Relishing In The Unique Beauty Of Early Winter In The NWT

With Winter having arrived in its early stages, there is always this unique and stunning beauty of the area around Hay River, NWT. Being built on the shores of the ninth largest lake in the world, the Great Slave Lake, and in very close proximity to a few different waterfalls – the ice always freezes over.

As it is still the early stages, the freeze is not totally complete yet. I absolutely love appreciating the abundance of beauty this area has to offer all year round. With each changing season, the beauty alters to another unique state.

With the weather being so mild, I decided it was the perfect day to go on some ‘me time’ adventures, and do a bit of cruising. One of my favorite past times in life is my solo adventures, and going on scenic drives. I figured I would go to the beach and check out the lake before heading out to Alexandra Falls.

The beach was so pristine and tranquil.


With a thin sheet of ice blanketing the top, no wind, and not a sound other then my shoes crunching in the snow to be heard. It was incredible. Moments like that totally sooth the soul.


In the distance not far out you could still see a bit of water where the ice has not covered yet. It will not take very long to be totally covered with the cold snap that is due to come in.

I was feeling so relaxed on this peaceful walk, it was one of those soul soothing moments for sure.



I hit the road towards Alexandra falls after I was done frolicking on the beach. A nice 40 minute drive. The snow was lightly falling, and it added to the early winter feel. Cruising on the highway and being in my thoughts is another very relaxing place for me to be.

As I was walking on the trail to the falls viewing point I could already hear water flowing, so I knew the falls were not frozen over yet. I was so pleasantly surprised with the showcase that the falls had on display.


Half frozen, half flowing. Such a stunning contrast. It is one of those things that you can get lost in. It is so easy to just sit and stare, and listen to the sounds, it becomes mesmerizing. Well it’s without a doubt healing and soul soothing.

There was beauty to be appreciated from all angles.


I took it in as long as I could before getting a chill. The wind out there was a bit nippy.

Seriously though, the sights here never get old. Growing up here, I must have done the tour hundreds of times, and yet, every time is better then the last. It is never boring or run of the mill, instead it always just makes me feel so darn amazing.


I highly suggest getting the North on your bucket list.

If you are interested in veiwing my YouTube Video of the excursion you can check that out here.

3 Steps to take when your locked in an Outhouse

First of all, how in the heck do I end up these situations?! Really now, the most random situations always seem to sneak up on me. It’s either the most incredibly amazing things, or the most ridiculously random. There seems to be no middle ground.

So yes, in case your wondering, I did get locked into a damn outhouse. I have been accustomed to outhouses all over the globe. Or at times shall I say versions of outhouses…. I mean the rotted wooden hole filled caving in ones that I had to use when I was working in the jungle’s of Central and South America were one version, oh and there was that one in very rural Mozambique which was 4 thatched walls, strung together, and inside is no hole in the ground, yet just a pile of boulders, in which you have to step on top of other people’s business and find a spot to do your business – and being the only foreign person these people have ever seen, you have a whole village just stand there watching you go inside and do your thing. Of course I maintained my classy composure, did it like a rockstar(literally rock-star), while smiling and waving at everyone while I entered and then preceded to try my best to hover over these rocks that you would rather not step on. When in Africa…. Sounds like pretty pleasant experiences don’t they?! They definitely weren’t the most glamorous loos that I have ever had the pleasure of using, nor did they smell like a bouquet of roses that some hunk bought me.  Trust me that’s only a couple of many outhouse stories.

Of course I prefer porcelain and marble, however in some circumstances, you just ain’t got that option – and if there is one thing that I am, it’s Adaptable. Whether I enjoy the experience or not, its still an experience that I am alive to feel, so I always maintain a smile, and a good sense of humor to the best of my ability.

So here I was yesterday morning, on my 15 hour drive from Northwest Territories to Calgary, in – 30 c weather, and ridiculously icy road conditions, when nature decided to call.

I should know better then to drink a coffee and a tea directly before hitting the highway, as there isn’t much of anything for the first few hours of the drive.

The first road side turn out with an out house that I came across and I immediately pulled over to try and answer natures call…..

Holy geez! Someone did their business all over the toilet seat rather then inside, and it was -30 so it was frozen to the seat. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty – and I could darn well hold it and give nature a busy signal.

40 km later, and I reached the NWT/Alberta boarder, where there happened to be another outhouse. I pulled over once again, jumped out, looked inside, and was once again flabbergast at what I saw. Are you freaken kidding me?! Is it the new in thing to use the toilet seat rather then the toilet hole? Is there some sort of stomach bug in the area? So many questions. Yet I couldn’t stand looking at the sight, so I put nature on hold once again and hit the road. You and I both know, nature does not like being put on hold, and she was getting a bit antsy and starting kicking me in the bladder. Ok, ok, I promise not to ingest so many liquids before my road trips in the future.

