5 Ways Taking High Quality Multivitamins Changed My Health

At one time I used to think that I don’t need a multivitamin as I eat very healthy and I include plenty of superfoods in my diet. Plus, I never actually felt a real difference when I did take multivitamins. Prior to taking a high quality multivitamin, I had no idea that you truly should feel and see a difference from ingesting these nutritional gap fillers.

We don’t know what we don’t know, until we know. Am I right?

For most of my life I had taken various multivitamins on and off, yet it never was a full time lifestyle as like I said, I had not experienced any substantial benefits. That is, until I found a high quality multivitamin that was giving me results from the get go, and three years later I still continually see results. It is just a natural part of my everyday lifestyle now. Why would I ever not want to feel this good?

I will say, multivitamins do not make up for a bad diet. They are gap fillers and an addition to make a good diet – great! In this day and age it is no secret that our soil is depleted and so is the nutritional value of our foods. Adding in the vitamins to fuel our cells gives our body what it needs to combat what it’s missing. Feeding my cells this nutrition is also what aided my body to have a successful summit on Mount Kilimanjaro last year.

Here are 5 ways my health changed from taking a high quality multivitamin.

1. I have increased energy

This I noticed withing the first two weeks of taking the multivitamins. It was the first thing I noticed along with a general sense of more wellbeing. I was really surprised. Throughout the day my energy remains much more consistent. Instead of crashing and burning mid afternoon, I remain much more high every, alert and clear minded.

2. Clear skin and healthier hair

This has been a progressive change. Within the first month of me taking these multivitamins, people were commenting on how I was glowing and asking what I was doing different. As the vitamins I use work on a cellular level, they do say you will get a ‘glow’ after a period of time on them. Once people began to comment, I was suddenly aware of the glow they were talking about. Over the last three years my skin and hair look better then they did 10 plus years ago. I feel like they just keep getting better and better.

3. A more balanced appetite

This was unexpected. However, from providing my cells with the highest rated cellular nutrition, my appetite became much more balanced. I used to be plagued with cravings for sweet or starches, alot to do with being an emotional eater growing up and suffering from various eating disorders. My cravings completely plateaued and became much more natural to manage. I love how balanced my appetite now is.

4. Reduced stress and built my immunity

Stress is the number one killer in the world. Like a domino effect, if our body and minds are under stress, ailments will begin to arise and multiply. Stress also suppresses the immune system. Stress and immunity work hand in hand. By fueling my cells with the proper nutrition, it has assisted them in repairing, renewal and protection. Which in turn has reduced stress in my body and made my immunity even stronger. I rarely get sick and if I ever do, it’s just a touch of whatever flu is going around. A barely there touch.

5. Faster recovery after working out

This was a recent and very exciting discovery for me. I have gotten back into high intensity HIIT workouts lately. Things such as Orange Theory Fitness and Crossfit. Prior to this high quality supplement lifestyle, it would take days for my body to repair itself after some of these workouts. Literally, I would be hobbling around for days until my muscles bounced back. This was even though I was taking aminos and eating plenty of super foods. Now I do these workouts and no matter how intense they are, my body always bounces back in a day. I was blown away. I love high intensity workouts and I also love a fast recovery.

It is so important to know the quality of what we are putting into our bodies. Without even realizing it we could be putting our money down the toilet and getting no real beneficial results. I use this book that rates over 1500 supplement companies from the America’s edition. It is a great tool to know exactly where you are putting your money. Health is an investment and we want to be sure we are getting the most sound return.

No matter where in the world I am, my action steps to support my health and well-being always come with me. For myself there is no way I want to just let it all go because I am on a trip. Doing damage control when I get back is not my cup of tea. Although, I do of course end up indulging a bit more then usual when I am off adventuring.

That being said, my health kit is more stocked then anything else in my bag. Well, I do also have a soft spot for beauty products. At the moment I am traveling in Spain so I just ordered my vitamins to be delivered here as it is a non-negotiable in my lifestyle.

