The Jade Roller – The perfect beauty tool for travel

Life is all about balance. At least for me it is. I can give up a lot of things, but there are those things, that I just can’t ever let go of.

Maintaining my health and beauty are a couple of those things.

Seriously, I can be backpacking through the jungles of South America, or trekking across Africa with only a few changes of clothes in my backpack – but I will always have my stock of health,wellness, and beauty supplies. They will always be of the most top quality as I can get my hands on as well.

Yes you could say, I tend to always over pack on these products.

When you are backpacking a third world country, the chances of finding what you want is, well, let’s just say, not going to be an option. Plus I love to share, so having extra is always good for that.

I believe that if you don’t have your health and feel incredible in your own skin, you can never truly enjoy the splendors of life to the max.

Quality of life doesn’t mean being surrounded by riches. Quality of life comes from the value you place on yourself and your body, from feeling your most amazing.

Which is individual for everyone, and your current state.

Feeling amazing becomes addicting. The more amazing you feel and the brighter you shine, the more you have to share with the world and the more light you can bring to other peoples lives. What is life, health and happiness if not shared. Enriching other peoples lives is what makes life rich, and you can only bring people as high as you are in life.

In other words, if you are low, you can only bring people to that place, if you are in you a middle energy place, then you can only bring others to that place, and if you are in a very high energy place, then you get the absolute joy of bringing people to that place.

I love to see people shine, and to bring out their light from within, it is what sets my soul on fire.

That all being said, everyday I take steps.

Whether small steps, or big steps, I take self care steps. I do this to give gratitude and appreciation to my body and all it does for me. It has gotten me around the world, and healed itself time and time again from random illnesses that not only we travelers face, but we humans. The gentler and more nurturing we are to ourselves, the more efficient our bodies can heal and work with us rather then against us.

One of my new favorite self care/beauty tools that I love and that will fit perfectly in my back pack or suitcase, is the Jade Skin Roller. It is exactly what it sounds like. A piece of smooth round jade stone on a handle. There is a small one on one end for the delicate under eye areas, and a large one on the other end for rolling your general facial area.

I also love it because its a stone, and I am all about grounding and connecting with the earth and nature. So this way I am rubbing nature all over my face. Sounds weird I know. It just feels so darn good though!


The jade stone always maintains a cool state, so it has a very relaxing and cooling effect on your skin.

There are many positive effects claimed to take place from using the Jade Skin Roller. From increasing blood circulation, decreases pore size, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Now as I am am sure because it gently massages your face, that for that reason it would help with those things. Massage does increase blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However being a natural tool, it will not transform you overnight.

When you use it to roll on your skin products it will help your skin to absorb the products much deeper and much quicker then without. It’s important to use quality skin care products as well. I use Celavive from Usana.


Made from botanicals, with no chemicals or preservatives, it works on a cellular level.

By unlocking your cells and promoting renewal and communication you literally grow younger week after week, and your wrinkles and uneven skin tone dramatically disappear. You can learn about celavive right here! Very exciting stuff.

Jade rolling would be what I call a small and easy step in your health care journey, but something that for myself feels absolutely wonderful! And I personally do feel a relaxing healing energy from doing it.


I mean, why rub your face with your fingers when you can use a jade roller?!

Beauty on the go, its a marvelous thing.

A Divine Dining Experience At One18Empire

Chic atmosphere, fine food, fab service, and beverages the entice the taste buds to wake up. That is exactly what you will find at Calgary’s One18Empire, a whiskey inspired bar and restaurant. With a selection of over 100 whiskeys, you could spend plenty of time sipping your little heart out. I do enjoy sipping on a fine whiskey myself. The focal point of their local inspired fare is shareable plates. The whole concept really intrigued me, so I had to go and experience it for myself.

Located in the Marriot Hotel downtown, One18Empire’s ambiance is very inviting.

The name is derived from where it was located on the original historic Atlantic Avenue in the early 1900’s known then as the Grand Central Hotel. There was a time the hotel nearly blew up way back when an old miner shoveled dynamite in the furnace. They now have a drink named after the event called ‘Near Miss‘.  A perfect place to unwind after work full of rich Calgary history.

Our server for the evening was Meredith, she was awesome from the get go. I was digging the uniforms which were that of workshop apparel too, and also the trays they use.


Very fashionable workshop apparel I might add.

We got right in there with some Bourbon to start things off. The Black Walnut Old Fashioned – their signature cocktail. Which also happens to be one of the worlds first written down recipes.  I was instantly enamored by the large tennis size ball of ice in my glass. Not gonna lie, the ice sphere was pretty darn cool.


Apparently it is not just for show either. It also has a purpose as I was informed. The ice melts slowly because of its shape and size, so that it maintains your drink at the perfect temperature while very minimally changing the taste, so as to keep it good until the last drop. That it was!! Delicious. I could get used to sipping on that.

My tastebuds were awakened, and seeing as how One18Empire’s focus is on shareable plates, we dug right into a charcuterie board.  I do love a good charcuterie board, it is a common staple back in Spain, so it almost brought me back home to Mallorca for a moment. I was very impressed with their personal touches on the board consisting of house made marmalade, house made pickles, and house made mustard. Those details always make a difference.


Accompanied with that fine feast was the simple beet salad.


Don’t let the name fool you, that salad was not so simple, it was more like divine.

With a chilled bottle of Reisling on the go, and even though we were feeling quite stuffed from the first course, we still went on to tuck into a couple of mains. Seeing as how we were already in sharing mode, we thought it best to stay on that train and choose a main each for the both of us to try.

We decided on the Seared duck breast and the Alberta grass fed petite tender .


I would have to say my favorite of the two was the tenderloin, it was superb.


This was absolutely a divine experience, and we were provided with ample history of One18Empire by our knowledgeable and top notch server Meredith, her bubbly personality, and attentive service really made the experience a memorable one.

Unfortunately we didn’t do any whiskey sampling, or see the whole restaurant, but that is just more reason to go back sooner rather then later – and I absolutely will be going back for an extended experience. One18Empire, a historical sensory filled culinary journey not to be missed.