20 kms down the road again, and I came up to a little place called Indian Cabins, where you get snacks and cheap alcohol in the middle of nowhere.

I seen the frozen out house and instead of going inside to see if they had a nice warm ladies room, ‘as there just wasn’t time for that’, I went straight to the outhouse and answered the call. I mean third times a charm right?

Mother nature was peeved though, and not so charming this time around. As soon as I found my relief and went to vacate the stall, I realized I was locked in. What the!? There is no way this is happening I thought. I rattled the door knob, and to no avail…. I kicked the door a couple times… Wearing my sneaker wedges weren’t exactly the most ideal for the job. I rattled the knob and pushed the door at the same time… Well it didn’t take me long to realize that Nature was obviously pissed at me, and was trying to hold me captive! In such brutally cold conditions, and not having mitts a hat, or proper boots, I could feel frosty starting to bite at my toes.

I dug in my jacket pockets and all I had with me was my car keys, and my bottle of Abundance essential oil…. I started calling for help, knowing that the one person that was inside would never hear me, and in that kind of weather people don’t go outside unless they have too. I also contemplated inhaling my abundance oil, although I wasn’t sure what kind of abundance it would bring me in that moment, but it would never fail to be relaxing.

So on to Plan B, ‘Survival of the fittest’

I am pretty quick thinker, and I do have loads of wilderness first aid and survival training… So, I stayed calm, and rationally assessed my situation. Freaken Petrena…. How do you find yourself in these places. Here are the three steps I took, to free myself from Natures cold ass cage.

Step 1Call for help, I mean even if no one can here you. Call your little heart out. Not to mention it keeps your blood pumping, which keeps you warm, and keeps your vocals singing. Its darn cold outside, and I was about to turn into an ice princess. I have too many ambitions in life for that shit.

Step 2 – Use whatever you have in your pockets as a tool to help you. I realized that on my keys was the car alarm!! I know whomever was inside would never hear me calling for help, but perhaps they would hear the car alarm. So I sounded the high alarm! It would only go off for about 5 minutes at a time before I would have to press the button again, but I wasn’t giving up.

Step 3 – Look at other ways of escaping. Seeing as how my super human strength wasn’t happening when I tried to kick the door down, I looked up and seen there was a bit of openings going over to the other side. It was quite high, but I tried my best to shimmy up. I realized I could probably do it, I would have had to kick off my wedge heels though, and then figure out how I would get down on the other side without breaking a leg on the 6 foot drop. So I decided to wait it out bit longer before that attempt at being in Cirque De Solier.

45 minutes later, I was starting to lose hope and body heat…. But it was in that moment I heard someone come outside, and boot steps coming towards me. It’s always in the moment where you feel like you hit rock bottom that something amazing happens.

A man got to the door, unlocked it, opened it, and said, ‘What are you doing locked in the outhouse?!’

Oh you know, I was just hanging out for some shits and giggles, no big deal. Who doesn’t like a good outhouse sesh? NOT! Clearly I had to pee like a race horse and ran into the first clean looking outhouse I could find. Although sarcasm aside, he was my night in shining armor, and I wanted to through  my arms around him and thank him for saving my life. I didn’t though. I mean I did thank him, but I also kept my classy composure, and hands to myself.

He told me maybe I should go inside and freshen up in the nice warm washroom. Oh Petrena, you silly silly women, you shud have followed your gut in the beginning when it told you to go inside and look for a warm ladies room.

Moral of the story: Always listen to your gut – and when you fail to do that, then, be a survivor in the most awesome fashion possible.  An hour behind schedule, but I was back on the open road of adventure, and I have finally arrived in Calgary!

So here you go, keep this trusty little step-by-step guide handy to get yourself out of being locked in an outhouse, or you can use this guide to not do what I did, and just don’t get yourself locked in a darn outhouse.

Happy road tripping days!

Snow, and the shoes for the occasion.

Winter time entertainment. It come is all forms, shapes and sizes. I love a good ol’ winter adventure sesh, especially when you find yourself amidst a beautiful balmy winter day. Not to mention in the stunning Northwest Territories region of Canada. It’s not uncommon to find temperatures dipping down to -50c in January/February, yes freeze your limbs right off kinda weather, so -22 was feeling like a Arctic summer dream. I always say, once you get past -30c, its just friggen cold, and the number of it no longer matters.

That is where my fire place comes in handy, oh yes, a nice toasty warm fire. I get that bad boy blazing in the winter, so when you come in from the ridiculously cold conditions, and need to thaw your lungs since the air pretty much froze in there – your house is like a oven sent from heaven! I absolutely adore it. It’s a winter pleasure for sure. Every season has its perks, no matter what, you can always make the most of any situation, and this is an example of me looking on the the bright side of any circumstance.

