The Ultimate Sunday Funday On The Island Of Mallorca

Sunday funday! One of my favorite days of the week. Its the day I just do whatever I darn well please. Hence why its called Sunday funday. So how does one go about enjoying a Sunday in Mallorca? Well a good start would be to find yourself a quaint little cafe and get your engines going. Coffee, and Europe just go together. I cant imagine one without the other.

So yes, after a good caffeine injection, the next course of action would be to get your blood pumping. I love the feeling of happy endorphin’s surging through my body.

I indulged my ears in the acoustic sounds of Rodrigo y Gabriela. A brother sister duo whom are absolutely incredible at making music. This day was the perfect day for them. Music adds to any experience. It plays a massive roll in my life. The first thing I do in the morning is turn on my tunes to get the day going. I have various music for various moments. If I am writing and need my creative juices to flow(and possibly raise my IQ), its all about the Classical.

I cranked my tunes, grabbed my sweet ass Canadian made bicycle and hit the open road of bike riding adventure.

Bringing my bike with me from Canada, was the best idea ever! I must thank my friends(and mom) for influencing that decision. It’s so freaken awesome having a piece of home with me, and trust me, my bike is loving the Mallorcan experience as much as I am. Leaving its little Canadian tire tracks all over the show.

So as Sunday funday was in full force, I embarked on a little 30km cycle from Palma onwards towards an area called Arenal. With the wind blowing in my hair, music tantalizing my ears, and scenery to write home about(or write to my blog about), I was winning! You can not help but love life when you are here and enjoying this rock star bike riding.

It may be December, but the sun is still shining as brightly as ever. The weather is oddly nice….. So you mine as well make the most of it. Am I right?!

On the way back I found a prime spot on the beach for me and my bike, where I was enjoying some epic ‘me time’, that I love so much – did some grounding, topped up on my vitamin D, and just took in my amazing surroundings.

  As you can see my bike loved the beach as much as I did.

Well all that exercise does tend to build an appetite! For nothing less then awesome company and awesome food! Being a day of Mallorcan adventures, it was best to keep things local. So a Spanish restaurant and Spanish Tapa’s it was! We picked a very typical place, called La Plaza – and ordered a small array of tapa’s. No big deal, just a few of my fave’s.

Calamari, local cheese & ham, and some pepper padron’s.

Everything was spot on! Yes it is possible to have mediocre tapa’s, but this was not the case here.

Let’s not forget the Spanish Vino. They weren’t shy on the classy pour either. Pretty much heaving handing it every time. Just when you think its not possible to fit half a bottle of wine in a glass – they prove you otherwise. Talk about getting your money’s worth.

Good laughs, food and vino. Things were going superbly.

It doesn’t stop there. On any given Sunday evening in Mallorca, one of the best places to end up is at one of my fave watering holes. Agua Bar. Sunday and Friday they hold an open mic night, where loads of very talented musicians come out and jam. I love music!! I love Agua bar, jam sessions and I love the awesome people there.

At Agua bar, they have everything covered. They put their clients needs first.

You clearly can’t enjoy good music if you have to pee! I myself would rather be shaken my booty to good tunes, not squirming to hold my bladder together.yoi wouldn’t think it’s safe to leave your drink unattended, and yes in any other place I would not recommend it. Agua bar however is a different story. It’s local, and awesome, an no one ever tampers with your drink. They totally respect the sign. Possibly the best invention ever, in one of the best bars ever.

So there you have it. Mallorca on a Sunday. As does every darn day of the week here – Sunday kicks ass!

So what’s your plans this Sunday?? Because I suggest some Mallorcan adventures for the books if you ask me.

Cycling, and appreciating the beauty of life

A sunset cruise along one of my favorite coastlines on this planet.❤️ Mallorca, Spain.

This island is just as incredible as ever and I can’t get enough of the endless cycling here. Mallorca is an avid cyclers dream. No matter where you go on the island it’s pretty much all accessible by bike. Not to mention, year round weather that is pretty agreeable. Especially right now, the day time we are still hitting 22 degrees Celsius. Not much to complain about there.

I can’t help but feel so lucky to be able to have all these amazing experiences.

