How I rocked the Calgary Wine Festival Solo

Being a self proclaimed pro at sippin on vino. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the Calgary wine festival. Wine, wine and more wine. Sounds like heaven if you ask me. The picture I had in my mind was quaint tables set up from spectacular vineyards, all for my sampling pleasure. Well that mental picture wasn’t wrong, it was completely right. However, what I wasn’t prepared for was the masses of people, the line ups, the craziness of it all. Oh right, I am back in Calgary, the big busy ass city. A large stretch from the small tranquil(unless there is a festival, which is every other weekend in Spain) island of Mallorca, Spain, where I just moved back from. It was a bit daunting, and I am not into waiting in lines, so I mainly bee-lined for the tables with little to no lineups, unless I scoped something I HAD to try.

Trust me, if it wasn’t as crowded as it was, I would have HAD to have tried everything. Although, in that case, I most likely would have had to have been carried out of there in the end.

I had plans to go with my friends, but then due to a flu wreaking some havoc, everyone pulled out.

With my golden ticket to wine heaven in hand staring me in the eyes like a lost puppy wanting me to take it home – I just couldn’t deny it. How in the heck could I let something like this go to waste?!

Well, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. Having traveled the globe for the better of the last 10 years, and mainly solo(I mean I crossed the African continent alone), attending a wine fest alone was no freaken problem. Table for 1 please!

I wasn’t actually alone though. I was in my own awesome company. Which just so happens to be some of my fave company on this planet might I add. It was ‘me time‘ at its finest. Some of the best parties of my life have been alone.

So Cinderella called her chariot(Yellow cabs actually),and set off to attend her ball.

So how did I rock it exactly you may be wondering? 

Well, I walked right in with my head held high as if I had every intention of attending it alone from the get go, and smiled with the brightest smile I could find in my pocket.

The best way to rock any situation in life, is to just act freaken natural. Of course some self talk doesn’t hurt. ‘Your awesome Petrena, you got this, just go in there and keep on being  your awesome self.’ It was that damn easy.

The wine festival was set up pretty fantastic, and was very inviting when you entered.

Just follow the red carpet….

What the?! A table full of empty wine glasses? That is not on!
 Here, please allow me help you remedy this situation and fill one of those bad boys up! Being alone also gave me time to mingle with the event staff.

Off I went, wine glass in hand, gracefully into the event.


Woah, hello everybody!

I went straight up to one of the first tables I seen that didn’t have a massive line up to get the fresh grape juice flowing into my sad empty glass.  

It’s amazing how a small splash of wine makes a wine glass look so much more appealing. She was a quarter full now!

Funny enough, I kept zoning into the Spanish vineyards…. Call me bias, but Spain is my other home… So clearly I was going to see what lovely vino’s they had on offer from my other home turf.

It’s great when you make friends with the people working the table, because then you can just stand there and keep the samples coming, while making new friends. 

After an hour of this, I was already starting to feel a little tipsy. Who brought the lush out?

I knew I didn’t want to lose my classy composure, so I made sure to guzzle some water in between the samples.

Even though I was rocking this party for 1, when I unexpectedly got the message from my friend that she was kicking that flu bugs ass and coming anyway – I was super stoked! Being such a packed and busy event, it took work to do it alone, so it just made sense to enjoy it with some friends if I had the chance. 

The crowds seem far less overwhelming when you have company. Mind you I remember that time I was in Rio de Janeiro for New Years, lost all my friends, and was rocking it all alone in the middle of 2.5 million people on Copa Cabana beach. Talk about over whelming!

Ahhhh, good friends and good wine. I love life.

I can honestly say I did a very poor job of taking notes of what my favorites were at the wine festival. It was far too busy for that nonsense. At an event of this capacity it was just better for me to team up with my friends and drink as much wine as we could! Ok, well not exactly, I mean once again, I am classy. Lest we forget. That didn’t stop me from enjoying fairly copious amounts though.

The whole event was 3 hours. Funny how the 3 hours flies by! Literally, as soon as the 3 hours is up, they shut her down before the blink of an eye. Well faster then they opened up, that’s for darn sure. Understandably though, as if they didn’t, people would linger, and they wouldn’t be able to prepare for the next session.

To sum it all up, if you ever find yourself in a predicament to attend a wine fest solo, you just friggen go!

Put your best foot forward, act like you planned it that way, sip your little wine lovin’ heart out, all while secretly hoping that your friends will suddenly show up,but knowing you will still have fun if they don’t.


My weekend stay at ‘Hotel Arts’ Calgary.

I had the pleasure of spending a weekend at Hotel Art’s in Calgary.



It is a boutique hotel located downtown. The hotel has recently undergone a $7 million dollar face lift renovation.

I am not sure what it looked like previously – however the decor is very chic and contemporary as of now. It boast’s a little lushness about it, and I love the atmosphere itself when you walk in.

Well it definitely appealed to my eye’s. Let’s put it that way.

IMG_5139 IMG_5144 IMG_5143


Each staff member that I dealt with at the front desk, were all so extremely helpful, and friendly. Not to mention, I found they all had their own trendy style and character; Not something you come across everyday. The picture does not depict that so well.


Don’t get me wrong – I love many things in life, however, not everything. As much as most of the experiences I write about seem to always be super positive; If I did in fact go somewhere or do something that was not up to my standards or expectations – I would absolutely give my honest opinion. I travel the world and I am privileged to visit many 5 star establishments around the globe. So as relaxed and chill as I am, I can be quite picky.  I mean that even goes if I am traveling a third world Country and eating street food. I know what I like, and I know quality.

My room was fabulous! Super comfortable and large beds!


I could have rolled over for days. I didn’t though. I just stuck to one side – and that was plenty. If I wanted to though, I could have done some serious rolling. Just depends what your into.

IMG_3773 The only thing I was missing was a Mini Bar. Probably for the best though. ‘Hello room service!’.

I loved the vanity in the bathroom, as well as the lighting.  It was spacious and bright, made my make-up application that much easier(I mean of course I just roll out of bed and look like this every morning).


The Aveda toiletries that they provide were a very fantastic touch.  I don’t myself buy Aveda products very often – but I do absolutely enjoy them, and their quality.


There is a pool, however it was not quite up and running just yet. It is outdoor’s in a sort of open terrace area. Appeared as though it would be a great place to take a dip on a hot summers day.

The Hotel Arts also has 2 award winning restaurants, Yellow Door Bistro & Raw Bar.  As I had a busy schedule all weekend, I was not able to visit both unfortunately.  I did though enjoy a buffet style breakfast one morning, and a few glasses of Vino in the Yellow Door Bistro one evening.


image1 (2)The breakfast was lovely, everything you could want to see for a great weekend breakfast indulgence, yet taken up a level with some very creative culinary flare. The decor of the restaurant was also very elegant and modern, With equally as unique and lovely staff as the front desk and housekeeping.

IMG_5148 IMG_5150 IMG_5152 IMG_5151

Seeing as how I had such a wonderful and brag worthy stay at the the Hotel Arts, and I have not yet visited the Raw Bar(which I will indeed); It appears as though I have no other choice but to book there once again upon my next visit to Calgary.  Which is going to be very soon. If you are ever looking for a phenomenal place to stay while in Calgary, definitely put Hotel Art’s on your list.