Being a balmy winter day, my friend Krystina and myself decided that we needed to get out and enjoy some time with mother nature and all her winter glory. Gosh, its damn stunning out here in the winter. Sheer winter blanket beauty coating all the tree’s and landscape. So I kicked off my high heels, covered my bare feet and we dawned the best shoes for the wintry occasion, which happen to be none other then, snowshoes, and we hit the trails at the golf course just outside town, in Hay River, NWT.

Literally I hadn’t gone snowshoeing since high school, which was quite awhile ago now…. I mean at the very least it was 16 years since I had a pair on – which made this little excursion extra exciting. Not that snowshoeing is a great level of difficulty, its just a nice, relaxing form of winter exercise.

Once we got out there and got ourselves together, it was GO time! Initially it was feeling cold ass out there with the wind chill. Even through my 3 pairs of socks my toes were feeling frozen, but we trooped on. Knowing that once we got our blood pumping we would warm up.

It really didn’t take long before frozen toe syndrome was a thing of the past.

The trails at the Hay River Golf Course are very well done. Full of snow shoe and cross country skiing tracks.

It’s apparent that these are pretty popular winter sports from all those tracks. We were in awe of the winter wonderland-esque beauty that we were surrounded by. Totally engulfed in it.

 There wasn’t the best path markings, and we did get lost in and amongst it all for awhile, not in a bad way though, in an adventurous way. As any good traveler knows, “It’s not always the destination that’s important, its the journey along the way”. Oh, and we did at one point find our way, or should I say, ‘Ricardo’s Way‘, so we followed the snowy brick road.

It was so peaceful, calm and serene. At many parts the snow was being blown off the branches giving the effect as if it was snowing. There was another area where there were birds chirping, and squirrels playing. It was majestic to say the least.

In the end we covered just shy of 6 km of distance, and killed a few hours, enjoying every moment, stopping to bask in the endless splendor, playing background music(when my phone was actually working), and held up trees….

  Oh, come on now, who doesn’t like to spend some time holding up a pine tree?!

I say when my phone was working because the darn thing kept freezing and shutting off on me….. So I would stick in my shirt and un-thaw it. It’s not as though I have loads down there, so there was plenty of room for it. Worked like a charm I tell yah. Iphones clearly aren’t built to brave arctic winter conditions, but she did well considering. We even had icecycles on our hair and eyelashes.

  Being awesome kept us warm though. It never fails.

We knew we found base again when we came into view of the club house.

Yes we were melting with enthusiastic joy of our accomplishment of the day.

Another afternoon of rocking my little world, and doing so with the epic company of a life long friend. It was a breath of fresh scenic air, and a bonding event with mother nature herself. So if your feeling like a nice chilled little winter adventure, slap on some snow shoes, grab a good friend, and get your asses out there.

I am already preparing for round two before I leave my Northern homeland, this time busting out cross country skis. Let’s put our best foot forward. Happy winter days!

Being fabulous in my awesome Country. Canada and me.

Soooo, what was supposed to be a brief week pit stop in Canada from my travels to attend a blogging conference outside Toronto, ended up turning into a month of tripsing around and working my arse off.  My life always seems to have me on the go. One way or another I always find myself off on some sort of adventure.  Life is an endless series of random adventures. Well it is if you are open to it. Funny thing, when you are open to things, life presents you with an array of options. One could say, ‘a buffet of options‘. Since I am still free as a little bird to do it all, I figure why the heck not?!

After a week in the Toronto area, the night before I was scheduled to fly back to Spain, I re-routed to Northwest Territories, where I hopped off the plane, grabbed my car(literally) and road tripped like a rock star 15 hours straight to Calgary. How do I do it? Beats the heck out of me. Must be the green juices.

I had important blogging business to attend to. When you are building something, you have to be committed. That’s the only way to see if flourish – and I am all about flourishing.

image1 (5)

Calgary is my fave Canadian city. It’s where I will be spending this winter being awesome, so I am busy establishing myself there. I have lived there previously before my world wide travels ensued, so I have loads of friends there, and it still always feels like home. I am excited to see what luxury living in Calgary is all about. Luxury living in Mallorca is pretty darn sweet.

A trip to the city is never complete without some kick ass catch ups. This beauty of a lady is one friend that I am so lucky to have, never have two people loved life so much when they hang out. Literally we can drink wine all night and basically just talk about how much we love life, while laughing our asses off. Its pretty epic and undeniably refreshing if you ask me. Come join us and drink from our fountain of two pea’s epic-ness, and while we are at it, we can climb the awesome tree. It will be the best day of your life.


