Cheese tasting, drive in movies, and serious classy camping. All in a days road trip.

Even though being immersed in all those British Columbia winery’s was absorbing my attention. I still was up for checking out anything and everything else that popped up along the way and peaked my interest. So, needless to say, in my world that leaves the options pretty wide open – as I can find entertainment in almost anything. I absolutely feel lucky in that sense, as I am not easily bored. I can make an adventure outta thin air if need be.

Being such an avid wine lover, you can only guess what else I love. It pairs perfectly with vino, and I admit it – I am a self proclaimed addict……. Cheese. Glorious freaken cheese. I love it. Except for blue cheese. I know, I know, it’s known for being a refined tasting cheese. Sorry though. I may be a classy lady with refined taste buds, yet, I have tried to acquire the taste for it on numerous occasions. Alas, it still just tastes pungent and moldy to me. Who knows maybe one day my taste buds will change, as they get older, they will also like older cheese perhaps.

However, that aside, the Salmon Arm area also has some excellent cheese farms! Among plenty of other things. I absolutely love the Salmon Arm area, almost as much as cheese. This was my first time back since I went house boating in the Shuswap when I was 13.

Well I do believe with all that being said it’s pretty obvious there is no possible way I could pass up a cheese farm tour. I was in need of something to cleanse my palette between all that vino sampling as it was.

I ended up choosing Grass Roots Dairy Farm to venture off too.  Not for any particular reason, it’s just the one I decided to pull into. OK, well that isn’t entirely true…. I remembered reading a pamphlet about it, and the fact that it said they pride themselves on their grass fed cow’s, really is what peaked my interest. Long behold I was cruising down the highway and stumbled across the sign for Grass Roots. The sign said cheese farm, and I said GO! For some reason I kept missing the darn turn off though, so 2 U-turns later, and I finally got er!

What??? It was a small turnoff. You would have done the same. Trust me. Once off the highway and onto the little dirt roads, I easily found it.

IMG_1655 IMG_1646 IMG_1616 You can see how eager she was for me to sample some of that queso.

It’s a quaint little farm, with some top notch cheese production. Mainly producing various types of Gouda, they have also incorporated Maasdammer into their array, which is a Dutch Swiss style of cheese.  I sampled them all. One by one.

IMG_1637 IMG_1618

They had loads of other products on offer as well, from milks, to preserves, and on wards.

IMG_1629 IMG_1621

Every little cheese morsel I tasted was divine, literally, not simply because I love cheese. They were really really good – and fresh!

After my sample sesh, I got all settled in on a chair in the back room and sat to watch a little 10 minute informational video about how their cheese comes into production – while at the same time getting a prime view of the guys working hard creating the good stuff. If your there you mine as well take it all in. I was like a little sponge, eager to absorb all the cheesy info.

IMG_1636 IMG_1643

After a stunner of a day wining and dining myself in true taste tester fashion, there was only one way to finish off my ‘take yourself on a date day‘ and that was to take myself to the drive in movies! The Starlight Drive-in Movies, in Enderby, BC, approximately 20 minutes outside Salmon Arm. It’s one of the very few drive in movie theaters in Canada, so there is no way I couldn’t go.

IMG_1780 IMG_1778                                     I got there nice and early so I could get a prime spot and got all settled it. Literally, like 2 hours early. Tick tock, tick tock.

IMG_1800 IMG_1794

You can either sit in your car and listen to the movie tuning in over the radio, or you can bring some chairs and sit outside your car where you can hear it over the loud audio system.  It get’s jam packed! So getting there early is a good plan. They play two movies a night, both are included in the one price, and this night it was Minions, and Jurassic Park. It was actually super enjoyable, and one of those novelty activities to partake in. Fun for the whole family.

IMG_1796 IMG_1803

Gosh I am good at taking myself on the best dates ever. Not to boast. I just happen to nail it every darn time.

So that being a long day of epic and random adventures, it was time to find a place to get my beauty sleep. Instead of picking a Bed & Breakfast this time, I remembered I had seen there just so happen to be a random tent in the trunk of my car. No idea where it came from – a mystery tent. Didn’t matter though, I figured I would switch up my accommodations and book a campsite. I do love camping. I picked up some supplies and then was off the pitch my tent at the campgrounds I booked into.

Was I ever in for a treat.

Note to self: the next time you decide to book a campsite and use a random tent that is sitting in your trunk, DO first open it up to check it out and make sure it has all its proper pieces, and is possibly made of some nice and quality material, not your everyday dollar store disposable tent.

IMG_1927 IMG_1923 IMG_1924 IMG_1925

So after some struggling, and wondering if I was going to be able to even make anything out of this pile. Not to mention, almost diving under the picnic table out of sheer embarrassment anytime people came by and seen my ball of mess(and me looking like a total novice), I was able to Jimmy rig it to as luxurious of a tent as I possibly could.


Barefoot & High heeled, prepared for a little bit of everything and more. I did sleep pretty darn good though. Although I was happy to ditch the tent for a nice bed in Revelstoke the next night after I did some hiking at Herold Provincial Park, where I checked out their wonderful little waterfalls. Being in the forest is also my kinda stomping grounds, most of my childhood was spent out in the bush, so I feel so at peace when I am in it. The waterfalls may be small, but they were big in beauty.

