Top 5 Reasons To Travel During The Low Season

Low season travel offers such incomparable experience’s to it’s counter part of high season travel. From the beginning of my nomadic adventures abroad I was instantly taken with being places in the low season. The contrast can be quite big, it’s actually pretty amazing. It’s not very often I stay in a place during the high season, it really depends on where I am, as the situations always very.

My most memorable travel experiences have always taken place in the low season, and so I wanted to share a few of the main reasons as to why that is.

So if your considering booking a trip and your not quite sure what time of year to do it in, here are my top 5 reasons to do it in the off season.

1 – Prices Drop Immensely 

From flights to accommodation, excursions and eating out, the prices are much lower, and it is so much easier to work out a deal. Instead of forking over all your hard earned cash for minimal return, you can make it strech so much further, live a little more lavishly or even extend your trip. Why let the experience end sooner then it has too?!

2 – Less Crowds

I am not massive on being in crowded places, especially when I am adventuring and sight seeing. In some places during the high season it’s almost impossible to move, and the line ups to see attractions can be painfully long. Ain’t nobody got time for that. If I see a massive line for something, a lot of the time it deters me from going. Being places in the low season has proven to give me some of the most surreal experiences possible. Instead of being one of hundreds on a tour, it has just at times been two of us taking it all it. Many times being a mind blowing experience that would never have effected you that greatly had it have been done rushed and crowded.

3 – The Weather Is Sweet

Well for the most part that is. I am from the arctic so my Northern Canadian blood is accustomed to the cold. Which means, I am a sweaty mess in super hot climates. Not my most attractive state, let me tell you. In the low season in tropical places the weather is still beautiful, warm, and very bearable. Sometimes you will have to deal with the rain, but I like the rain. The sun never stays away for long. There is fun to be had no matter what the season or the reason.

4 – Beaches Are Not Crowded

I absolutely love when I can go to a beach and there is endless open sandy space for me to relax in. There is nothing less relaxing for me then having to walk through a bunch of people while looking for a small space where I can squish in with my beach towel. No way. I much prefer having the ability to do cart wheels down the beach. If that was my thing that is. But just knowing I have the option makes my little world turn.

5 – Become One With The Locals

When I go to a new country, I am always so keen to get to know the locals, and get a real feel for the place and how the people live. I love to experience what life is like in each place. In the low season, places aren’t packed with tourists, which means the locals are out to play – and trust me, locals always know the turf and hidden gems the best. This gives the best chance to get to know them, enjoy the activities they are accustomed to, and really immerse yourself in it all. In my experience when I am in a place in the high season, I tend to mainly meet other foreigners, which is also great, but the local experience in the low season is where it’s at, and one you won’t soon forget.

Low season travel never ceases to rock my world, and these are only 5 reasons I listed, there are plenty more. It’s amazing how over looked it can be, as people always tend to follow the crowd. My advice is to venture off away from the crowds, and take that road a little less traveled(as they say). If you are open minded without massive expectations in life then you will be blown away at how the events will unfold and far surpass what you ever imagined.

Dolly Parton Concert – Legends And Dreams Come Alive

Dolly Parton. I think that is all I have to say. She is a legend.

I can’t just stop there though, so I shall go on. From a very young age, probably starting around 7, I fell in love with Dolly Parton. That was back in the days of VHS, yes remember those?! Well my grandparents were big Country fans, and they had loads of various Country concerts taped on VHS, including plenty from Dolly Parton. Back then we only got about 7 channels on TV, and that was using an antenna and tin foil on top of the TV, you know,the ones that look like bunny ears. So you taped whatever you could when you were getting good reception so you could replay it.

Yah, so I taped whatever I could of Dolly concerts and watched them all the darn time. I also bought her book ‘Dolly – My Life And Other Unfinished Business’ when I was 10, which I read about 100 times front to back.

I was enamored by everything about Dolly Parton. I thought she looked like a barbie, she sang like a dream, and had the best outlook on life ever. I set 3 goals back then. To see her live, go to Dollywood, and one day meet her in person. 20 years ago she came to Calgary, Alberta, to play at the stampede. I wanted to go so badly, but I couldn’t make it. I was absolutely gutted. I knew though that someday I would have another chance, I just wasn’t sure when…… Until now.

A few months ago, I seen that she was coming to Canada on her Pure and Simple Tour, and Calgary was one of those stops. Seeing as how it was in Calgary that I had the unfinished Dolly Parton concert business, it was a no brainer – I had to finish it there.