Calgary has so much happening, its super vibrant and I find it’s taken on a bit of European feel with it’s cafes, restaurants and urban developments. Which clearly tickles my fancy. Considering my other home happens to be in Europe, none other than Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to be exact. I love having the best of both worlds on my sweet home soil. Makes my little nomadic heart sing a sweet sweet song, in a really off key voice. Not sure you will be lining up for my concerts. Although I am a very good public speaker if you want to come hear me talk about some inspirational life topics and stories.

Once I had my way with Calgary in the classiest fashion ever – it was straight back up to my first home in the NWT, where I ran around barefoot in the bush for my whole childhood. It was time for some snow, bonfires and northern lights action.

image6 image5 image4 image7

Lifelong splendors that never get old for me.

Obviously some catch ups were in order as well.

image1 (6) Friends of all ages. Age is just a number is it not?! Its pretty hard not to love ridiculously cute kids, made by one of my ridiculously awesome life long friends.

I also freaken love the North. Obviously.

It’s not everyday that a person is lucky enough to call three incredible places home. I am good to life, and in return, life is good to me. I am darn grateful, that’s for sure. Not to mention, darn jet leg at times! Good thing I am a seasoned traveler. Not that being a seasoned traveler takes away from jet leg. Just as my hangovers get worse with age, so does my dang jet leg. Those would be the only times I actually feel my age – and possibly look it. I think the seasoned traveler part just helps in the fact that I am used to dealing with jet leg. Its a small price to pay. So is a hangover if its a fantastic bottle of vino.

With these three amazing places, it’s no wonder my blog is Barefoot & High Heeled. From wearing my heels in the cities just like Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City, straight to kicking them off in the nearest forest to bask in the Northern bush atmosphere, just like Pocahontas from Disney. I am proud of my Metis heritage. Perhaps not totally barefoot in the snow though. Nobody wants frostbite now do they. Depends what your into though. Maybe frostbite is your thing. Although I am not opposed to dipping my toes in the snow every now and then. One of my fave things to do in the Northern winter is to have a sauna, and then after sweating your ass off for for awhile, you run outside and jump in the snow. AMAZING!!! Heck yes. Every cell on your skin tingles, you feel alive(and awake) and really, it just feels ridiculously fantastic.

Considering my plan was to spend three months in Spain, it only made sense after spending an extended week turned month home in Canada, to return to Spain for one more month, to make my three months away complete.

My awesome mother decided to drive me to Yellowknife, NWT, where I booked my flight from to return to Spain. We pulled in late(as we do), but that didn’t stop us from finding some live music and a bit of grub before we bid adieu once again.

image2 (2) image4 (1) image3 (1)

When you have chosen to be awesome in life, there ain’t no time for slacking, you just gotta go with the awesome flow, and embrace every awesome opportunity. We happen to be pro’s at that. Like mother, like daughter.

So yes, here I am. You found me. Back in Mallorca, loving life. I am super stoked to get to Calgary in a few weeks, but living in the moment is key. So in the mean time, I am gonna enjoy every moment I have here. Sun, Sand, cycling, vino, restaurants, writing my heart out, and random adventures. Like there is any other way. Here’s to embracing life. Are you coming?

Blissdom at Blue Mountain, Snow & The CN tower.

My adventures just endlessly roll on, and I am a pro at going with the awesome flow. Being in the little picturesque Blue Mountain village was rockin my world. I  was booked into a super comfy hotel room, and was stoked for the Blissdom blogging/writing Conference that was about to ensue. After all the awesome things I had been told about it – how could I not be excited?! This was also the 6th and final year of the Blissdom Conference as its being changed into something else. So attending it was the only option.


The weekend’s schedule was jam packed from the get go, full of workshop’s, networking events, and inspirational guest speakers.

First thing was first. I hit the slopes hard.

IMG_4597              Kidding! That was totally staged.

It was also pretty awesome that I was able to catch up with my friends Tiffany and Kyla, whom were the fab women whom told me about Blissdom earlier this year at a Calgary conference. They are both super cool, and made me feel extremely warmly welcomed. It was pretty kick ass of them, that’s for darn sure.

IMG_4625 IMG_4602

Two exceptionally awesome ladies.

As any good evening networking event is, it’s also a party. So there was a different theme event every evening. I mean in all reality, after a few glasses of Vino, or personality in a bottle as I like to say, I become social as heck, and a bit more of a comedian. I exude clever wit at that point.

On the Friday of the conference weekend they hosted a Marti Gras party. They literally transformed the conference room all over an afternoon, and it became a most impressive scene for a fabulous social party.