If you are interested in what I take, I use Usana. It is the highest rated supplement company in the world, and the results speak for themselves. I take my healthpaks daily as they have my minerals, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and a cell booster pill(to take the cellular nutrition to an even deeper level).

The healthpaks are a bit more expensive then just buying the bottles of minerals and antioxidants. So, some months I will just buy the bottles if I am on a bit more of a budget.

Whatever your taking be sure to know the quality of your products as your body deserves the best. The better we are to our bodies, the better they will be to us in return. Because, without high quality health, we can not have a high quality life.

The Jade Roller – The perfect beauty tool for travel

Life is all about balance. At least for me it is. I can give up a lot of things, but there are those things, that I just can’t ever let go of.

Maintaining my health and beauty are a couple of those things.

Seriously, I can be backpacking through the jungles of South America, or trekking across Africa with only a few changes of clothes in my backpack – but I will always have my stock of health,wellness, and beauty supplies. They will always be of the most top quality as I can get my hands on as well.

Yes you could say, I tend to always over pack on these products.

When you are backpacking a third world country, the chances of finding what you want is, well, let’s just say, not going to be an option. Plus I love to share, so having extra is always good for that.

I believe that if you don’t have your health and feel incredible in your own skin, you can never truly enjoy the splendors of life to the max.

Quality of life doesn’t mean being surrounded by riches. Quality of life comes from the value you place on yourself and your body, from feeling your most amazing.

Which is individual for everyone, and your current state.

Feeling amazing becomes addicting. The more amazing you feel and the brighter you shine, the more you have to share with the world and the more light you can bring to other peoples lives. What is life, health and happiness if not shared. Enriching other peoples lives is what makes life rich, and you can only bring people as high as you are in life.

In other words, if you are low, you can only bring people to that place, if you are in you a middle energy place, then you can only bring others to that place, and if you are in a very high energy place, then you get the absolute joy of bringing people to that place.

I love to see people shine, and to bring out their light from within, it is what sets my soul on fire.

That all being said, everyday I take steps.

Whether small steps, or big steps, I take self care steps. I do this to give gratitude and appreciation to my body and all it does for me. It has gotten me around the world, and healed itself time and time again from random illnesses that not only we travelers face, but we humans. The gentler and more nurturing we are to ourselves, the more efficient our bodies can heal and work with us rather then against us.

One of my new favorite self care/beauty tools that I love and that will fit perfectly in my back pack or suitcase, is the Jade Skin Roller. It is exactly what it sounds like. A piece of smooth round jade stone on a handle. There is a small one on one end for the delicate under eye areas, and a large one on the other end for rolling your general facial area.

I also love it because its a stone, and I am all about grounding and connecting with the earth and nature. So this way I am rubbing nature all over my face. Sounds weird I know. It just feels so darn good though!


The jade stone always maintains a cool state, so it has a very relaxing and cooling effect on your skin.

There are many positive effects claimed to take place from using the Jade Skin Roller. From increasing blood circulation, decreases pore size, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Now as I am am sure because it gently massages your face, that for that reason it would help with those things. Massage does increase blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However being a natural tool, it will not transform you overnight.

When you use it to roll on your skin products it will help your skin to absorb the products much deeper and much quicker then without. It’s important to use quality skin care products as well. I use Celavive from Usana.


Made from botanicals, with no chemicals or preservatives, it works on a cellular level.

By unlocking your cells and promoting renewal and communication you literally grow younger week after week, and your wrinkles and uneven skin tone dramatically disappear. You can learn about celavive right here! Very exciting stuff.

Jade rolling would be what I call a small and easy step in your health care journey, but something that for myself feels absolutely wonderful! And I personally do feel a relaxing healing energy from doing it.


I mean, why rub your face with your fingers when you can use a jade roller?!

Beauty on the go, its a marvelous thing.