With so much indescribable, blood curdling, heart breaking devastation taking place around the world. Things we can’t even comprehend ourselves. It can be easy for us to become fearful of life, and stuck in our first world mentality.

In one of my close calls, where I was in the midst of a life threatening situation, scared shitless yet maintaining a smile the whole time. The person whom was with me turned and said, ‘It’s amazing, we could die right now, and if we do, your going to die smiling.’ To which I responded, ‘Of course, because as crappy as this is, I am still experiencing life until my last breath.’

You see, I am not blessed with eyes that only see beauty. I am blessed with eyes that see very clearly, the good, the bad, and the ugly – but with this gift, I choose to see life’s beauty. Count your blessings. Every damn day.👣👠

Made in Canada! Me, and my new bicycle.

So there I was just having an epic day of random Calgary adventures.  When long behold I stumbled across this beauty of a little shop in Inglewood. The Uncommons.


Now one thing that without a doubt peaks my interest, is absolutely something Uncommon, not to mention unexpected. Boasting a name like that, I had no choice but to let that gravitational flow pull me(gracefully of course)right on in the door.


The first things that caught my attention was the selection of bicycles they had on display.


Clearly even the window shoppers were liking what they were seeing.



Being an avid cyclist and living a large portion of my time on the island of Mallorca, Spain the past few years – which is an island built for cycling, I knew I needed a new bike for my summer in Canada.  My world just doesn’t turn quite the same when I am not out enjoying the open road of cycling adventure. These bikes I stumbled across in this uncommon little place appealed to my eyes instantly.  So obviously the next plan of action was to ask some questions to Eric, one of the two awesome shop owners.

IMG_5091There were two different makes of bikes.  One was from the States, and the other was from my home soil!! Right here in Maple Leaf Country. ‘No freaken way?!’ is precisely what I thought when told this fact. The brand is Lochside, and the bike themselves are made in Victoria, BC.

No matter where I am in the world I always make it a point to drink locally; For instance, if I am in Canada, I drink Canadian Vino(for the most part, depends how long I am in Canada), and when I am in Spain I drink Spanish Vino, and so on and so forth. You catch my drift. This also goes for beer, food markets, etc.  I totally believe in supporting the local industry where ever I may be.  So obviously my eyes widened a bit more on learning about these Canadian made bikes. Drink locally and Cycle locally. That has Petrena written all over it!

Eric was so fantastic with telling me all the information about the bike as well.  He and Lisa(the other shop owner) definitely know their stuff.  I was intrigued, that’s for darn sure.

After perusing the shop a bit more and checking out all the other uncommon and very cool merchandise they had on offer,

IMG_5101 IMG_5100 IMG_5092 IMG_5112 IMG_5098

I walked into the back room of their shop, and there ‘She‘ was. Or ‘He‘?? Should a bike be a he or she?! I am not totally sure. Let’s go with she this time though. What a stunner of a bike! If I do say so myself.  I had no choice but to get on and get the feel of what the ride would be like.

IMG_5104Oh yes! Pretty comfy and cruise-y if you ask me.

‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’ was the next question. The vision of endless summer highway cycling together was flashing brightly in my mind; However it was not my intention to buy a bike that day… It also wasn’t my intention to come across a bike that I fell in love with that day either. Like they say – The best things come when you least expect it.  I am not one to pass up an awesome ‘not everyday’ type of deal.  It also made a world of difference that the shop owners Lisa and Eric were so friendly and exceptionally helpful.


IMG_5114  Customer service at it’s finest. How could I not want to support their business, while also supporting a local Canadian made bike company. Tick, tick aaaaannd tick. That list was so naturally checked off, I just had to go with it.  A match made in Bicycle heaven. Being locally made it also made the price of the bike extremely reasonable, which I was told was one of the intentions of the company. SOLD.

I even love my bike seat.


Since returning to the Northwest Territories, I have taken my bike out for some good cycle’s, and let me just say – She rides like a little dream!! I am so happy with my purchase, and the more I ride it, the more I love it. You could say that I see endless summer adventures with my new wheels.

image3 (2)

If you are around Calgary and find yourself in the Inglewood area, I absolutely suggest stopping in and checking out the fine shop called ‘The Uncommons’.


Everything you wouldn’t expect to find, and a little more. Happy Days!