IMG_4600 IMG_4623 IMG_4605 IMG_4610 IMG_4613

I was having the best time ever at this conference and meeting so many awesome people. Being at an event surrounded by ‘like minded‘ people, is always bound to be awesome. Not to mention all the stops were pulled out for the conference as a whole. The weekend went by way to fast. As does any fantastic time. I absolutely made a damn good decision when I said yes to Blissdom.

After it all was said and done. The cherry on top arrived my last day. I awakened from my sweet slumber in sleeping beauty land – I got up and opened the curtains, only to be completely shocked in the best way ever. The whole place was covered in SNOW! Glorious freaken snow.


Heck yes it was. I love the snow. I pretty much had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing properly. ‘And once again, I love today!’ is precisely what I was thinking at that moment. It now looked like a real Mountain Ski Resort Village. Pure snowy bliss after my own heart.

IMG_4638 IMG_4639 IMG_4640

The only problem I had with this situation was that I only had my high heels – they were not meant for the snow, and this particular condition, wasn’t one for bare feet. I knew I needed to go check out the shops to see if they had any shoes I like.

These heels not only looked ridiculous in that weather, but they were feeling like they had serious potential to be a liability, and it probably wouldn’t look classy. So keeping my priorities in check, I as gracefully as ever, walked out the door, and skidded straight over to…… Starbucks. Like I said priorities. This lady shops better after a starbucks. Snow and Starbucks. I couldn’t have planned this day better if I tried. A few hours later with no luck of finding new shoes, I decided to hit the road and began my drive back to the big city lights(freeways) of Toronto.

It was so funny too because as soon as you drive 20 km away from Blue Mountain Village there was no snow in sight.

This trip was turning out to continually just get better and better, full of none stop entertainment. I didn’t expect anything less really. Me + Adventures(even when alone) ALWAYS = Awesome. Its just the way I roll.

Back in Toronto I once again met up with my mom and aunt so we could finish our trips together, and in nothing less then true tourist fashion.

So, we elevated ourselves straight up the CN tower. Beam me up!


Literally the last time I was in the CN tower was about 20 years ago?! Crazy how that happens. As they say, ‘time flies when your having fun!’

IMG_4647 IMG_4651 IMG_4657 IMG_4659 FullSizeRender

It was cool. We basked in some views of epic proportions,and had individual selfie photo shoots on the glass floor.

IMG_4705 IMG_4672

It was a nice and trippy little experience.

There also happen to be a Blue Jay’s game going on at the stadium right beside the tower! The energies were high, there were excited Blue Jay fans everywhere and the sounds and noises were pumping.


We already had dinner plans, but if we hadn’t, we would have been getting tickets, and as much Blue Jay’s/baseball  apparel as we could get our paws on, and went on to act like the biggest baseball fans ever! Without a doubt.

That didn’t stop us from taking a selfie outside of it. At least if nothing else we were making the most of being in the midst of it all.


Really though, just being in the presence of it all truly was pretty amazing.

A massively successful trip once again. Note to self: keep on bringing out the awesomeness in everything you do. It works every darn time.

Ice Fishing in the depths of the Great Slave Lake.

Where there is winter and a frozen lake – There is winter fun and ice fishing! With winter taking up the majority of the year, you have to keep life as entertaining as possible so as to keep your blood pumping so you don’t ice over.  Although, that being said, I still love winter just as much as ever, and I don’t mind the cold at all.  Usually that is… If I am stuck outside and freezing my butt off getting frost bite, then yes, perhaps in that case I would beg to differ.  But with the proper attire, I am all game!

It was a balmy winter day, and the frozen over lake was calling our name.  Calling us straight to the fishing derby that it! It’s a little competition held annually in town on the Great Slave Lake.


I grabbed a ticket and I was good to go! Cruising onto the lake you can see everyone’s vehicle’s parked by their little fishing shacks.

2015-03-14 001 010I had the most awesome crew of friends waiting for me at our designated hole. Having just returned from Spain, and not having been here for a winter in years, I was definitely not equipped with proper winter apparel, and I also forgot just how freaken cold it gets out on the frozen lake! Yah you could say I got a few looks when I rocked up onto the ice in my jeans, boots(not winter boots), a jacket, scarf and mitts……  It took me all of a few minutes to feel the bite of the cold, and also realize I may be a tad under dressed for the event.  I suppose seeing everyone else in their full on snow pants and parka’s may have also been a bit of a hint, or should I say brick wall!  Not always the brightest crayon in the box, absolutely one of the most entertaining though. But seriously, it’s easy to under estimate the winter deep freeze up here. Lesson learned. Well at least until the next time I end up abroad for years of warmer winter’s.

2015-03-14 001 003

After they were done poking fun at me for my ensemble, they wrapped me in whatever they could find to try and provide me with some warmth before hypothermia set in.

