The Best Solo Retreats Around the World for Women

The Best Solo Retreats Around the World for Women


As fun as it is to travel with your friends, family, or significant other, nothing beats going on an adventure with no company other than yourself. Whether you’re traveling to a place within your local country or somewhere as far as Egypt, traversing a new place all on your own gives you a sense of empowerment and independence, and a chance for self-discovery. It’s also an ideal way of clearing your head, getting some much-deserved rest and rejuvenation, and escaping from the everyday realities that bring stress to your life.

Solo travel also means diving deep into the unfamiliar and getting out of your comfort zone to visit places you’ve never been to. And while the idea of going to a completely foreign place seems daunting, retreats are an excellent option for anyone looking for that extra nudge to take the plunge and finally fly to places that you thought will only be a permanent fixture on your bucket list.

If you’re a female traveler, you may already be well aware of the fact that going solo is a risk in itself. But there are many destinations and retreats around the world that can be your safe haven. Listed below are some worth checking out:


A magnet for solo female travelers, the Vagabond Temple in Cambodia offers a yoga and meditation retreat where people go when they’re in search of something relaxing. It’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily living and stop, rest, and collect yourself before returning to your routine or proceeding with your wandering across Asia. Even if you’re not that much experienced in yoga and meditation, you’ll appreciate how this place allows you to completely clear your head and rejuvenate. It’s incredibly popular for being one of the places that you book for a few days as sort of a prolonged pit stop and end up staying for a few weeks because of how relaxing it is.


There’s a reason why Malaysia is one of the most popular countries for solo travelers in all of Asia. The country boasts many sites with lush greenery, with ExpatBets’ explaining how Malaysia’s natural beauty has made it a popular tourist destination. If you consider yourself an ‘eco-tourist,’ you will definitely be coming to the right place. The Endau-Rompin National Park located between the Pahang and Johor borders features a whopping 336 square miles of vast forest and is home to all sorts of interesting creatures, including the Asian elephant, Malayan tiger, wild boars, bearcats, and white-handed gibbons. The Smart Local details how the Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya is just a few hours away, and is a place where you can extend your eco-trip and indulge in thrill-seeking activities like jungle trekking and the flying fox. But you also have the option to partake in soothing experiences like organic farming and cooking classes.


If you’re a remote worker, you may have already gotten used to spending a lot of time by yourself. Instead of heading to yet another cafe or sticking to your home office, you may want to switch it up and go on a co-working retreat where you get to spend time with a bunch of fellow digital nomads under the same roof. This way, you will feel less isolated as you get to mingle with new people in a place you’ve never been to before. The Selina in Colombia is the perfect place to do this, as it’s a co-working space that has everything you’re looking for in a retreat destination: a meditation room, a yoga studio, and even a tattoo shop.


Want to have the opportunity to meet other interesting women? The women’s only retreat, aptly named SuperShe Island, located in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland is an 8.4-acre private island with four beautifully-decorated cabins, Finnish saunas, and a slew of other spa and wellness facilities for the lucky few who are invited to join. Anyone who wants to partake in this exclusive experience has to go through a sign-up process, as well as an interview conducted by entrepreneur Kristina Roth. If you get selected, you get to spend a full week connecting with the other participants over yoga, meditation, fitness classes, and motivational seminars. As if those aren’t relaxing enough, you’ll also receive facials and massages from therapists on the island and indulge in farm-to-table cuisine based on the paleo diet.

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