I am in the Northwest Territories at the moment for a couple of months of home time before I head back to Mallorca, Spain, and it is a 14 hour drive to Calgary from here. 14 hours to complete a childhood dream of 20+ years, is worth every darn kilometer. I booked myself into the classy Hotel Arts, and lucked out when I got 4th row seats to the concert. I couldn’t believe when they randomly came available. I scooped them up the minute I seen them.

Dolly started promptly at 7:30. I was busy getting myself a classy beverage thinking there would be an opening act. Nope there sure wasn’t though. Dang it! I didn’t want to miss one precious second of Dolly on stage.

We were ready for action

I was in awe from the moment I set eyes on her. Actually I was in tears.

Famous people don’t even phase me, ever. To me people are just people. However, Dolly Parton was someone whom shaped me growing up. Well her and Marilyn Monroe. I had no idea how touching seeing Dolly was going to be. Not only was her voice totally perfect, sitting there listening to all her stories that I read in her book, coming from her own mouth, was beyond words. For the first time in my life, watching someone live, brought tears straight to the ol’ peepers. Especially being in 4th row. Her energy was emanating. She was so damn amazing. Leave it to Dolly Parton to be as inspiring as always.

Man did she put on a good show. From 7:30 – 10:30 with a 20 minute intermission, she’s definitely a go getter that one.

She pretty much played every instrument under the sun.

Even after the show it was hard to leave.

And also hard to believe what we just experienced.

This is something I will absolutely never forget. Hands down best concert of my life.

The closest I came to getting a photo with her.

What did I take from all of this? Don’t ever give up on your dreams. I waited 20+ years for this one, but gosh darn it, it happened – and it was unbelievable.

Next stop, Dollywood.

Trust me, once you start checking the boxes, you just can’t stop.

Inspiring myself in Barcelona:)

I decided to take myself on a little trip to Barcelona.  And it definitely did not disappoint, in fact, it was nothing less than super impressive.  From appreciating the work of Gaudi and his masterpieces that are now world heritage sights, to enjoying history a plenty at different museums, fabulous restaurants and nightlife,  cafes, markets, and plenty of monuments.  There is a certain unmistakeable energy to the city, and something for everyone.  A few of the highlights for me on this particular ‘take yourself on a date day’, would absolutely begin with relishing in the work of Gaudi.


IMG_4806His work was influenced by what were his passions in life,  Architecture, Nature, and Religion.  I am absolutely drawn to his style and flare, and all the beautiful colours he incorporated into his magnificent creations. Park Guell, constructed between 1900-1914, and was originally built as a commercial housing site, yet was unsuccessful, and is now a municipal garden.  It is astounding in its architecture and artistic beauty.  A perfect place to get some creative inspiration while appreciating Gaudi’s work.

IMG_4801 IMG_4804

IMG_4799 IMG_4796

Another very interesting Gaudi piece is the Sagrada Familia, this was his final project, and what his last years were devoted too.  It is his personal rendition of Gothic Architecture. He was never able to see the project through, and it is still not finished, with the completion date expected to be 2026.  It just so happens to be the most visited sight in Barcelona.

IMG_2062 IMG_2063

Of course after all this sightseeing, and historical time trip, I worked up an appetite! So off I went to the famous Barcelona market, ‘La Bouqeria’, and all its splendor.IMG_2050  Its colourful, packed with people, has endless wonderful, awe-inspiring things to tantalize your taste buds, and your eyes with.  Everything laid out so proud and perfectly, it’s a postcard in itself.

IMG_4814 IMG_2053 IMG_2052 IMG_4816 IMG_4821 IMG_4818 IMG_2056

There are plenty of little restaurants all over, where they prepare market fresh food right before your eyes.  Decisions, decisions.  I finally picked one, and it’s really because they had in impeccable selection of fresh mushrooms that caught  my eye. IMG_2058 I love mushrooms! Especially when they are sautéed in fine olive oil, and well especially when I am in Barcelona;) Not a bad backdrop to add to the culinary experience.  I ended up getting fresh sardines, mushrooms, and some bubbly to wine and dine myself with.  It’s always best to treat yourself just as good, if not better, as if you were treating someone else.  Yup that’s right, some of the best dates I have been on, are the ones I have taken myself on. IMG_2061

All in all, Barcelona is one of my favorite cities, and this was only ‘one’ of the magical days I was so fortunate to enjoy.  Happy sightseeing days! And that it was;)