We prepped our fishing hole as any good northern fishing hole should be. Beer, beaver, rod, and hook dropped deep into the icy depths  Looks like a pro hole if you ask me.

2015-03-14 001 015

It was so cold that even our hole kept freezing over! Swift little kick with the ol’ boot clears that right up.

Even my beer kept freezing onto the can, and a piece of mitt fuzz. photo (1)Along with my face freezing stiff while I was trying to speak. It’s those moments where its so cold your nose starts running and your hoping its not going down your face as your skin is so cold you probably wouldn’t feel it. Hopefully though, if that happened, your friends would be so kind as to let you know. Otherwise it’s just embarrassing. 2015-03-14 001 017Need a ride anywhere cause your frozen stiff? If you did, there also happened to be that option.

With no bites in sight, the girls resorted to doing a little ice fishing chant around the hole in hopes that a fish might have jumped out and sacrificed itself. 2015-03-14 001 009 Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there was a $1500 prize to the best fish caught, so obviously you want to win!

Sadly the chant didn’t provoke any fish to get a front row seat of the show. I enjoyed it though! Speaking of desperate, I was starting to turn blue.  My blanket and what ever else I was wrapped in was not cutting it.  So a couple of my friends took me to get more appropriately suited up for the weather. photo (2)

Ok, and to grab a quick Bailey’s and Coffee.  Its best to also warm up from the inside when you are that frozen …. Not to mention it was darn delicious!

Wow, what a difference the proper clothing made! Happy days!!  I was more than ready to get back out there and catch a fish by that point. Except when we got back, a snow storm had ensued. It ended up making for the event to get cut short, as it was just ridiculously cold by that point, and the blizzardy white out wasn’t helping.2015-03-14 001 021 There was also a tuna shot, where  you take a golf club and try and shoot a can of tuna into a hole. Although it too was not really possible due to the blizzard that came in. 2015-03-14 001 023

So after all the prizes were drawn, and the one guy who actually caught a fish got his pot, we high tailed it outta there and straight to the little party shack to un-thaw and have a beer that wouldn’t tease you by turning into a block of ice before you could indulge in it. 2015-03-14 001 024 Gotta love a Canadian party shack!

photo (3) photo (4) Obviously if there is a seat with a saddle on it, you have no choice but to hop on! derby It’s not your typical ice fishing experience. However with an awesome crew, and the right clothing, it’s an epic day of endless laughter and Northern adventure. What more could you ask for?!

Jumped Ship in search of Winter Wonderland:)

After frolicking in the little Mallorcan snowfall, I felt like I needed more.daytrip 012 It just awakened my little snow lover inside.  It’s my Northern blood, growing up in Northern Canada with ridiculously long, dark, and snowy winters, just became a part of me.  So after not being home for a Canadian winter in 3 years, I figured ‘Why the heck not book a ticket home right this very minute?!’, seize the moment, embrace the day, and build a snowman I am darn well proud of.  Not saying  I wasn’t proud of my mini Mallorcan snow man.  But now I was dreaming a bit bigger – and for this dream to become reality, I needed more snow. daytrip 013

Palma was looking pretty fantastic when I left, not giving much for one to complain about. IMG_3121

Unless your weird like me, and you find that sometimes you would really like to just freeze your butt off! Call me crazy(and yes, I have heard it before), but I like hot and I like cold. Either way has its advantages and disadvantages.  I just like the best of all worlds, no big deal, keeps my life exciting.

I spontaneously booked a ticket and flew into Calgary, Alberta.

From the alluring snow covered peaks in Mallorca to the equally as alluring snow covered peaks in the Rockies; A feast for the eyes.

daytrip 004 IMG_4812 (2)


I love Calgary, but there just wasn’t enough snow for what I envisioned in my mind.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t spend an epic week there enjoying plenty of catch ups, vino, and green juices.

IMG_3304 IMG_3366 IMG_3278

IMG_3306Ok, and maybe a little Dom Perignon. Just so happens to be one of my favorite things… Classy ladies, like classy Champer’s.



Calgary was awesome as always, but after a fun filled week, I was ready to hit the road and head North of 60. I knew if I came home to Northwest Territories or as some say, ‘The Great White North’, that I would find all the glorious snow that my dreams were made of.  Mother Nature always pumps out the white stuff in winter up here.  So 16 hours of driving later, and slowly watching the snow build itself up on the side of the highways the further North we went, I had arrived. Hay River, NWT.  Hello hometown! Hello Snow!

You know you are back in the North when you wake up to this.

IMG_4826 Yes I would say that is a bit more of the snow I was anticipating to see. The ice roads are in full swing around here at the moment too.

