Get To Know Petrena

Hello gorgeous souls! Welcome to my page. My name is Petrena Schell, I am a millennial women whom is passionate about travel, adventure, self care, and I firmly believe and live by natural healing and healthy living.

Oh…… And let’s not forget I do have a passion for food and the fine wine. Together they are an art, and should be treated as such.


I have led volunteer projects deep in the jungles of Central/South America, completed a solo trip across Africa, and sailed across the Atlantic 3 times, among loads of other things.

I constantly work to break past the mindset barriers of limiting beliefs, to push past the fear, and to then own life and achieve things beyond what was ever imagined. That is where growth and transformation truly occur.

It ain’t always easy, but its 100% worth it.

I truly believe there is nothing one can’t do without the right mindset.

Having created this blog, a YouTube channel, and a Wellness & Lifestyle coaching business, with which I hope to inspire and motivate as many of you as I can, to take control and UP LEVEL your lives, health and happiness. It is never to late to start being the best YOU possible.

I am a massive lover of life, and creating everyday to be better then the last. I live life on all levels.

Literally from being barefoot to high heeled.

I am a world cultured socialite, a diplomat, an entrepreneur, and I am committed to being awesome at everything I do. I am a true ambassador of life and everything that makes it amazing.  

I have an endless supply of drive and ambition, and will never stop short of success. 

So if you wanted to pick one good word to describe me, I suppose one could say – Adaptable. I am quite adaptable.

I am also sophisticated, classy, and poised(for the most part, unless I am tripping over my own feet). Even when I am crossing Africa with buses that are barely holding together, or on a tiny airplane in the jungles of Central and South America with duck tape pretty much holding the wings on. Yes, even in those situations I am as refined as ever. I can make any situation I find myself in look pretty darn classy.

I take my Self Care very seriously, after all, without optimum health, you can never truly create and enjoy the abundance of life and the adventures that you dream of. My passion is assisting as many people as possible in breaking down barriers and self limiting beliefs, finding your fearless awesomeness, taking control of your life and health, and finally just getting your glow on from the inside, so it in turn shines out to the world like a blinding beacon of light.

Health is Wealth my friends. It only takes one action step a day to get you on your way.


I like to be prepared for anything, and a bit more in every situation that arises.

Rest assured – I have great taste in life, and I am a natural at being fabulous.

So, please do join me on my endless pursuit of life! There is always big open high vibe space for one more around here.

Because let’s face it, life and everything amazing, is meant to be shared.


Welcome to my Blog. A naturally life changing experience.

5 thoughts on “Get To Know Petrena”

  1. Oh man! This is my kind of woman, but wow! There is no way she’d like me. Hi maintenance, and to Beautiful!

  2. Nice blog. It would be great n useful for all if u can let us know how u manage to fund for these trips.
    Nice experiences indeed.
    Where r u in Canada.
    All the best.

    1. Hi Kam, thanks for the comment! I will post an article very soon regarding how I make money, and also how how I travel on a budget. I am from NWT, and I will be relocating to Calgary soon. Are you from Canada? Wishing you all the best as well.

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