho, I was damn shaky.


Smiling because I clearly love pain.

Then after all the torture Deanne says, ‘I hope you all enjoyed that!'(more like, your welcome for the slaughter). Enjoyed it?! Slave driver.  Ok, ok, yes you got me, I love a good fitness beating. Although, she did pull out the ol ‘Sorry, not sorry’ card. So funny I see. I knew she enjoyed putting us through that. No pain, no gain. As they say. I still don’t know who they are…. She really was awesome, and in the end I was in the Orange zone for 25 minutes! Boom!

Which was pretty damn awesome if you ask me. Well worth the pain.

Come Friday I was feeling like a rock star. I was definitely a bit sore from my work outs, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It was just that nice reminder that your body is reacting to the the workouts. It was super busy in there on Friday, and I had lots on my mind. So it was nice that Michelle was a bit softer on us.

Don’t take soft the wrong way. It was still a darn intense workout.  

I was only in the orange zone for 13 minutes, but that is still super good, as you want to hit that zone for 12 – 20 minutes to get that after burn going. Burn baby burn!

I am feeling so stoked about my first week. I rocked all the work outs I intended too, and I am feeling great.

You can check out a few clips of the week.

Thankfully I had Saturday and Sunday off of OT. All day Saturday I was tired, weak, and very foggy headed. I could feel that my body needed a day to recover from all the intense workouts I completed. I think those feelings are totally normal when your body is adjusting and changing. Especially because it was only my first week of the program, so its all new for my body. It needs to get into the swing of things. As the weeks progress, its just going to get better and better. It’s going to continue to be as awesome as it already is.

This week, I am going to really focus on my diet a lot more. I did pretty well last week, trying to keep it mainly to protein, vegetables, and a bit of fruit. Making it a point to not eat after 8, and keeping my portions in check. But! I had some events to attend last week, and slipped up a bit with some wine, and well, maybe a few cocktails…. I know for a fact I could have made even better progress had I have been 100% on it. Not that I am beating myself up for it at all, I just love to feel amazing, and I know I will feel much more amazing when I am fueling my body properly and seeing the best results possible. 80% diet, 20% exercise. I am still down 3 pounds though! Even 1 down, is still down. I am much more interested in inches then pounds though. I didn’t take my measurements until yesterday, so we wont see any inches lost in black and white until next week.

Luckily, I have no events that entail wine or beverages of that nature in the next 7 days, and I am staying far away from anything containing alcohol. I won’t even gargle with listerine. Kidding… my mouth wash is from the health shop and is alcohol free anyway. It’s just the way forward. I can not wait to see what week 2 brings. Let’s do this!

My 8 Week Challenge With Orange Theory Fitness Begins

Orange Theory Fitness. A revolutionary way of getting your ass kicked. Ok, and a revolutionary way of whipping that ass into fine shape. Basically it is a 60 minute workout consisting of interval training. You are equipped with a heart rate monitor – to keep track of what heart rate zone you are in out of 5 zones. The idea is for you to reach zone 4(the orange zone)/5 for 12 – 20 mins of the hour long duration. This is where the Orange theory effect takes place, and it promotes ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption‘, otherwise known as the “afterburn”. The afterburn is where your metabolic rate raises for 24 – 48 hours after the workout. Ahhh, so scientific and technical. I like it.

The first time I was introduced to Orange Theory was 4 years ago when I was in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. I gave it a go, and was instantly hooked. Call me weird(I am sure I have been called worse things), but I do love a good ass kicking. I love my body, and I am so appreciative of all it does for me, but I also love to push it to its limits. My goal this year is to get in the best shape of my life. Not for anyone other then for myself, but you only get one body, why not condition it to be at it’s peak performance?! You can’t buy happiness nor can you buy your health back if you lose it. My time with Orange Theory in Florida was cut short, but the fond memories didn’t fade. So that being said, I was so stoked to see it here in Calgary. Finally! It has come to Canada. Last week I did a trial sesh to see if it was all I remembered it to be. Long behold, it was just as epic as I remembered. Although I couldn’t walk for 3 days after! Holy crap, is one way to say it – but I also loved it, as you know that means change in your body. No pain, no gain.

Now that I have re-kindled my time with OT, I have teamed up with Orange Theory Creekside location here in Calgary, for an 8 week challenge. I am going to work out at the studio 4 times a week, sometimes 5 if I am feeling eager, and follow a low carb – high protein diet. AND yes, in case you are wondering, I shall be blogging about the experience the whole darn way -sharing a weekly article of my ups, downs, highs, and lows of this fitness journey.

I officially began my first day today. I mean what better day to start then fresh as a daisy on Monday morning, say, the 8:15 am class to be exact. They were bright and chipper when I got there.


Surprisingly, mornings are my fave, and I am always chipper when I wake up and am able to embrace another day. Well, usually that is…. I do have those mornings where bed just feels to damn good, and getting up is more of a mission. It’s those moments that I have to remind myself, ‘Oh yes, it’s morning, and I love morning! So get your butt moving P!‘ Self talk, always a thing for me. The studio itself is not massive, but it’s the perfect size for a not overly large class, helps keep it intimate, so the trainers can take the time to help you individually at moments. It also contains all the equipment you could ever need to rev it up, in true OT fashion.