IMG_4817 (2) Yes, that is a totally frozen over river. The novelty of an ice road never ceases to excite me. It’s those small things in life.

IMG_4820 IMG_4819 IMG_4824 The contrast from winter to summer here is quite immense. IMG_4815 (2) IMG_4630

Anyone feel like going for a boat ride? IMG_3359 While I was on my little snow filled adventures, I thought it was a good idea to stop at the beach, you know, catch a few rays… Although the only thing that got caught was ME, in the snow….

IMG_3361IMG_3362 You could say I was engulfed in it. But the frozen beach was still impressively nice to look at. The completely iced over splendor that is ‘The Great Slave Lake’. IMG_3354

Unfortunately my attempts to build a life size snowman, didn’t quite go according to planned…. The snow was far too fluffy, and would not roll into a ball. Oh well…. to be continued…. Still found a snowman though!!! It always works out one way or another. This little guy tied me over until I get some proper white fluff for the job. winterfun 005


Welcome to Northern Canada. I have to say so far this has been a successful trip(minus the snow man), however, I found the snow I was longing for. Just another awesome day of being alive. Now time to stoke the fire….. Gotta keep the house warm somehow!

winterfun 010

Tantalizing my taste buds with market perfection;)

It was one of those days where I had a craving for some fresh food and Spanish market ambiance. After gathering the troops and getting a meeting point sorted, I was off to Mercat de l’Olivar, to indulge in some fresh seafood, and in addition to that of course, some very tasty Vino.


I love the fact that it is winter and the market is remarkably empty, in such a way that you can actually walk around it and even better than that, ‘find seats’!!
IMG_5258 In the summer it just gets chaotic, and because of that, it can kind of lose the charm it has in the quieter winter months, where you can actually move and not get claustrophobic;)

We ended up at a little place called, Bar del Peix, well I didn’t actually pick it, it was my friends choice, yet cu-do’s to her, as it was a fabulous choice. IMG_3218 IMG_3217   Funny enough I made a pit stop to the ladies room, and upon my arrival there was a weigh scale welcoming my entrance. I suppose that is one way to make sure you keep your portions in control, as the food is pretty ridiculously awesome;) Only in Spain….. I love Spain, and its randomness. IMG_3216  Well hello there Mr. Weight scale, it’s not everyday a public bathroom comes equipped with one of those bad boys.

After jumping on the scale(isn’t that what it’s there for?!) to make sure I had some room to spare for some tasty splurges, I set route back to the market stall we chose to dine at. At which point we ordered up, and preceded to feast on mussels, calamari, a little seafood mixture in a tomato based sauce, sardines(one of my personal favorite’s of all time at any Spanish market ), and last but not least fresh bread with olives. IMG_3228IMG_3224 Mmmmmm, did I happen to mention how much I love a good ol’ mussel?! not just on my men, but also on my plate;)  IMG_3223

Everything was spot on.  You could taste the freshness of it, nothing was chewy or stringy, just tender and melt in your mouth delicious. They offer 1/2 orders or full orders of most dishes, but most things are so good that you start with a 1/2 order just to be classy and then end up ordering another half anyway. Oops!!! – Yes, and maybe I am referring to the mussels…..

I have to say the service we received was also fantastic and friendly, and at this establishment they leave the bottles of wine right in front of you for you to help yourself, no need to order a whole bottle, just order a glass and get in there! And that we did. Yes Sir, that is exactly what I was after to wash my tasty cuisine down with. Thank you very much. IMG_3234 My kind of establishment!IMG_3221IMG_3226

I would say if you wake up and find yourself in Mallorca, then take yourself on a date or amuse a group of friends – head to the Mercat de l’Olivar, and treat yourself to a culinary and cultural experience. Happiness is guaranteed to ensue. That just so happens to be an above average day if you ask me!

Snow in Mallorca?? Oh heck yes! And I was all over it;)

Once in a blue moon in Mallorca you get those rare moments where the mountains get a nice little blanket of snow.  It’s a big excitement here, even causing roads to be shut this past weekend as there was far too many people trying to get to it.  For some this is their first real glimpse of snow, for others, such as myself, it is just a tease, compared to my Canadian winter wonderland.  However, as I do miss snow and this is as close as I am gonna get at this moment, I was all over it! It called for a day of ‘Me time’ adventures.  I could see the snow covered peaks where yonder breaks, and they were all too enticing, so I had no choice but to rent a car and go frolic in it all. daytrip 003

I cranked my tunes and headed straight North on Mallorca island, towards a town called Pollensa. I couldn’t have asked for a more stunning day to do some cruisen, the sun was shining and the weather was warm, a dreamy little winter day.  The minute I got to the mountains and there was snow on either side of the road, I couldn’t help but have a massive grin on my face.daytrip 057