IMG_1810 IMG_1817 IMG_1855 IMG_1856

And let’s not forget the pit stop I made at the Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge, where there was also some sweet little waterfalls with stunning green water flowing down them. Also located there is a resort if you feel as though you want to kick back for a couple days.

IMG_2029 IMG_2039 IMG_2136 IMG_2128 IMG_2127

Oh, and there were a couple more random unplanned wine tastings thrown into the mix. It’s not my fault there are vineyards everywhere. Twist my rubber wine loving arm why don’t yah?!

Next destination on my list was one of my favorite places EVER. Golden, BC. Are you ready?

Wine Tasting like a road tripping Ninja in New Mexico.

It was a whirlwind ‘Wine and Dine’ pit stop.  There was just no other way. Here we were cruising down the open road of Las Cruces, New Mexico – just two fine ladies being awesome. We took an exit towards a National Park to do some sightseeing, when long behold we seen this chic little venue called St.Clair boasting freshly harvested Vino. Suddenly the GPS took on a mind of its own. Ok, well maybe that is a tad bit of an exaggeration.  It was more our love for Vineyards and Vino that took over. We began to ooze with sheer wide eyed excitement. One of my absolute favorite past times in life is exploring and tasting wine around the globe. National Park what?? Oh my lucky stars, seize the day, embrace the darn moment! At least that was what I said to myself.  I mean in reality, how often do I find myself at a winery in Las Cruces, New Mexico……. Not to mention the Grape just so happens to be my favorite fruit; Which I really only enjoy when it is mashed, fermented and bottled. Am I picky? Noway. I mean some people don’t like skin on their apples. I just have a few tiny details pertaining to my grape preference. No big deal. IMG_4990

So after what felt like slamming on the breaks and 4x4ing over the lawn to gracefully get to the parking lot from sheer enthusiasm, we were able to get our classy composure together, step out of the vehicle with grace and poise, continuing with one foot in front of the other, and we breezed right on in the door.IMG_4977 Now due to the fact that I was driving, I am not sure you would classify this as a ‘Tasting’ or a ‘Teasing’. Yes in fact the thought of renting a hotel for the night and trying every wine under the New Mexican sun OF COURSE crossed my mind; Or you could say it was brightly flashing across it like a Vegas winery billboard. Once my eyes adjusted to it though, I was able to see a bit more clearly, and decided to be sensible and literally just sample a few this time around…. It was not an easy decision, let me tell you, I flipped that coin a few times. Let’s not forget though, an experience is an experience, big or small. They are all to be appreciated. Which is precisely what I did.

Once seated with menu in hand, we decided to each get the little wine sampler that included three various kinds from their prized Vineyard.  You could either get three of red, or three of white. I chose to sample the reds, although I do enjoy a nice chilled Pinot Grigio on a hot summers day, I am more partial to red.  My fabulous partner in crime opted for the whites. IMG_4967IMG_4966 To my surprise, each one was Lush, and went down a smooth treat. Honestly I really did enjoy them all, but if your going to MAKE me choose a top pick, then I would have to go with the Cab-Zin. It for sure was in the top three! IMG_3478Oh yes, just look at the happiness exuding from me in my natural environment.

To accompany our classy Samples we ordered a little cheese plate that encompassed various cheese’s, meats and chocolate.  We also had a side of bread and olives.  I have a MASSIVE love for Olives. That pretty much sums it up.IMG_4968All the cheeses were wonderful, except the blue cheese. Again, preference. I know many people whom adore blue cheese, and I have tried to warm my palette to it on numerous occasions, yet every time it just taste’s moldy to me. Possibly that could be down to the fact that it is freaken moldy! Each to their own though, and my quest to enjoy a blue cheese is not over yet.  How can cheese be one of my most best-loved foods of all my time, and yet elegantly aged moldy cheese just doesn’t do it for me?! One day perhaps. photo (7)

There you have it though, if you ever want to take me for a picnic, cheese, olives, wine, and you won me over. Really though, you had me at wine.

Nibbles aside, they did have a lovely menu, with many inviting choices.  IMG_4978 I also had a lovely menu holder.

Karrina and I decided it was best not to indulge to much food wise either, as we were going to be just sitting on our butt’s for hours to come while en route to Pheonix, Arizona. Once on the lips, forever on the hips. As they say. Whomever they are? In this case though, I concur, as we wouldn’t be burning it off. Well I am sure us busting a gut with laughter revved up the old metabolism.  Still though, moderation is key(they also say that).

The establishment itself was tasteful.

IMG_4971 IMG_4969 IMG_4975 IMG_4982

And I really enjoyed the mini vineyard deco they had going on outside. IMG_4984IMG_4985 The ambiance of it all was right up pleasure alley for my eyeball’s.

I would say the next time I wake up and find myself in New Mexico(preferably not driving and in a hotel), that I shall indeed return to St. Clairs winery, to deal with some unfinished business. Or shall I say, unfinished tasting.  I was extremely impressed with their wines, service and establishment.  That was definitely my kinda road tripping pit stop!