We started off on the treadmills today doing intervals, and it was full steam ahead to that orange zone. Sometimes when it’s this early your body may wonder what it did wrong to start the day off with this kind of punishment. It’s in those moments you just have to remind yourself, ‘I promise you body, you will thank me for this, it’s for your own darn good’.

We had Matt as our instructor this fine morning. He’s great, not only is he an owner, but he has also been in the fitness industry for many years, so he really knows his stuff, and he’s always happy to take the time to explain things in detail, in order to help you achieve your best fitness results. He is there for your success.

The hour flew by, as it always does. Time flies when your having fun. At the end of the class, everyone’s results are posted up on the screen(they also text your results to you). I am happy to report I was in the orange for 16 minutes today.

See, have a look for yourself.

 Oh heck yes! That means I will have the after burn.

The best part about going in the morning, is that it energizes you for the day, and the class is not as full as the later ones.   As you can see, after my class, it was already filling up with the next group of people eager to get into their Orange zone.

I so love a good workout. Releases all those happy endorphins.

Well day 1’s workout is complete, I enjoyed a couple boiled eggs and sliced veggies for lunch, and I am feeling fab. Although, I hope I can walk tomorrow, but that wont stop me from powering through regardless. Let’s just say, I am in it to win it.

Revitalizing myself in a Float Pod

I had never envisioned myself immersed in an enclosed pod containing 1200 pounds of Epsom salts and 11 inches of water? Nor was I aware of the health benefits of it until I discovered Float Life in Calgary.

Apparently floating has been around since 1954…. So where the heck have I been? Well other then having not graced the earth with my awesome presence for quite a while after that time frame….. It could very well be one scenario. Oh and I was working in the jungles of Central and South America for awhile, and busy crossing Africa. So I suppose I was a little out of touch. However, being into natural healing my whole life – I am really surprised I hadn’t crossed paths with it sooner. I love learning new things though! Every darn day. As ‘they‘ say. I still haven’t figured out who they are….

With such a large amount of salt in the water, it makes it completely buoyant, and you literally float right on top of it. Floating with isolation, and with no sensory input, is one of the fastest ways to put your body in a natural deep relaxation state, restoring its chemical and metabolic balance. It’s also said to promote stress release, pain relief, and enhance your creativity and focus.

The place itself is warm and welcoming, with a clean natural feel, and earthy colors. I could feel the healing already.

The customer service was equally as friendly and welcoming.

They offer various kinds of tea and water as a complimentary service. I love tea, it’s a nice relaxing(let’s not forget healing) brew to sip on, so I clearly jumped right on the tea train.

After I poured my herbal concoction, it was time to check out las cabinas. Where I would head off to my float pod land oasis- the land of healing opportunities.

The rooms are fitted with all that you need for your floating experience to be a success.

Equipped with the Float Pod(obviously), a shower, that has shampoo & conditioner, body wash, fresh towels, ear buds, face wipes, and small packs of Vaseline to cover any open cuts. Time to get this show on the road.

Once I had my pre-shower, I was ready to dive in! Ok, don’t dive, its only 11 inches. Perhaps gracefully stepping in, is a better choice of wording for this situation. The water was warm, not hot, they keep it at the same temperature as your skin, so that you will become one with the water. Which if you can let go and just be, then you definitely do meld together. I closed the lid, and was ready to float any tensions away…..

It can take a bit to relax, I really just had to focus on just shutting my mind off and being present. I am usually very good at this, but this day I was quite exhausted so it took a bit more effort. At first I had a pink light on inside, and some very ambient and relaxing music, shortly into it though, I decided I would relax and clear my head easier in a complete dark, silent environment, and so I shut the lights and music off. That is when the real bliss began for me. I had just driven to Calgary the day before from NWT, which took me 15 hours, and I have a busy ass schedule of being awesome in Calgary – so some rejuvenating relaxation was exactly what my little soul needed.

Lying there, if you feel your skin, it almost feels slimy from the salt, although the water itself doesn’t feel slimy getting in. Once it dries, there is loads of flakes of salt on you, almost like little salt shards. I felt scaly ass. I did think it was pretty darn interesting though. As long as you don’t move yourself around inside, you lay pretty still, and 90 minutes goes by quite fast. Many people tend to fall asleep, and I am sure I could too, but I didn’t this time around.

At one point I made the mistake of scratching my face and getting salt in there. Dang it, exactly what they advised me not to do. However upon sitting up, I opened my eyes, and remembered it’s complete darkness, and not that kind of darkness that your eyes adjust to. It was total complete darkness, for a moment I though I could envision my hands(envision is key word), because I was probably just hallucinating from my brain being on float vacay.

Once your time is up, the lights will come on(in case your sleeping), which means its time to snap back to reality, get your bearings, get your butt up, and into the shower to wash all the salt off. I was feeling pretty freaken relaxed I tell yah. They have a nice little area set up to blow dry your hair and put your face back on, if you so choose. Or you can head on au naturel.

Now I have only done it once so far, so I can’t say I have had earth shattering changes. They say that it gets better and better, and you usually start feeling more profound affects around or after the third session. So that being said….. I went for it! And I signed up for a 3 month membership. I need to test this out, I am looking forward to seeing what comes once I get deeper into it. Maybe some profound effects.

Go ahead, give yourself a little pressie, and go enjoy some RnR in a float pod. You deserve it. Float on peeps.