I needed to make a pit stop at the gas station along the way to get some juice for the car, I love this gas station, its location, its little gas station ambiance.  Look at it, you have to admit its quite a good backdrop around that station.  Any time I am on a road trip I always hold out to gas up there. Yup, life’s simple pleasures;) daytrip 018   daytrip 006

While I was there I decided to park my little adventure wagon and take a hike. Literally. Seeing as how I was seriously missing some snow action in my life, what would a visit to the snow be without making a little snowman?! Rolling a snowball never felt soooo darn good!

daytrip 013 Maybe I was amusing myself a bit much with my little creation:) daytrip 016What can I say…He was extremely photogenic, and very well constructed. It’s just what you gotta do when you are on a solo adventure.

Just past Pollensa I arrived in the breath taking Tramuntana mountain range, all the tops of the mountains had snow, you were surrounded by them, it was so massively awesome. Right before heading up the mountains, I paid a little visit to the Lluc Sanctuary, it just so happened to be staring me right in the face.  Oh how I also love an unexpected and spontaneous activity. As long as it’s interesting and/or fun, I am always game!daytrip 031It was the first Christian sanctuary on Mallorca Island, dating back to the 13th century; But I learned its more than a sanctuary, it’s also a secular national symbol. daytrip 032 daytrip 030 daytrip 033 daytrip 035 daytrip 036It has also been turned into a hotel of sorts, and you can rent rooms at the sanctuary, there are bontanical gardens(which sadly were closed due to it being winter),daytrip 040 a museum, and of course incredible surroundings.daytrip 041  If you are not into staying in the sanctuary, there is also a campsite. Always great to have options; Do you want to wake up to the sound of birds or the sounds of a choir? It’s an ideal area for cycling trips, incredible cycling might I add, cycling is one of my fave hobbies.  After I gallivanted around the premises a bit, and expanded my mind with some new knowledge, I headed up behind the sanctuary to the top of the mountain to check out the view. The hike itself was rockin my world. Super serene. daytrip 044daytrip 048daytrip 049

Holy freaken heck, what a view!!! I just stood there and let my eyes absorb it all.  Amazing. daytrip 053

After my eyes had their fill I ventured back to the car to continue on my escapades. You can see that the locals were loving the snow pile in the parking lot! It’s awesome that it is such a novelty.  It was even one for me!daytrip 020

I ended up taking the ‘Extra’ scenic route back towards Palma through the town of Sollier, on the very windy(wine-dee) roads through the mountains,with nothing less then sheer beauty to set your gaze on. Watch where your going though!  Beautiful yes.  However, also very narrow, heaps of cyclist’s and cars all over the show. But if you happen to be the wing man, then keep looking out your window and take in as much of the view as you can!daytrip 054daytrip 055Ahhhhh yes…. An incredible Mallorcan day.  This Island just continually gets better and better. Happy snow filled days!! image (1)



Feeling Festive?? No is not an option;)

IMG_4699   Once again, the beginning of January in Palma means one brilliant thing….. It’s time for the two week long Sant Sebastian fesitivites!! Basically to commemorate the life of a Roman officer who used his position to protect Christians many moons ago. He was found out and was whipped to death for it. Yet saved many lives!

Well we all know these types of celebrations are for some brave soul who gave up their lives for a great cause, and I respect that. Here in Palma they do an incredible job to honor him. Literally one of my fav times of year because of the endless activities going around the city. The Spanish love their festivals and put so much work into them, its so great to be able appreciate them first hand.  This very night of the whole 2 weeks happens to be my top choice.

IMG_4702There are stages and Barbecue’s galore set up all over the city. Every plaza has something going on in it, and every street has BBQ’s heating up a storm. You can enjoy the different stages for having each a unique genre of music, so it’s fantastic to stage hop, and check out all the different scenes.  There are people everywhere, the streets transform into an area of happy, excited, and chilly people(as it is winter), and it takes on a small community feel.  It rocks! To say the least.

IMG_4703 IMG_4718 san sebastian

With these BBQ’s everywhere you just bring your own meat, and throw it on which ever BBQ that reels you in.  Its super cool, like a city BBQ, yet again small community.  Everyone is out for the same good time, and in the same fabulous spirit. Trust me we did our share of roaming around, dancing in the rain, and people watching.

IMG_4721 We were more into getting some beverages though this year, so that is precisely what we did. Ruth was right on it and ordered like boss;)

IMG_4723And I just happily enjoyed the winter chill, and tucked into my bevy. As you do. Warmed me right up!!image  Just another successfully epic Palma evening. Full of music, wine, and endless laughs.  Exactly the way I like my evenings to be. Happy Dayz!