A Dining Experience Not Soon To Be Forgotten At Petty Catwater

There are those times where and when you least expect it that you find a total unexpected gem. Those times are the best. Those are the places I am always on the search for.

Here I am enjoying some time in the Quesnel, BC area, and I was suddenly made aware of one such unique place – Petty Catwater.


This little property turned chic farm style home and Bed & Breakfast, offers these incredible Farm Table evenings of culinary delights and wine. Umm, yes please!

Owned by a very lovely couple, Bruce and Jenn have put their heart and soul and 17 years of building to make this little slice of heaven a reality.


With all ingredients being local, and Jenn, whom is also the chef, having trained in France, you know you are going to be in for a treat. I truly had no idea what kind of unforgettable treat I was actually in for.

Upon arriving to the property you pull in by an honesty stand.


I love the concept of honesty stands! I see them quite a lot around British Columbia, and I just think they are great. Honesty makes the world go round and having integrity makes a persons life so much more rewarding.

As you walk into the yard its hard not to be immediately enamored by the elegant farmhouse design and landscape.

As you walk around you can even get a glimpse of what is in store.


There is a garden where in the summer they grow the majority of their produce, and some lush little sitting areas for the guests whom are staying on property at the BnB.

Not only do they have the Bnb, but they also accept Wwoofers(willing workers on organic farms) where they have volunteers come and exchange work for food and accommodation. IMG_6453

I enjoyed a lot of wwoofing experiences around the globe in my backpacking days, so this spoke straight to my heart.

The Bed & Breakfast is located in a separate building to the house. Which is nice as it feels very private.

I was pleasantly surprised at the warm and inviting atmosphere of the BnB, and the chic decor. It was done in such a way that you feel quite luxurious up there. To me it felt as though I was back in Europe again.



The dining area is in an addition, with a long table with proper fine dining settings. Once again the decor was spot on in the house as well.


I really have to give kudos to Bruce and Jenn for how well their interior and exterior designing skills are.

I was loving the long table concept as well. Again bringing me back to Europe. As you sit at a table among strangers, it doesn’t take very much time for the conversation to flow as good as the vino. I had the best date in the room though – my darling sister! Some of the best dates are the ones you take your sister on.


My kinda party, if I do say so myself.

The food. Oh my the food. Where to begin really.

The starters were home made French Onion soup accompanied with a divine fluffy crusted pizza. Seriously, every bit I took was better then the last.


As we moved onto the main course, the culinary journey of grand proportions did not slow down.

There was plenty of slow cooked, perfectly seasoned, melt in your mouth meats to choose from, a beautiful array of roasted vegetables, and a superb mash of combined potatoes.

One must be careful not to over do it on dinner as there is still dessert on the menu. Trust me, its hard not to have seconds, or thirds. Loose fitting clothes perhaps are a good option.

Coffee and home made cakes for dessert seemed so fitting to complete this divine experience. There was a fresh fig cake, and a pear cake made with Guiness.

Every single guest at the table had pure satisfaction beaming out of their faces.

Bruce and Jenn do this amazing job of opening up their home and making you feel so comfortable, and transport you to a place of class and spoiling. You feel and taste their passion in all that they do here. I would go back simply to be in their company once again. But really, I need to go back and experience a night in the Bnb. If their dinner is that good, I bet the breakfast is something to write home about too. It is a place not to be missed.


This truly was a one of a kind and unique experience. Happy culinary adventuring!

Nature And Horse Riding At Spruce Hill Resort In BC

I have been lucky enough to ride horses plenty of times in my life. Although far and few between, it is always an activity that I thoroughly enjoy. Except for that one time when I was riding a horse and it starting bucking and I jumped off. FYI – your not supposed to jump of a bucking horse.

Being at a resort located in the middle of a working ranch with horses roaming free around the property, only served to make us want to hop on one and enjoying a leisurely afternoon in the company of one of the most beautiful animals out there.

I though it was very cool that upon checking into Spruce Hills Resort  when were en route to our room, the horses that were freely strolling around walked straight up to us basically demanding a bit of attention. I was hooked right off the bat.

It is such a stunning and secluded feeling area, perfectly pristine for a horse ride. We booked in for an afternoon trail ride through the forest.

From the get go the horses were super chill. Which is exactly what I like. I was having flashbacks of the not so chill horses I have been on in the past.

There is something so soul soothing about being in the middle of nature on the back of a horse. Not gonna lie, I felt cool as heck.

My horse’s name was General, he was so obedient, and loved being told he was a good boy. I couldn’t help but continually tell him what a good boy he was, as he was soaking it right up and turning his ears and head towards me every time I said it.

What a relief that he was so obedient. I mean, I am pretty good at controlling a horse, but I ain’t no horse whisperer.

