Palma Celebrations

As in Palma there is aIMG_5305lways a reason to celebrate, with different festivals happening all the time:) And so came to pass the weekend festival to pay patronage to Saint Sebastion, the Saint of Palma de Mallorca, from way back in the day, a day in 1523 to be precIMG_5303ise, and whom is honored by the whole nation, year after year. This is one of the biggest festivals of the year, and it lasts the whole weekend. It’s amazing how many people come out in the city, pretty much like every person in Palma is out and about! So it’s pretty awesome to just be around it all, so much energy in the air. I just so happened to be taking a leisurely stroll on the Friday morning of the festival weekend, and came across a Parade! Amazingly enough it was going straight through the narrow cobblestone streets, and they put a nice blanket of sand on the streets, which they cleaned up ridiculously fast when the parade finished.  Now you see the beach, now you don’t:)  I am used to seeing parades on large streets, so this was an interesting and pleasant little surprise. I took it in for a few minutes, and appreciated the cultural aspect of it before I then continued on my little journey.

IMG_5311Come evening it was time to head to the big streets for the display of people dressing as devils to represent evil and human temptation. So with masses of people parading through the streets, with large firecrackers going off, shooting sparks everywhere, you get lost in the exhilaration of it all, while also at the same time running from the sparks so you don’t have your hair go up in flames! Ooph, that was close! But also very enjoyable at the same time:)


I know, I know, it looks like my friends eyes are closed(Sorry buddy), but its the only shot of that I got!




After that all wrapped up, you could head back to the Borne where there was some stages set up and live music, where you can just keep on living it up. The only problem was if you needed a toilet, that became a bit of a mission…. but of course you troop on, as any good explorer would do. Just envision the desert, and hopefully that will buy you some time….

Saturday was a pretty quiet night, as it was all being saved up for the big Grande finale of the weekend, I mean save the best for last right?! Sunday was the day!! Yup, come Sunday evening, there were BBQ’s and bonfires set up all over the different squares in PTown, as well as stages, where there was live music, and each stage had different types of music.


It was incredible, and a bit wet…. Of course it rained. But nothing a good old umbrella can’t sort out. The rain absolutely didn’t dampen the spirit. So to say;) It also didn’t last all night, and all the plaza’s were still super packed. All you had to do to partake was bring down something to grill, pick your favorite grill spot, and get in there! After grabbing a refreshment, it was go time.

IMG_4279  IMG_4280

It’s pretty funny to be BBQ-ing in the middle of the downpour, but it also added a new aspect to the whole experience. After our little street feast, it was time to check out some music! You can bounce around from stage to stage all night, constantly mixing it up or boogying it down, you could even just pick your favorite stage and soak it up, if that is what your little heart desires. Gotta love the celebration of life that is always around every Palma corner.

IMG_4283  IMG_4281  IMG_4293

IMG_4294 Bon Appetit!

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