Spoiled By Nature In Port Alice British Columbia

Off the beaten track places are always alluring to me. For some reason those places that are a bit hard to get to, and not visited by many tourists is always what my adventuring soul yearns for. Port Alice on North Vancouver Island is a hidden gem of beauty and serenity.

First of all, the road to Port Alice from the main highway is a bit of a doozie – well, unless you enjoy roller coaster rides, then this road was made for you. It is all up and down and sharp corners, even being the driver I get a bit dizzy every time. However, it is well worth it for the destination that awaits.

Being welcomed by a rainbow is always a great way to enter somewhere. 

Port Alice is a very small coastal village of 664 people, with a million dollar view.


You are surrounded by a 360 degree view of the mountains, and incredible sun rises and sunsets.


The town itself is very well maintained and super clean. I found it so interesting to hear stories of cougars roaming into town, and how you have to keep your eyes peeled at times for them. I am so used to looking out for bears and wolves rather then cougars in my neck of the woods.

I was lucky enough to not only wake up to this spectacular view, but to also dine with it every day.


Did I forget to mention the abundance of fresh seafood?! With prawns and crab galore you are bound to enjoy a multitude of it here.


There was so much left over that I had to create an equally as amazing lunch the next day, consisting of crab cakes and prawn salad.

And yes, it was absolutely divine. In case you were wondering.

img_7334 It’s the perfect place to soothe your soul of life’s everyday hustle and bustle.

The various birds are always singing and the humming birds buzz around sounding almost like a large bee. I absolutely love humming birds, so it was very convenient for my basking pleasure that there were bird feeders hanging off the deck, as the birds loved to come and enjoy a refreshing drink of water.


In the summer you can enjoy watching the whales and sea lions swimming through the bay, right in your own back yard. I happened to visit a bit too early this time around so I was not able to see that action, but I have every intention of returning in the summer to enjoy a bit of the show.

Port Alice is the perfect spot for kayaking, scuba diving, and fishing, and it also has easy access to the Pacific ocean from the inlet. There are plenty of areas to go hiking, and a beautiful 9 hole golf course. Being less touristy, it offers crowd free adventures, which is exactly the way I like it.

Port Alice, is small in size, but big in beauty. An absolute must see if you find yourself in the North Vancouver island area. Happy travelling days!