Well there was that time in South Africa, when I got to try my hand at it. I was locked in a training ring with the horse whose name was Dougal, and it was my job to get him to submit to me. Ummm, can you say adrenaline rush?! With him running in circles around me in this small ring, kicking and bucking, and me trying to maintain my classy composure while also not falling over from being dizzy, and keeping my eyes locked on him, praying that he would submit and not kick me. In the end, I won the battle of who’s going to control who. What in incredible, heart pumping, and unforgettable experience. So yes, I suppose you could say I have dabbled in horse whispering once upon a time.

This afternoon however was so relaxing, and I fell in love with my horse. My only problem was that the horse in front of me was having a bit of gas issues, and I happened to be downwind of them.

Seriously, he was letting them rip, left, right and center. Geez, com’on! Give a lady a break why don’t yah?! I wasn’t sure how many more times I could hold my breath. Alas, can’t win them all can we, those fresh farm smells will get yah.

Due to a sighting of a mama bear and her two cubs we had to cut our ride a bit short. It’s the time of year where bears are fattening up for winter, so there are plenty of run ins to be had. As we all know, you don’t want to mess with a mama bear. So turning back was the only way.

Once back at the barn, we decided what better way to finish off the excursion then to give the horses a good brushing. You always gotta return the awesome energy bestowed upon you.

An absolutely fab way to spend an afternoon. I truly didn’t want it to end. That’s okay though, all good things must come to an end – and I will absolutely be back for more. Until till next time….. Giddy Up!


Sightseeing In San Francisco

Previous to this trip, I never really had San Francisco on my bucket list. Once arriving there, the energy and landscape of the city was already screaming to me – How the heck was I not on your radar?! Yes I was instantly enamored with this dreamy city.

Sprawling along the coastline of various islands, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. The city is extremely picturesque. I really felt the pulsing of awesome energy there as well. I always find it amazing that every place in the world has an energy of it’s own, some feeling very high, this being one of those places.

I really had no idea how many awesome things I was going to see and do around the San Francisco area. There is way too much to fit into a few days, but one must get in as much as they can.

Here are a few highlights of my sightseeing adventures

  • Clearly you can’t not go see the Golden Gate bridge. It’s kinda one of those things not to be missed, and not really possible to miss. She sits there proudly in all her glory.

It was such a great feeling even just driving across the bridge, then the view from the other side was just spectacular.

  • The redwood forest at Muir Woods was a super high energy magical place. It engulfs you. Muir woods has been a federally protected national monument since 1908. Here you will find some of the oldest trees in the world, ranging between 600 – 800 years old, the oldest at Muir wood is 1200 years old. I learned that Red Woods can actually live up to 2200 years old, and reach heights of 300+ feet. Just walking through it makes you feel so energized, and the air smells so pure and exhilarating. Oxygenating your cells to the extreme.




Of course I had to get in there and hug a couple of those bad boys. As you do, or should I said, ‘as I do’.

  • Let’s not forget you are right next door to world class wine regions, so a wine tasting tour is also a must. Off to Sonoma it was. I have indulged in wine from the Sonoma area a few times in my life, and once or twice in my life I had said I would like to visit the California wine region. Prior to this I had no idea it was in such close proximity to San Francisco. What a nice surprise.

The town of Sonoma is quite pretty, one of those ideal quaint touristic towns.

The region itself is stunning. Immaculate vineyard after immaculate vineyard. We managed to visit a couple while on our tour.

The first stop was the Robledo Family Vineyard. Beautiful spot, with a divine Sauvignon Blanc.


I would have to say I really like the Highlands Winery, its a boutique winery, and the gentleman whom makes the wine does it out of real passion. You can taste it in all his blends. Superb.



  • No trip to San Francisco would be complete without a visit to Alkatraz. The world renowned island and prison that held some of America’s most notorious criminals, including Al Capone. Every 30 minutes there is a full ferry transporting tourists to Alkatraz. I was so intrigued to learn more about this place.


Once again there was an undeniable energy to the place, eery energy as well. We had a nice audio tour of the cells.


With the history of Alkatraz and the people that have came spent time in there, and the conditions they were in, it was pretty full on to visualize.




Imagining what life was like for the inmates and the staff and their families that lived on the island, was something else. To say the least.

Uh oh, they got me!! 

There are some pretty spectacular views from the island as well.


Even when you are leaving, you leave through a tunnel.


But before you go, make sure you stop and smell the flowers.


I did also thoroughly enjoy getting a lift on a cycling taxi. I love supporting the locals that are doing something different. Getting paid to stay fit – not a bad gig if you ask me.


It’s safe to say the San Francisco area is full of energy of all types. A very high energy area. It was truly an awesome and unforgettable trip that I will not soon forget, and is absolutely on my list of places to return. Yes, if you ever get the chance, get on over to San Francisco and experience its awe for yourself. Any and all of these activities would be highly recommended for your sightseeing pleasure.